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  1. The wheezy Mighty Wind can't blow out the candle of this group's first musical mockumentary, 1984's "This Is Spinal Tap."
  2. Jelski's dialogue is razor sharp and she got a terrific performance from the relatively inexperienced Gummersall, who runs a gamut of emotions and holds the screen like a seasoned star.
  3. This Canadian film is extraordinarily low-key, considering the explosive secrets the sisters unearth, but that is part of its strength.
  4. Has hell frozen over? Not only is Jack Nicholson starring in a buddy movie alongside Adam Sandler, but of the two, Sandler's low-key approach is preferable.
  5. An ongoing problem is the complete lack of chemistry between the leads.
  6. The crime isn't that the movie's message is amoral, but that it goes totally unexamined, as if the recess bell rang too early.
  7. Though younger fans of Cameron's 1997 blockbuster may be a little disappointed at the lack of, well, Leo, Cameron persuades us to share his obsession with the ship's history.
  8. Zombie's sense of fun gets buried under the growing pile of bodies, and eventually, we're left with little more than a frenzy of sadism.
  9. The whole nutty crew finds it rollicking good fun to see themselves lampooned. But there is an unmistakable sorrow behind the humor.
  10. Where's the levity, you ask? There is none, or rather, there is none that Manuel can perceive.
  11. Regrettably, neither cast nor crew is able to save it from itself.
  12. Despite the spectacularly cool opening credits and some first-rate animation, the story starts to flag about halfway through.
  13. A solid delight, the sort of cinematic concoction you might expect from a time-warp collaboration between Preston Sturges and Jim Jarmusch.
  14. Irritating wish-fulfillment movie.
  15. Farrell, adding to the case for his impending stardom, locks into his role with the laser precision of the sniper's rifle scope.
  16. The film would be totally unwatchable without the very real charisma of Diesel.
  17. With his haggard good looks and bearish presence, Nolte is the main event in this colorful three-ring circus of a heist picture.
  18. Dayan's weakly structured biopic Cet Amour-là is, to be kind, less than inspired. But as a showcase for legendary French actress Jeanne Moreau, it's a tour de force.
  19. It's the many thoughtful, eloquent interviews with Fellini himself that serve as the heart of the film.
  20. Only Stanley Tucci seems aware of the drop-dead stupidity of the plot, and acts up a storm of high camp as the narcissistic scientist.
  21. There's something uniquely gratifying about watching nonprofessionals deliver totally natural performances.
  22. Without excusing Stevie's behavior, the film makes a compelling case for how a child molester can grow from the bitter seeds of neglect and abuse.
  23. The story line is frustratingly haphazard, spreading out in several directions without ever focusing on one.
  24. Travolta is the least of the film's problems. With a script by James Vanderbilt, whose first credit was for a movie about the tooth fairy ("Darkness Falls"), and directed by John McTiernan, last seen struggling with "Rollerball," Basic is a fundamental failure.
  25. A tepid amalgam of other, similarly themed movies.
  26. There are several small, startling moments of insight hidden amid the long, slow stretches of listlessness. But the balance is slightly off. We could have used a little more pleasure to get us through his grim adolescent unknown.
  27. Gaudi Afternoon, adapted from Barbara Wilson's novel, is a setup for a smart ensemble comedy, and the cast delivers in hilarious deadpan style.
  28. The movie is full of puzzling celebrity cameos, as if Brazilian director Bruno Barreto called in all his chits.
  29. Dreamcatcher has no business being this bad.
  30. A flashy homage to a dozen better movies, this self-conscious Hong Kong action flick is so packed with visual thrills, you may not notice that there's absolutely nothing beneath its impressively slick surface.

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