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  1. Levinson is so skillful at developing personalities, even among the story's would-be villains, that by the halfway point of the movie, every gesture and expression has unexpected depth and texture. The performances are across-the-board superb.
  2. Chandor (“All is Lost”) has made a movie that quietly but ferociously immerses us in a time and place, with atmosphere done in minimal yet evocative strokes.
  3. A thrill ride with a brain.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    Director Thomas Vinterberg’s romantic rollercoaster honors Hardy’s rustic vibe. Remarkably, too, he’s made a thoroughly modern film anyone can relate to — it’s like a “what a woman wants” discussion set in Victorian times. It’s also an instant classic.
  4. It's an uplifting movie about the rewards of perseverance and community.
    • 88 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    Winter Sleep won’t appeal to action lovers, but if you like endless verbal warfare, this is a joy.
  5. A gripping thriller whose terror -- unfortunately -- comes from real life.
  6. The fear, desperation and hope of Time Out of Mind is painfully, hauntingly human.
    • 97 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    The obvious thing to say is that Hitch has done it again; that the suspense of his picture builds up slowly but surely to an almost unbearable pitch of excitement. Psycho is a murder mystery. It isn’t Hitchcock’s usual terrifier, a shocker of the nervous system; it’s a mind-teaser.
  7. An adorable, infectious work of true sophistication.
  8. The biggest little movie of the year - and one of the best ever about the news media.
  9. A movie-movie of the first rank.
  10. The best part is that unlike “Lost,” “Battlestar Galactica” and “The Sopranos,” you won't be left scratching your head about the thrilling, completely satisfying ending.
  11. This audience-pleaser is smart and acerbic. Jaoui has an uncanny ear - as director, co-writer and part of the inspired ensemble cast - for human foibles, self-deception, celebrity worship and female body issues.
  12. McQueen has made a film comparable to “Schindler’s List” — art that may be hard to watch, but which is an essential look at man’s inhumanity to man. It is wrenching, but 12 Years a Slave earns its tears in a way few films ever do.
  13. A work deeper than its nickname, "The Facebook Movie," hints at - coils around your brain. Weeks after seeing it, moments from it will haunt you.
    • 94 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    What you'll remember most will be Renner's remarkably complex commander. By the time we finally figure him out, it's become clear we've witnessed a star-making performance, in a movie that deserves to stand as one of the defining films of the decade.
  14. A generation-spanning journey that feels both comfortingly familiar and excitingly original.
  15. It leaves the port of enterprise and arrives on the far shore of art.
  16. One of the most skillful, mesmerizing, tense and satisfying time-warp thrillers ever made.
  17. The incredibly moving post-9/11 drama Reign Over Me proves that behind the funny guy facades of former standup comedians Mike Binder and Adam Sandler are a pair of very serious talents.
  18. May be the best movie of the year.
  19. The Godfather PART II is the most ambitious American movie in terms of size and scope in recent memory. It goes much deeper than “The Godfather” in analyzing the twisted mentalities of these men who pervert the capitalist system for their own gain. The film is richer in texture and gives more evidence of social awareness.
  20. Film makers Barak Goodman and Daniel Anker dig deep into the story and its ramifications, exposing how the twin evils of racism and anti-Semitism combined to foment institutional injustice, and led — if a silver lining could be found — to the triumphs of the civil-rights movement two and three decades later.
  21. In the end, it's a sweeping, important film that overturns everything you learned in school about the birth of this nation.
  22. The most emotionally satisfying because, in addition to having both more intimate drama and more spectacular battles, it resolves all of the issues raised before.
  23. It is a stunningly effective thriller, as cleverly engineered by director Steven Spielberg (with considerable assist from film editor, Verna Fields) as the mechanical sharks that everyone knows by now play the great white shark.
  24. Garbus spent three years patiently mining for beauty in the ugliest of environments. The remarkable result stands as a challenge to anyone who would have seen only the worst and walked right by.
  25. America's favorite superhero reappears in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, and all we can say is, "Man, oh Man of Steel, it's good to have you back."
  26. A daring, teeth-grinding experience that doesn't let the viewer rest easy.

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