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  1. The film works better as an uncomfortable character drama than as a murky family mystery, which Karpovsky deepens with some psychobabble. Still, a nicely sinister and shuddersome effort.
  2. Too many threads are woven together here, but occasionally, it just connects.
  3. A lot of gleeful audience members are interviewed in Glee: The 3-D Concert Experience, though the source of their happiness could be a lot of things.
    • 37 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Except for a few scenes with some flamboyant vaudeville pink flamingos (giddily voiced by Jane Lynch and Jason Alexander), the film is without wit and, sadly, entirely forgettable.
  4. Yes, that's an impressive collection of actors. And yes, it's deflating to watch them wandering in and out of half-written scenes with no discernable direction.
  5. Patric and Baldwin react to all the morbidity with restraint, and Vassilieva keeps her bald head high. But they won't be able to help this barefaced vulgarity earn any terms of endearment.
  6. Most notably, Bahrani offers an emotional depiction of American farming that will leave viewers troubled, as it should. But he loses his footing when it comes to the story itself.
  7. A mopey indie family drama like In Our Nature can't quash "Mad Men" star John Slattery's charm no matter how badly it tries.
  8. Our time spent with Nenette feel as stifling and airless as hers.
  9. For better or worse, the blood and bone-crunching remains most prominent.
  10. Director Andrea Di Stefano’s filmmaking debut has a spotty sense of urgency, but we get to know neither Nick nor Escobar, so both the innocence and the fiery threat lack impact.
  11. How could a movie that offers Jason Segel riffing on sex and Cameron Diaz regularly disrobing be so dull?
  12. This alleged comedy takes a long time before it gets its first laugh in. The first half is a complete slog and the ending is insulting, but there are a few semi-arresting sketch comedy moments.
  13. Felines, too often maligned as conniving and sly, get no love in The Wild Life, a tale that's inspired by Robinson Crusoe and perpetuates dangerous kitty stereotypes. And that's the best part of the movie.
  14. For the most part, we sit in on the conversations as good-natured, ordinary guys — all graduates of Brooklyn College in the ’50s — reminisce.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Ridiculous, and never scary, and with the worst ghost makeup in the history of the horror genre, Sinister is enjoyable, even funny at times. Most amusing might be watching Hawke play a character willing to do anything to regain his fame.
  15. His (Bateman) performance is fun. Too bad The Switch is not.
  16. For her debut drama, Song One, filmmaker Kate Barker-Froyland snares Anne Hathaway. It’s a stroke of luck. Hathaway’s doe-eyed sincerity provides just enough weight to keep this sweet but slight romance from floating away.
  17. Spacey is the film's primary draw, but the cast is uniformly solid -- a crucial asset when the screenplay and direction are not.
  18. A lot of heart, a jaunty mariachi score and a lush Eisenhower-era look help as the family-friendly story follows the usual sports-drama plays.
  19. Riseborough once again transforms herself dramatically, expanding her role as best she can. But neither the hesitant script — adapted by Tom Bradby from his own novel — nor the sluggish tempo give her enough support.
  20. There are parts of “Escape From New York,” “Air Force One,” “Cliffhanger” and countless Luc Besson movies strewn about. Big Game doesn’t stomp on their memory, but like an overenthusiastic fan, it does smother them with amateurish zeal.
  21. Barely makes the grade in either humor or provocation.
  22. Winds up feeling like a form of emotional tourism. The images recall Terrence Malick, but the film fills "atmosphere" into dry narrative holes where a story should reside.
  23. "Vampires" doesn't suck, exactly, but the laziness and lack of imagination kinda bites.
  24. A palpable sense of environment and strong performances from Noah Wyle and musician Steve Earle can’t balance the extensive flaws in this unconvincing Appalachian melodrama.
  25. Noble but dull.
  26. Perhaps, if this movie fails, studios will finally accept that we all deserve better. Biel knows it already, and Butler keeps up in their scenes together.
  27. Without Ewan McGregor in the lead, this flashy but aggressively superficial Aussie thriller would likely disappear without a trace.
  28. Actually, Ramirez should probably have been cast in the lead, since things flatten out whenever he disappears.

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