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  1. Even if you're confused when tuning in as a first-timer, it's a lot better than not tuning in at all. [4 Nov 2004, p.103]
    • New York Daily News
  2. Heeding one of the elementary vampire show lessons, Chloe King sets all this against a backdrop of clever teenage banter and the awesomeness of teenage romance.
  3. Happily Divorced, TV Land's third shot at a new old-style sitcom--the George Segal parents-and-son romp "Retired at 35" is the other one--tries harder than "Cleveland" and generates fewer laughs. "Happily Divorced" is not without its pleasures.[...] Okay, Drescher, who most famously starred in "The Nanny," may be an acquired taste. But if you like her combination of attitude and accent, she provides a full dose of both here.
  4. Where “Pretty Little Liars” has set the standard for teen mystery/soap-opera TV, Ravenswood comes on more like a horror flick.
  5. It’s a pretty good one--a kind of reset from Cartoon Network’s last Batman production, "The Brave and the Bold."
  6. Watching someone explain the obvious may not create electrifying television, but once in a while, it's okay for TV to be more valuable than fun. Like when it comes to how you find a job.
  7. There’s nothing wrong with a warm rhapsody on the flowering of television. But when a TV series starts that way, it feels like it’s saying, “But first, a word about us.” And then we get to all the other stuff.
  8. While Titanic gets melodramatic and even a little soapy, it achieves what seems to be its main goal: to remind us that when the ship went down, the most terrible loss may have been 1,500 dreams.
  9. Those "Huh?" moments, combined with the general creepiness of religious cults, makes Big Love uncomfortable at times. But for continuous action and a multitude of subplots with a minimum of bad language, it won't disappoint.
  10. When their [Mabel and Dipper Pines'] plans distintegrate into dust, it gets good for the rest of us in this quirky and endearing new animated Disney series.
  11. Individually, they [characters] remain fun, even in a preachy scene where Glee members forget the Golden Rule. But all the vignettes and moments need a show around which to revolve. Glee needs the New Rachel.
  12. It does fine when it sticks to the music and the basic story, then stutter-steps a little when it starts to suggest that, say, the Eagles defined a memorable era.
  13. Over six episodes, almost no cliche of TV epics is left unlampooned. In the end, ironically, Spoils of Babylon creates some excess of its own.
  14. Mostly, though, all the evidence together doesn't add up to an answer. Whatever went wrong with Aunt Diane that day, we don't know and may never know.
  15. Like the Navy, Carrier is perfect for some and probably isn't for everyone.
  16. Like many of Showtime's most cherished series, House of Lies can be annoying and entertaining at the same time.
  17. For whatever reason, probably no more complex than plain old first-night jitters, Fallon didn’t bring his A-game to go with his A-list of guests.
  18. Bates Motel remains such a well-acted show that it discourages casual viewing more and more with each episode.
  19. Nothing that happens with other characters or elsewhere in the plot, though, is likely to diminish Shahi's presence.
  20. All in all, it's commendable ABC is so committed to recycling. Green is good, even if in this case, it's mostly the color of money.
  21. As Buster Poindexter once sang, they're hot, hot, hot...If Charmed gets more savvy, scary and sexy as weeks go on and it's a good bet it will falling under its spell will be an easy thing to do. [7 Oct 1998, p.93]
    • New York Daily News
  22. Savage U blends his likability and his well-honed shtick in a way that should appeal both to viewers with serious sex questions and casual observers who get off from hearing someone on television talk dirty.
  23. One of the strengths of Narcos is its refusal to paint anyone as purely good or bad.
  24. Burton and Taylor confines itself to the nine months of the tour, and while that’s a wise decision, it does mean we only get allusions to other aspects of their relationship.
  25. The Miracle Day mystery itself feels, at least at first, hopelessly tangled. Viewers may be willing to give it some time, though, because the action provides an entertaining ride.
  26. McLaren doesn’t come off as a conspiracy theorist or an agenda-crazed obsessive. He comes off as a detective building a case. But then, so do others. And only one can be right.
  27. Things are a little perkier for the characters at the start of this season than when we last left them.
  28. Once the race starts, the drill is familiar. Sand dunes, snowy peaks, raging rapids, weekly eliminations. It doesn't diminish the achievements of the contestants that we sometimes feel like we've been there and seen that.
  29. This new documentary on Vogue magazine makes the road to trendy clothing images sound more like a midnight slog through a gator-infested swamp.
  30. If the acting isn’t remarkable, we get a sense of what life was like in one of country music’s royal families.

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