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Average Movie review score: 58
Highest review score: 100 Bread and Roses
Lowest review score: 0 Dude, Where's My Car?
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721 movie reviews
  1. It's a larky hoot in its best moments, and it has a refreshingly unforced sense of fun that buoys the scenes that are straight out of Lame Movie Laffs 101.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 76 Critic Score
    Savy script... terrific performances... [yet] the movie's herky jerky pacing may leave you wanting.
    • Mr. Showbiz
    • 80 Metascore
    • 76 Critic Score
    Disturbing, powerful essay on one aspect of the rock and drug culture at the end of the 1960s.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  2. An entertaining but insubstantial romantic thriller loaded with Euro-chic trappings and no small amount of sex appeal.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  3. A film that's bound to be loathed for its irrationalities and narrative drunkenness, just as it will be beloved for its original risks and manic visual energy.
  4. Comes off as an exceedingly pleasant, wistful romantic romp.
  5. One of the year's best imports and one of the very few queer movies that transcends its sexual orientation.
  6. First-time writer-director Mark Hanlon creates a solidly trippy atmosphere.
  7. Works best as a mood piece — the mood, however, is grim.
  8. A charming movie.
  9. After an uproarious first half, Saving Grace arrives at its conclusion somewhat hastily and conveniently.
  10. All in all, she comes off as quite a complex creature.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  11. Tries to have it both ways -- as a kitschy ode to bodybuilding culture and as a tragic story of a man who was persecuted for his dreams.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  12. Crawford's such a good-hearted guy, you can't help but want a cut from his clippers.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  13. A genre-busting film that deserves to be seen.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  14. Zahn's dazed and confused, droopy-mustached dude steals every scene he's in...a movie that will make you smile and put a lump in your throat.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  15. Doesn't come close to the pulp beauty and complexity of classic noir.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  16. Ultimately nothing more than a live-action cartoon. A high-minded, inspiring cartoon, but a cartoon nonetheless.
  17. It's a tad too generic to be a slam dunk.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 74 Critic Score
    There's talent to burn in this movie. But the flame is cold.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  18. Strangely, what it most lacks is the genuine tension found in the first "Mission"'s signature set pieces.
  19. An adroitly made, perfectly acted little nightmare.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  20. Banderas may have been crazy to make such a heady directorial debut, but it's hard not to be charmed by his ambitions.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  21. It's another subtle, fantastic performance from McKee ("Notting Hill," "Croupier").
  22. Seems truncated, incomplete -- mostly because the patented Shyamalan twist is revealed in the dénouement, not the climax.
  23. He's (Eastwood) made a mature film that bests nearly all of the summer's highly touted blockbusters for pure escapism.
  24. An ambitious film, nearly an exploitative one, but its lingering effects are positive.
  25. Even if it sometimes skips, it's consistently wittier and more idiosyncratic that most studio movies.
    • Mr. Showbiz
  26. A near-perfect confection, a beautifully executed Hollywood all-you-can-eat salad bar of glamour, plot twists, breathtaking Mediterranean vistas, and jazz.
  27. You could do a lot worse than spend two hours in the company of two such talented actresses.
    • Mr. Showbiz

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