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6,238 movie reviews
  1. It's hard to care what really happened on Wonderland Ave. when the audience hates the neighborhood.
  2. Cedric is certainly the bright spot in this movie - personable, silly and lovable, with just enough of Gleason's girth, timing and humanity to make you wish he'd driven Ralph Kramden's bus onto the lot of a different movie.
  3. A mediocre little thriller that might have promised cheap fun on Blockbuster's direct-to-DVD shelf is instead destined to die a quick death on the big screen.
  4. A lump of coal, sculpted from the kind of high-concept idea screenwriters find scribbled on bar napkins after nights of heavy drinking.
  5. The marvelous Dussolier makes a poignantly aging lothario, but Fillieres is so off-puttingly strange, we don't really care what she thinks about.
  6. Really, women drag their husbands and boyfriends to films like writer-director Susannah Grant's emotionally bogus Catch and Release and I feel their pain. They should get a free Boys Night Out pass every time they make the sacrifice.
  7. Not to be cruel, but the aspirations of the movie and its principals are so far beyond their reach" not to mention budget"that it arrives in theaters dependent on the kindness of strangers.
  8. As much as I love swing, all I got out of Martin Guigui's murky, incomprehensible grade B romantic fantasy was a few twitches of nostalgia for the music.
  9. Made in 1998, the picture sags beneath the leaden weight of its pre-millennial theme.
  10. Toback is a smart guy with kinky tastes who has nothing left but to tempt actors into performing in his sex fantasies.
  11. Creates a hellishly evil portrait of a police department in which every white cop is either a racist thug or an enabler, and every black cop a disgusted observer or crusading hero.
  12. First-time writer-director Hunter Richards? London is even worse torture than it sounds. It includes flashbacks that actually demonstrate just how miserable a jerk the main character is.
  13. Drop Dead Ugly is more like it.
  14. Crudup gives it his best, but his character is so economically drawn, there's hardly anything there -- certainly nothing likable.
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  15. And though Samantha is written as a sly spoof of Ashlee Simpson, Faris frantically overplays her. She might have taken a tip from Smart, a lovely, understated actress who wastes too much time in lousy films.
  16. The characters speak in Dialogue rather than English, the actors are so busy emoting they forget to act and the story feels like a first-draft college project.
  17. Dramatically miscalculated satire.
  18. Director and screenwriter Adam Brooks, adapting Jennifer Egan's novel, doesn't seem to understand what makes a movie relevant.
  19. Dreadfully unfunny.
  20. Lacks the charismatic presence of Vin Diesel, who has priced himself right out of the franchise. Without Diesel, there's not much gas, at least not from the nonvehicular elements.
  21. The movie is quite off its rocker: Jerry Springer, Chrisopher Walken, Tom Waits as a roadside prophet, a miscast, nervous Lucy Liu as an FBI agent -- it's a feverish, violent jumble that's shot as if high on mescaline -- the drug, not the salad.
  22. Despite catchy animation and a few intense scenes, there's simply nothing here we haven't seen before.
  23. Oddly enough, though, only the finale is predictable in a movie that appears to have been edited in an early-model blender. Not a single scene connects smoothly with the next.
  24. Stevens, an actor taking charge from the other side of the camera, and writer and co-star Breen are going for a romantic black farce, a darkly noble idea, but one that requires far more empathetic characters and funnier situations than they've created.
  25. Just like its increasingly wan antihero, this blood-soaked series is on its last legs.
  26. A preposterous action movie in which a Navy SEAL makes the world safe for democracy one continent at a time.
  27. It's an interesting profile in self-destruction until the script becomes unhinged itself and has Laura doing things that are not so much outrageous as hilariously stupid.
  28. Although it's recycled from start to finish, there are some decent jokes laced throughout, plus enough gore to satisfy the most bloodthirsty tastes.
  29. Regrettably, neither cast nor crew is able to save it from itself.
  30. As in "The Edge," in which Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins were stranded in the wilds, you can earn a wildernesssurvival merit badge just from watching.

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