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  1. After a 40-minute trip through the strange life of Robert Durst, we have no idea whether he’s a killer or a survivor.
  2. It could still be a hit, largely because of Kinnear. But it needs to pick up its game.
  3. Like the network's first original series, "Cedar Cove," Good Witch doesn't stray a micrometer from the Hallmark brand. You don't need witch's powers to figure out what's going to work.
  4. True Blood also sometimes seems to have a cast of thousands, despite being set in a small town, so all sorts of subplots have been simmering. The show evolves, as it has before, by starting the new season with a few more. It's a little wearing sometimes, to be honest, though it has enough narrative strength to keep hard-core fans happy.
  5. It feels somehow as if there's a backstory here we don't fully know about. Still, their adventures are instructive and the dangers seem genuine.
  6. This version has a brisker pace than the fine French original, though it wouldn’t be called action-packed. With its ominous and dark undertone, call it cerebral sci-fi.
  7. Friends With Better Lives seems to be betting that we, like the characters themselves, won’t need much beyond each other. That could work. Especially if they tell an occasional joke that’s not about sex.
  8. If you can gulp hard and swallow the premise of Tyrant, you’ll find another hard, dark, intense FX drama about a world in which a lot of the normal rules don't seem to apply.
  9. [The two plotlines] provides plenty of rich material for Sorkin on both fronts, and we can be sure he’s got plenty to say. The hope is that he will restrain himself enough so the rest of us can distill it into something we can digest.
  10. The ensuing jokes aren't new. The men-turned-women only want to know if this planet has a shopping mall. The men still won't ask for directions. nBut Groening has never relied heavily on subtlety, and his strong suits, like timing and tone, keep things moving.
  11. The only problem here is that once in a while the producers and cast get so enthusiastic about their production numbers, their words become almost unintelligible.
  12. The only real downside of Gym Teacher is that it runs about twice as long as its material.
  13. A well-crafted documentary directed by Nelson George tracking Johnson's life, from when he landed in Los Angeles, led the Lakers to championship titles, and how upon learning of his diagnosis helped change the world.
  14. As it threads through a maze of sometimes shaky plot turns, you could say the script gets tortured--along with most of the characters. But there is a payoff, in the high-stakes cat-and-mouse game between pirate Blackbeard (John Malkovich) and Tom Lowe (Richard Coyle), a British crown agent who represents law and order.
  15. Weed Country makes it clear there’s still a lot of Wild West in the marijuana biz--and a whole lot of conversation needed to sort it out.
  16. Credibility starts to fray when our heroes, or anti-heroes, keep needing miraculous last-second evasions and escapes.
  17. The visitors return for their second season on ABC Tuesday night and alas, they still aren't quite as fascinating as you want them to be.
  18. As the Loud family fractures and then reunites to fight back against their critics, Cinema Verite settles into melodrama that Lane's solid performance can only partly hold together.
  19. Chicago Fire is positioned to succeed. Assuming it uses Hank to wrestle with deeper issues and not just explore all the ways his team can get dirtbags to spill, it’s got a great chance.
  20. Leno did the show last night exactly the same way he does every show. He knows how to tell jokes and he can make his way through an interview.
  21. This show tackles a genuinely interesting issue: how high-achieving men cope with what society sees as demoting themselves by staying home while their wives earn the family money. It tackles that question in a calm and at times even insightful way.
  22. Human Target lays a good premise and an intriguing character over a fairly stock detective story. It's not the worst way to spend an hour.
  23. Standard setup? Sure. Standard execution? For the most part.
  24. It's a bit cruder and ruder [than "Family Guy"], and its family seems unimaginatively similar to Peter Griffith's - except that the dad works for the CIA, and there's a talking alien instead of a talking dog. [28 Apr 2005]
    • New York Daily News
  25. It's all sort of cartoonish and, for better or worse, the characters rarely rise above it.
  26. While some of the pilot strains to be contemporary with its youthful fixations, the only actor and character who really stands out is Atandwa Kani's Tumelo, a native South African who connects with Katie. Otherwise, it's the animals that make Life is Wild worth watching.
  27. The best thing to say about "The Class" is that it improves by quite a few notches as it goes along.... The worst thing to say about "The Class" is that requiring viewers to come back and try, try again is asking a lot.
  28. Black Scorpion is good bad - fun to watch as a tacky diversion. [5 Jan 2001, p.109]
    • New York Daily News
  29. In the end, while its outrageous characters are often amusing, their palate of jokes runs thin.
  30. It feels painted by the numbers.

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