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277 tv reviews
  1. The Real Housewives Of Miami is even more egregiously fake than the average reality show, so much so that the producers haven't even bothered to remove bloopers in which cast members forget what day it's supposed to be.
  2. Wretched. [16 Apr 1993, p.E5]
    • Miami Herald
  3. Pointless, charmless and bound to be viewerless after the first half-hour or so, The Philanthropist recalls such epochal television bombs as Manimal (a scientist who could turn into a crime-fighting dolphin) or It's About Time (astronauts break the time barrier and frolick happily with cavemen) in its conceptual imbecility.
  4. As for the lack of laughs, you're just going to have to take my word for it, unless you want to risk serious brain damage.
  5. Allen Gregory is not funny--not even a little bit--and it is not remotely entertaining.
  6. Tr[ies] to distract you from [its] essential awfulness by manipulating the daylights out of you.
  7. A giant bore.
  8. To the extent this sounds interesting, it isn't: Half the dialogue seems to have been written for barking dogs, the other half for mewling kittens, and the cast performs accordingly.
  9. Think Gray's Anatomy with unpretty people; then think of something else to watch.
  10. Why anybody is paying the writers and cast of Surviving Suburbia for what is essentially an amateur-hour production is just one more of those eternal television mysteries.
  11. Ben and Kate is sometimes shrill, sometimes belligerent and sometimes (well, a lot of times) merely stupid. It is never funny.
  12. Yet another doomed and dreadful attempt to bring improv comedy to television.
  13. Funny and talented, she [Rachel Bilson] tries painfully hard to make the show work and occasionally comes close to overcoming some of the worst writing since Gutenberg invented movable type.
  14. A hollow imitation of a sitcom.
  15. The WB is lying when it boasts that Pepper Dennis signifies a new television life form, the one-hour comedy. Boring, yes; witless, definitely; trashy, oh my God yes. Comedy? Dream on, guys.
    • 43 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    Easily the worst of the bunch--in fact, there's a good argument to be made that it's one of the most atrocious TV shows of all time--is NBC's Breakthrough with Tony Robbins.
  16. A purported sitcom, it draws no laughs... but does manage the impressive achievement of making Stockard Channing and Henry Winkler, playing Gorham's parents, thoroughly unlikable.
  17. The network thinks this is razor's-edge television because the characters turn to address the audience during cut-ins. But all the bellowing is straight from The Honeymooners, the jokes from Mandingo and the dialogue... from about sixth grade.
  18. Stripped of the novelty and the jiggle factor--these Angels are fully equipped with functioning underwear--the remake is reduced to its essential self, which is a comic book for the slow-witted.
  19. An exercise in moronity.
  20. The Beast is singularly unimaginative, a collection of set-pieces barely bound together by a narrative thread, substituting attitude for substance and coyness for coherence.
  21. No show in the history of television has more relentlessly defamed the male gender as ABC's Man Up!, an alleged sitcom that debuts Tuesday and with any luck will be dead and buried, along with its producers, by Wednesday.
  22. With the debut of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' show tonight, [Seinfeld] has now spawned five relentlessly unfunny and compulsively unwatchable sitcoms.
  23. Full House is your standard-issue, cheap-laugh, bankrupt- of-new-ideas, claustrophobic, one-note-samba sitcom. It's enough to make you wish "Webster" were back. For provoking that sentiment alone, it should be razed. [22 Sept 1987, p.C1]
    • Miami Herald
  24. Vulgarian avarice, unfortunately, is one of the high points of Shedding For The Wedding. Far more disconcerting is the number of couples who say they want to lose weight because sex between fat people is--well, let's spare the details and just say "yucky."
  25. It’s an insidious whitewash of a convicted killer and an infamous smear of his victim. It’s a shame on all involved.... The closest thing to fairness in Phil Spector is the blow-you-away performance by Al Pacino in the title role.
  26. Liz & Dick alternates between imbecile fatuity (particularly in its device of intercutting scenes of a black-clad Taylor and Burton musing on their relationship like characters who've wandered in from an East German experimental film) and stupefying literalness.
  27. Silly, hackneyed and suffering from a lethal overdose of Hollywood political smugness, it's the biggest lawyer joke of all.
  28. The tedium and unoriginality of this new ABC sitcom, the latest entry in the vastly overworked motherhood-as-martyrdom genre, has to be seen to be believed, though my strong and sincere suggestion is that you just take my word for it.
  29. It is uniquely stupid, profoundly stupid, an ecstatic nirvana of stupidity, a stupidity that defies all previous boundaries of time and space.

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