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551 tv reviews
  1. Without sounding disrespectful, it feels pretty routine.
  2. Bag of Bones feels a little skeletal.
  3. It's as familiar, comfortable and tasty as a Ritz cracker.
  4. The problem isn't the performers....The problem is the jokes.
  5. So the upstairs and the downstairs people are sorting things out this season, a process that drifts in and out of confusion.
  6. All these characters seem modestly interesting, but none, at least on first acquaintance, feel compelling. Nor are we drawn into their quest.
  7. Viewers who don't regularly contemplate alternative-reality issues probably should tape the show as well as watch it, because the non-expert may have to watch it twice just to figure out what's going on, or even to understand what parts we don't understand.
  8. In an attempt to distinguish itself from a dozen previous TV fashion competitions, which is not a bad goal, Fashion Star ends up feeling overly complicated and a little cluttered.
  9. Duck Dynasty still turns out to be a formulaic show, with a lot of low-level verbal crossfire among family members who at the end of the day assure us they all love each other.
  10. Bent feels like a one-night stand where, in the morning, no one minds if you don't stay for breakfast.
  11. Okay, delicious trash, perhaps. But still, trash.
  12. It's too easy, too much like a series of safe sketches that play to all the stereotypes everyone in politics claims describe the other side.
  13. The problem with 7 Days isn't its lack of explicit material. It's the mundanity.
  14. On its first pass, Common Law feels awkward.
  15. After a little while, though, it slips over the line from factoid to lecture--and what doesn't help, oddly enough, is the wise-guy attitude the Sklars bring to it.
  16. The turf [conversations revolving around sex] is so familiar in sitcoms these days that even funny lines feel recycled. Like Men at Work.
  17. While everyone here executes their roles well, Saving Hope never feels very gripping.
  18. Nick at Nite's new soap opera Hollywood Heights asks us for an extended suspension of dramatic disbelief. It has some work ahead to earn it.
  19. Picking up a copy of the Washington Post from any day in his presidency would likely provide more insight into the man who led the Free World when the Berlin Wall fell and later launched the first Gulf War.
  20. This one may be mostly for the hard core.
  21. The best face it can put on terrible murder cases is philosophical, and that may not be enough to keep viewers from the somber takeaway that someone they like has ended up dead.
  22. Maybe at a certain point it won't feel like all this is a little too gimmicky, or that the rules are being made up as we go along. Out of the box, it kind of does.
  23. Part of what Jordan does, inadvertently, is remind us that the real value of a toy is what it meant to us when we played with it.
  24. Fatal Honeymoon seems vaguely unsatisfying--not because of its conclusion, but because it feels like an extended dramatization that in the end tells us less than a straight news report or documentary could have done.
  25. The New Normal wants what "Modern Family" is having. But if we're going to catapult from "South Park" to a Hallmark movie, we need a smoother ride.
  26. Katie came off as likeable, which counts for a lot in daytime. The show just didn't have a lot of content, somewhat like the stage that often felt too big for her.
  27. Almost all of it feels hit-and-run, an exercise in setting up a clever line here or a cartoonish response there.
  28. There's nothing wrong with playing a gay stereotype on a sitcom, except that if you're the main character, you can't be just a gay stereotype. Even an amusing one.
  29. Chiklis is terrific. Too often, though, Vegas plays like a comic book, without much depth to its characters.
  30. Droll and amusing though the jokes and characters in the first episode often are, The Neighbors has all its chips riding on what is essentially a one-line gag.

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