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  1. It all adds up to a promising, surprisingly lively and fast-paced drama that humanizes those early computer geeks.
  2. This isn't a portrait of a perfect response. But it leaves no doubt about the magnitude of the moment and the size of the challenge America and its President would soon tackle, and overcome.
  3. Like all good sitcom characters, they sometimes drive us nuts. But we fall for them both and would like very much for this long shot to come in.
  4. Once you get past its curiously unhelpful title, this six-part series offers a powerful look at the rise of women over the last half century, in fields from comedy to politics.
  5. It’s all very evocative, creating a perfect mood for the complete “Basement Tapes” sessions that, surprise surprise, have just been released.
  6. It works as light summer drama, with lots of great banter between the women, and it works as cop drama, since it has put both of them in very dangerous situations at regular intervals. Best of all, though, it keeps peeling away layers on both characters.
  7. It's a big cast where every piece fits, and at least upfront, the writing and jokes are good enough that Anger Management only uses sex gags where they work, not to cover up any lack of other ideas.
  8. PBS goes deeper than Smithsonian [The Day the Bomb Dropped], partly because it’s a two-hour show, but also because it raises the thorny isue of whether that first bomb needed to be dropped at all.
  9. Sleepless in America plays like a meticulously researched horror documentary.
  10. It's hard to classify Grace and Frankie except to say it’s splendid television.
  11. Treme, created by "Wire" mastermind David Simon, may not ultimately get to the level of those others, because it's going to take a while to sort out the characters and lay down the themes. It also looks to have a deliberate pace, and it doesn't seem to be setting up for a lot of blood-and-guts action, so it may end up attracting a more cerebral crowd.
  12. Much of the film is built on interviews with firefighters, and the conversations feel like conversation between professionals, not like a lecture to a group of outsiders.
    • 57 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    The movie deals with Lisa’s death tastefully and sincerely, and the three actresses who play the girls couldn’t be better. They have the trio’s finger-snapping repartee and sisterly rapport down. If the script clunks, and the direction of Charles Stone III lacks the slightest in subtlety or grace, those qualities aren’t what matters. The cray-cray back story is.
  13. Unlike shows that rely on flamboyant judges for much of their color, Top Chef has mostly risen and fallen on the personality and skills of the contestants. So it's off to a good start this time around.
  14. The likable Pete and Myka are a classic match, bickering until they need to stop and work together, which they do. Artie provides both comic relief and a reminder that their job is difficult and dangerous--point also made by Artie's boss, Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder). Not too much new here. But there's nothing wrong with taking the old and doing it well.
  15. Life is annoying Nucky Thompson as Boardwalk Empire starts its third season, and that gives this first-rate show just the push-off it needs.
  16. The Killing marks another bull's-eye for AMC in presenting complex, literate, well-crafted television.
  17. [A] delightful animated hour.
  18. At the end of each episode, you want to see what will happen in the next one. For a murder mystery, that’s a pretty good start.
  19. Human Target was a good wise-guy action adventure last season. It's already looking like a better one this season. The main reason: Two girls, Indira Varma and Janet Montgomery, have crashed the testosterone party.
  20. It's a show about someone trying to figure out life, one little thing at a time, and realizing that sometimes, hey, you can't.
  21. They also don’t know what’s happening back East, so we don’t start with any crossovers or even cross-references. There’s just the uneasy sense that something is wrong, which for TV drama purposes means something is right.
  22. These four hours pack as much intensity and darkness as 22 episodes of many other police shows.
  23. A look at the first pay cable episode of the iconic kids show reveals that it offers the same mix of fun, education and goofiness that has kept Sesame Street a powerhouse piece of programming for 46 years.
  24. Top of the Lake doesn’t fully get rolling for a while. Happily, Moss doesn’t let us become disinterested.
  25. It understands that high school drama can be as serious as it absurd, and as Jenna and her friends enter their junior year, we can see them slowly starting to wrestle with the real and scary question of where it all goes from here.
  26. Sewell radiates the kind of fascination you can't buy off the rack at the TV drama store, and that alone gives Eleventh Hour a strong start.
  27. Book of Negroes, a six-hour Black History Month miniseries, will be fairly compared to "Roots."
  28. It helps a lot that [Blunt] is played by Patrick Stewart, who brings theatrical majesty to a man who quite sincerely believes words can change the world for the better.
  29. Method to the Madness leaves no doubt, in any case, about the appreciation he has inspired in others over the years, and not just the French.

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