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6,345 movie reviews
  1. Alas, this learned woman of letters - her expertise became the work of Dostoyevsky, whose major novels Geier nicknames "the five elephants" - is ill served by a trudging approach and dry-as-dust, procedural style.
  2. Has warmed-over chills and a muddled, zombie-like execution.
  3. The problem with this hyper-verbal comedy is in the title.
  4. Well-intentioned but as earnest as a college freshman discovering campus politics.
  5. PA 4's best idea, besides reintroducing the slow-walking, statuesque Katie, is a strange video trick involving lots of little lights filling a darkened room. It's tough to describe, but the cameras, of course, capture a figure the characters can't.
    • 24 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Poisoned air, feral night-vision critters and hard-to-read hieroglyphics are just the tip of the pyramid for the world's dumbest squad of adventurers who walk right into their own curse.
  6. Rote, dull and point-blank obvious.
  7. Where on the evolutionary scale of wacky-dudes-learn-to-grow-up movies does Role Models fall? Certainly less evolved than "Meatballs," but head and hairy knuckles above "Daddy Day Care" or "The Benchwarmers."
  8. This smart-looking but empty adventure — with a hero that looks more Tom Ford than John Ford — suffers from a shambling script, shifting tones and a surplus of villains. Clunky and drawn out, “Ranger” shoots blanks, even with the star power of Johnny Depp behind it.
  9. This odd Dickens-meets-Sunday-school movie is as artless as the setup is muddled.
  10. The overlapping stories, the emotional disconnect, the heavy-handed symbolism -- no, it's not a movie from the makers of "Babel," its a mumbling, stammering copycat drama from Swedish director Lukas Moodysson.
  11. Though Jaglom intends for us to be charmed by show folk, the amateurish performances and perennially misjudged direction wind up portraying them instead as boundlessly needy narcissists.
  12. If this is your particular poison, it won’t kill you. But anyone averse to Sparks’ sappy touch may get sick from all the bull.
  13. The plot makes absolutely no sense.
  14. Stein's schlumpy presence is disarming, though his know-it-all nature is at odds with his free-speech posing.
  15. When you name your movie Dom Hemingway and then require the titular antihero to repeatedly declare, “I am Dom Hemingway!” the filmmakers must be very confident that there is something special about their character. Too bad there isn’t.
  16. This Australian movie reminds you what can happen when directors pretend to be Quentin Tarantino, complete with snark masquerading as style, slippery timelines, blood and guts and guns everywhere.
  17. The film is an exasperating bore.
  18. To call MacGruber"a total bomb is a bit much, but this comedy-action flick sure feels like it was put together with gum, shoelaces and a couple of sticky Twizzlers.
  19. Anyone hoping to engage even a single brain cell, however, is out of luck. Which is too bad, since popcorn blockbusters don't actually have to be mind-numbingly stupid or soul-suckingly empty.
    • 24 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    This tale of an Inuit coming to New York City to warn about the perils of climate change is like a 1970s PSA, complete with stock, one-note characters and message-y dialogue.
  20. Trust - a drama about the dangers of teen sexting and online predators - plays as prurient, ham-handed and amateurish.
  21. This comic drama tries too hard to serve up a slice of manic life, but Eisenberg, along with Tracy Morgan and Isiah Whitlock Jr. as the affable druggies, provides some spark.
  22. It's finally here: The most boring alien-invasion movie ever.
  23. None of it makes any sense, but it is just nutty enough to provide a few (entirely unintended) laughs.
  24. Luckily, folks like Snoop and good sports like Sheen and, yes, Lohan, break up the monotony. Until, like an undead beastie, the boredom and dumb jokes come roaring back.
  25. The former “Friends” star clearly wanted something special, but sadly the result is ... this.
  26. Add two more stars here if zoning out to weirdo-dreamy, '80s public-access TV with a synthesizer soundtrack is your idea of midnight fun. Because this ambitious, but not uninteresting, failure has that in its DNA.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    True, the energy level is high, and there are some pretty faces and toned bodies. But Tracers cannot live by pecs appeal alone. And pretty soon, Lautner won’t be able to, either.
  27. The most charitable approach to this unfortunate diversion in Jackson's career would be to pretend it never happened. Now, who wants to go see "The Avengers" again?

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