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Average Movie review score: 58
Highest review score: 100 Panic
Lowest review score: 0 Dude, Where's My Car?
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721 movie reviews
  1. An empty, affected exercise, executed with just enough style to make you wish McQuarrie had a motive beyond his own career.
  2. Provocative but lame-brained polygamy comedy.
  3. The characters and their dilemmas are never convincing.
  4. Has only its actors to keep it afloat.
  5. The satisfaction of watching it essentially boils down to seeing whether or not Reeves can pull it off.
  6. Aims low and cheats on an ending, but meanwhile it's a bottom-shelf hoot.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  7. McKenna's script is a frayed string and a contextual nightmare, peppered with puzzling references to the first film in a lame attempt at homage.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  8. Hardly a ripping, inspired children's film.
  9. Exhausting and fruitless: Having seen it, you know nothing more about strippers or the stripper mentality than you did going in. What's the point?
    • Mr. Showbiz
  10. Like its accordion-filled score, it's nothing but a golden moldie.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  11. The only constant is the violence, which assaults rather than amuses.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  12. Wacky, vividly conceived but mundanely executed cartoon fantasy.
  13. Apart from the historical eminence of the poetry itself, Pandaemonium is about nothing much at all.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  14. There's really nothing more to this by-the-numbers, ailment-of-the-week fodder dressed up with a classy cast.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  15. Watching this movie go through its simplistic dramatic motions, you begin to understand why some actors stick to summer stock and live Ibsen revivals.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  16. Whenever the movie's not in the midst of a cinematic spoof it loses considerable steam.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  17. McDonald makes for an appealingly befuddled bloke, and the sprightly Montgomery would turn any blighter's head. In a better movie, we'd care about what happened to them.
  18. Demonstrates that even if you live in a country intimately familiar with fascist occupation, you might still not have the least clue how to communicate that experience on film.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  19. The actors playing the team members have stereotypical roles, but these kids have got game.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  20. A watery cocktail of second-rate, Ab Fab-style bitchery and shameless schmaltz.
  21. Gay jungle sex (gasp!), gone-native intellectuals, tribal rituals (gulp!), cannibalism (none of which the film shows, by the way) -- it sounds like a "Weekly World News" front page, not the thematic fodder of a highbrow non-fiction film.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  22. Folks who are desperate to ogle Hewitt and Weaver probably can't be warned off this turkey.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  23. The most disappointing aspect of Planet of the Apes is that, despite its presentation, the film is so very ordinary, without urgency or revelation.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  24. A punishing tragedy that could best be described as the anti-"Shine."
  25. Swordfish is exactly the kind of nominally high-octane actioner that breeds legions of apologists who will encourage you to "check your brain at the door" before seeing it.
  26. For all its pretense of critiquing our tabloid culture, it amounts to much ado about nothing.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  27. Vapid, humorless, screeching, and utterly suckworthy.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  28. Far from creating a pungent portrait of a society gone mad with blood and greed, Schroeder's movie strives for political points while it's whiffing on simplicities like character, motivation, and believability.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  29. The only reason to sit through On the Line is for some entertaining, if fleeting, musical moments.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  30. Kids deserve better than this. They deserve more respect than P2K is willing to give for the price of a Saturday matinee.

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