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  1. Wan's secret weapons are clearly Wilson and Farmiga, both such good actors they're able to sell the audience on everything the Warrens experience. The duo also does a great job selling the romantic bond between the Warrens, which helps you fall in love with them as much as you end up falling for the entire Hodgson family.
    • 69 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    This amazing true story with remarkable performances by Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, Nicole Kidman and newcomer Sunny Pawar has, like the title would suggest, a blend of brute force and elegance.
  2. The Eagle Huntress is all at once an inspiring story for children of all ages to believe that they can do anything, a reflection of the unfairness of gender roles and a rare and unique look at a remote part of the world.
  3. Acclaimed filmmaker Ken Loach is a master at capturing the day-to-day of British life, and this film, which won the coveted Palm D'Or award at the Cannes Film Festival, is no exception. That said, it may be easier for some to decipher the heavy British accents than others.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    Taking Michael Lewis’ seminal book about the meltdown as source material, director Adam McKay channels his own anger into something rarely even attempted by Hollywood, let alone pulled off: a comedy about a tragedy.
  4. Comparisons to the classic 1979 Oscar winner "Kramer vs. Kramer" are inevitable. But Gifted stands on its own because it feels more like reality than a Hollywood take on family crisis.
  5. Steinfeld is brilliantly able to weave together a character who's both typical and yet surprising in her multidimensional emotions that Nadine slowly works through. She's not a cookie-cutter character.
  6. Amid all the high-speed action, this “Baby” is also spiked with humor. In large part that's thanks to Spacey and Foxx, as well as Jon Hamm, who makes the bank robber Buddy, one of his better movie roles. Having such strong actors also brings a gravitas to the story.
  7. We get it, and DC finally should, too: Superhero movies can be fun. And Wonder Woman is a movie that'd send even the Suicide Squad home smiling.
  8. Experimental in form, it's also open and appealing in its vision of romantic redemption, an avant-garde romp that's also a great date movie. [8 Mar 1996, p.40]
    • New York Daily News
  9. A fascinating whirl of politics and palace intrigue.
  10. Even those who've long noted Polley's intelligence on screen will be amazed by the perception she displays as a filmmaker.
  11. Polanski’s direction is smooth and the film itself happily understated. The tension created is practically unbearable.
  12. Working from his own original screenplay, Crowe builds a story line full of unexpected twists and digressions.
  13. A caustic, funny, low-budget treat, shot on digital video.
  14. Clever, compelling, funny and unpredictable, and it has a lollapa-looza of an ending.
    • New York Daily News
  15. As wide-ranging, and yet as sharply focused, as Mikal Gilmore's book.
  16. Yet another film from Iran that has the leisurely pace, sly humor and incontrovertible wisdom of a Sufi parable.
  17. While it won't rival the Harry Potter movies as a cultural milestone, the luminous, irresistible Stardust is no less industrious at scavenging myths and legends and making something altogether new from the familiar pickings.
  18. This extraordinary film refracts truth through the prism of memory, until what you get is a tragedy of Shakespearean dimensions, full of sacrifice and betrayal.
  19. The story itself is a smooth little gem.
  20. The pleasure of Ever After is that it never takes itself seriously. [31Jul1998, Pg. 47]
    • New York Daily News
  21. Ale's community is like a band of pirates - collegial, bickering, larcenous and supportive - and his life within it is both heartening and heartbreaking.
  22. Straightforward and immensely powerful, the movie offers a blunt assessment of the war from soldiers currently fighting it, and their perspective is not pretty.
  23. authentic as news footage, and far more intimate.
  24. A simple story that resonates deeply, largely thanks to the actors' ability to invest it with inner life.
  25. Shrek 2 delivers more fun than there is slime in a green ogre's swamp. Much of that is thanks to Antonio ­Banderas, who runs away with Shrek 2 on little cat feet.
  26. Stamp, whose ability to make Wilson simultaneously coarse and charismatic is irresistibly entertaining.
  27. If there's a soft spot in your heart for the sword-&-sandal epic -- and from the star rating above, I think you can guess where I stand -- then you'll swoon with giddy delight over Gladiator.
  28. What keeps the film from becoming obnoxiously redundant is the conviviality of the comedians. These are funny people even when they're not telling the joke.

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