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6,047 movie reviews
  1. Just when you think it's a violent drama, it turns into a comic road picture, before finally becoming a tender romance.
  2. There is a very sharp, funny critique of ambition and self-made gurus in The Mystic Masseur, but it is obscured by a softening bloat.
    • New York Daily News
  3. Frears story's grotesque subject offers an opportunity for a sick audience payoff that is more "Death Wish" than social commentary, and he takes it. It works -- you'll laugh! you'll gulp! -- but it's cheap.
  4. It's an intelligent, chilling movie, but one that can't quite shake those stage origins.
  5. A missed opportunity to shed light on one of America's most turbulent times.
  6. Intermittently amusing.
  7. Here's the downside, and it's not just me: You need a scorecard to keep track of the sisters, their brother, two husbands, a boyfriend, two (or three?) extramarital lovers.
  8. It takes us about half the film to adjust to its quirkiness, and we leave the theater with both laughter cramps and the feeling that it should have been funnier a lot longer.
  9. A likable, if somewhat earnest, exploration of cultural identity.
  10. Due to budget constraints, the movie is necessarily rough around the edges. But directors Josh Apter and Peter Olsen have a sure grasp of how to maintain a mood that chills long after the movie is over.
  11. The best part is during the closing credits. Dustin Hoffman does a brilliant, dead-on impression of Evans that captures the essence of the man more than all the self-serving grandiosity that preceded it.
  12. There's something uniquely gratifying about watching nonprofessionals deliver totally natural performances.
  13. The result, while slight, is a poignant portrait of one of New York's all-star outlaws.
  14. Surprisingly sweet and smart... LaBeouf does an excellent job, and the talented Beeney is one to watch.
  15. A speculative re-enactment of the 1999 Columbine slaughter, told from the point of view of two suburban high school nihilists as they videotape themselves preparing for the last and "best day" of their lives.
  16. Characters do little more than run around the same track incessantly, leaving us waiting for revelations that never arrive.
  17. Dayan's weakly structured biopic Cet Amour-là is, to be kind, less than inspired. But as a showcase for legendary French actress Jeanne Moreau, it's a tour de force.
  18. Amy
    Alana De Roma is going to be a tremendous star.
  19. Rudd delivers the best bad Franglais since Inspector Clouseau.
  20. Anyone familiar with Reno's politically minded monologues won't be surprised by her fury, which has sometimes been fueled by a self-righteousness that's undermined her valid observations.
  21. This Canadian film is extraordinarily low-key, considering the explosive secrets the sisters unearth, but that is part of its strength.
  22. Sexy, witty, energetic and gorgeous, but it is as stripped of the human element (in some of its production design, as well) as a minimalist Calvin Klein store.
  23. It's Rock's first venture into leading-man territory, and the material is carefully tailored to his measurements. He's fully believable as a standup comic. How he'll fare as a character other than Chris Rock is yet to be determined.
  24. Ultimately, The Four Feathers is strong where its predecessors were weak (in the authenticity of combat) and weak where they were strong (in the larger-than-life quality of the characters). It's not a good exchange.
  25. Whether you're charmed or bored by the movie depends entirely on your feelings for Amelie, a young woman whose hyper-quirky personality both takes some getting used to and grows old fast.
  26. A feast of imagery.
  27. So well intentioned that its flaws may be generously overlooked by parents desperately planning activities for school breaks.
  28. Much of this is pretty funny, in its perverse, disorienting style, and there's an irrepressible sunniness to the relationship between Lola and Hlynur's mother.
    • New York Daily News
  29. Princess is far more contemplative than "Run Lola Run," far less energized, and the little tricks of fate that made his last film so unique seem like sophomoric affectations here.
  30. Inexplicable human bondage is a literary staple of film as well as literature, but Kurys ("Entre Nous"), usually so sure-handed with her actors, has trouble making this bond compelling.

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