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488 tv reviews
  1. How un-innovative is this series about innovation? Let me count the ways.
  2. There's little talent, and even less charisma, evident in this gaggle of guys.
  3. It's not only unimpressive. Parts of it are uncomfortable.
  4. For every story line that intrigues, and every character that sparks some interest, there are several others that don't.
  5. The initial story... is a lot more complicated than it is compelling - and by the time tonight's first hour is up, you aren't hungry for more.
  6. It's not a very artistic or compelling documentary.
  7. Tonight's new Fox courtroom drama series, "Justice," has plenty of [gimmicks]. What it doesn't have, though, is a persuasive reason to watch.
  8. These actors more than deserve a series of their own. They deserve a good one, and "Standoff" isn't it.
  9. "Fashion House" is a passable pop diversion, and a definite curiosity.
  10. It's not only about a bomb. It is one.
  11. In theory, it's an intriguing concept for a series. But in practice, "Six Degrees" doesn't work at all in drawing you in at the start.
  12. Where "The Game" botches its "Game" plan, though, is in writing punch lines that are much too broad, and in casting men who are more convincing in their roles and relationships than the women.
  13. They say insanity is performing the same action repeatedly and hoping for a different outcome. For ABC and "Day Break," insanity may be expecting viewers to watch the same day over and over and be interested in the infinite minor and major variations.
  14. The question, still open, is whether the writers can pack enough comic caffeine into the next 21 weeks to keep viewers along for the ride.
  15. If we're going to root for these guys, however, it would help to like them. These guys don't make it easy.
  16. It's a show where neither the world being created nor the characters populating it are remotely convincing - or interesting.
  17. There's more pathos than humor in "Dice Undisputed," and very little "reality" that seems real rather than self-consciously staged.
  18. Even the best home run hitters can swing and miss badly, though - and on "The Wedding Bells," all of them do.
  19. The plot strains credulity so much that even that action-happy audience might reject the show.
  20. It may be harsh to suggest his "Creek" has run dry, but as a followup exploration of teen anxiety, "Hidden Palms" offers little but scenic and human scenery.
  21. You know a show needs work when its show-stopper is the mime.
  22. It doesn't bode well for this series, however, that tonight's premiere features a magnetic, dynamic, no-nonsense female cyborg who steals every scene she's in--and it isn't Ryan as Jaime Sommers.
  23. Its humor, which dominates, isn't funny enough, and its occasional stabs at dramatic scenes aren't serious enough.
  24. Carpoolers, despite a few likable cast members and passable jokes, is in so much trouble, it's pulled over, on the shoulder.
  25. The show feels recycled.
  26. The Captain [is] a historic hotel now populated by every Hollywood stereotype ever dusted off for a sitcom pilot.
  27. Let's say Unhitched just isn't very funny.
  28. The cast is pleasant enough, and Romijn certainly tackles her character with the abandon and conviction necessary to anchor a comedy-drama series. Were the show better written, these actors probably could deliver the goods with no problem.
  29. It's not that Cohen, especially in his Ali G character, never gets off an amusing ad lib. It's just that his humor and his characters aren't nearly funny enough. And several times they cross the line into all-out meanness. It's an approach that's uncalled for, unimpressive and - as when he picks on a religious woman simply because she's overweight - horribly unfunny. [21 Feb 2003, p.139]
  30. If each hour of The Guardian represents one hour of its central character's 1,500-hour community-service sentence, Fallin should be Fallin short by about 1,487 hours. [25 Sept 2001, p.101]