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2,816 movie reviews
  1. You may be drawn to Intimacy's graphic scenes, but you'll emerge convinced there's more to life -- and the film -- than sex.
  2. Roberts inhabits the character with a gravity and poignancy that she had never even hinted at before.
  3. Not about sex; it's about leaps of faith, at work, in love, in life.
  4. Often grim, but never nihilistic: Even at its darkest, Dizdar gives the movie an optimistic bounce. The movie is often shockingly funny, too.
  5. Gets everything right.
  6. What Sunshine State lacks in momentum, it makes up for with a Dickensian sprawl of characters -- 50 in all -- who possess the depth and humanity that has become a Sayles trademark.
  7. Sitch keeps the tone consistently light, scoring big laughs all the way to the film's climax.
  8. If this rousing, technically dazzling movie doesn't get you going, then you probably didn't like football to being with.
    • 77 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
  9. Its lingering hangover, however, is decidedly pleasant.
  10. There's some genuine suspense in Lantana, including one unbearably tense moment that is worthy of Hitchcock. But the movie's most unnerving aspect is the way in which it suggests true happiness may be impossible to regain once you've lost it.
  11. The latest and loosest -- in the saucy sense of the word as well -- adaptation of (Austen's) sly comedies of uppercrust manners.
  12. Swinton single-handedly carries The Deep End past its nagging ambiguities.
  13. Nothing overly dramatic happens during the course of The Taste of Others but the characters prove to be engaging and their quite real human emotions are enough to carry it.
  14. A breezy pleasure.
  15. All of Egoyan's movies have revolved around characters with damaged, fragile psyches, but rarely have they been illustrated as deftly -- and as gracefully -- as in Felicia's Journey.
  16. Light on plot but heavy on observation: Wang concentrates on exploring the unseen ways in which mother and daughter rely on each other.
  17. Milks Carter's story for maximum "inspirational" value, and at times the movie skirts dangerously close to afterschool-special territory.
  18. Suggests that professional wrestling is more than a multibillion-dollar industry: It's also a way of life.
  19. Although the movie never so much as flirts with melodrama, there is still a bittersweet undercurrent.
  20. A very complicated movie. It is also pretty wonderful.
  21. Lives up to its advance buzz as a showcase for some wonderful performances and a sharp storytelling eye by director Gavin O'Connor.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    For those in the 3 to 5 bracket, Elmo doesn't often aim wrong.
  22. If The Score isn't quite in the same league as the classic "Rififi" or even "Thief," its single-mindedness still makes for a refreshing change from the preposterous bloat of most contemporary action movies.
  23. It's almost startling to see a film that believes in itself and its characters so deeply.
  24. Romantic comedies don't have to be profound when they are as appealing as this one.
  25. This bleak, oh-so-dark comedy is one of the best movies you almost didn't get to see.
  26. Sad confusions and emotional disconnections are what the story is all about.
  27. Grim, tight and well acted.
  28. There's nothing in Bounce you haven't seen before, but the movie is surprisingly unsentimental, the Paltrow factor cannot be denied.

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