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Highest review score: 100 Panic
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721 movie reviews
  1. The only constant is the violence, which assaults rather than amuses.
  2. It's all well-acted and eerily compelling, but the shocker ending is patently implausible.
  3. Offers nothing but tired "Red Shoe" Diaries-style sexploitation for the art-house crowd.
  4. Opting for this refried mash over Lee's rentable beauty is like choosing canned beans over an Asian feast.
  5. Ultimately, Grateful Dawg will only be of real interest to musicology students and diehard Deadheads.
  6. Apart from the historical eminence of the poetry itself, Pandaemonium is about nothing much at all.
  7. A punishing tragedy that could best be described as the anti-"Shine."
  8. Far from creating a pungent portrait of a society gone mad with blood and greed, Schroeder's movie strives for political points while it's whiffing on simplicities like character, motivation, and believability.
  9. Messy, frantic, and repetitive, Everybody Famous! takes on both vapid pop culture and the mindless hoi polloi that consumes it.
  10. Demonstrates that even if you live in a country intimately familiar with fascist occupation, you might still not have the least clue how to communicate that experience on film.
  11. One more attempt to pass off chopped liver as foie gras.
  12. Swordfish is exactly the kind of nominally high-octane actioner that breeds legions of apologists who will encourage you to "check your brain at the door" before seeing it.
  13. A big disappointment. It's toe-tappin' tripe aimed squarely at the undiscerning Britney Spears set.
  14. This is nothing more than one more run-of-the-mill, surprise-free, suspense programmer.
  15. Pie 2 has neither undercurrent, and hence what was passably cute the first time seems much more puerile and shrill here.
  16. An absurdist semi-romance between two traumatized somnambulists.
  17. There's really nothing more to this by-the-numbers, ailment-of-the-week fodder dressed up with a classy cast.
  18. It's dull, two-dimensional, and totally toothless.
  19. This one's all labor pains, and, in the end, nothing gets delivered.
  20. Folks who are desperate to ogle Hewitt and Weaver probably can't be warned off this turkey.
  21. Even Foxx's lively comedy is lost in the noise.
  22. That's just not enough to recommend it, though it does have one moment of real justice: The person sentenced to jail has truly bad hair.
  23. Oddly, Bully's only moments of power come at the film's end, after the crime takes place.
  24. What comes before and after the sound and fury of the bombing raid are reams of banal dialogue.
  25. Exhausting and fruitless: Having seen it, you know nothing more about strippers or the stripper mentality than you did going in. What's the point?
  26. By the time Rock Star reaches its cop-out, "All About Eve"-ish ending, the only thrashing that should be going on is of the filmmakers, for bungling such a promising premise.
  27. Whenever we're not at the ballpark, the film falls back on teenage relationship clichés. That's most of what's wrong with it, actually.
  28. This predictable romantic comedy outing has occasional flickers of ingenuity.
  29. All that this really amounts to is a lot of hot-headed, hairy men threatening each other -- whenever they're not dancing on table tops, that is.
  30. A matted hairball of a kiddie flick that's alternately maudlin and slapstickishly violent.

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