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5,763 movie reviews
  1. While there is a great deal of laughter among the quartet, there's scarcely a giggle in it for the audience.
  2. Campion has made something that's almost unbearably pretentious.
  3. "Dopey" is too good a word for it.
  4. The salvaging operations, and the scavenging of B-52 parts for retail recycling and junk art that seem to consume most of the film take it to tedium, and beyond.
  5. Clumsily merges fiction and reality, biography and musical fantasy, and breaks the fourth wall in a way that allows Spacey to lamely address his own miscasting.
  6. It must be said that everyone - including Dominic West and Rosamund Pike -- works awfully hard to entertain us. But that just makes it all the more depressing when joke after joke falls painfully flat. Stay home and introduce your kids to Mr. Bean, instead.
  7. Fine actors are let down by a comatose script and wayward direction in this retro crime drama.
  8. Would like to think of itself as an extension of its lead character -- gangly, a bit uncouth, but ultimately sweet. Unfortunately, it's more like the best friend in a movie like this -- irritating, unfunny and something that hangs around longer than it should.
  9. Brooks' shallow screenplay feels half-finished, and he never compensates with additional guidance or directorial flair. So all his actors are forced to flail about ineffectually. Apparently, none of them read the script in advance. Because surely then they'd have known to take a pass.
  10. It's interesting in the same way the early, rejection episodes of "American Idol" are oddly compelling. But, of course, you can watch those for free.
    • 46 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    If a movie smells like a dog and barks like a dog, well, then it must be a woofer.
  11. Saw
    A gore movie with no teeth.
  12. The story is tired, the comedy forced and the mother's larger-than-life quirks are an acquired taste.
  13. The dullest exorcist movie ever made.
  14. Did Lane and John Cusack really have to put themselves through this? Here are two first-rate actors in the embarrassing situation of playing blithering misfits in a lame comedy of errors.
  15. May be free of gay stereotypes, but it's absolutely riddled with romantic cliches. It's hard to see the progress in that.
  16. There is not a frame of "Cheaper" that doesn't feel contrived. It fails the most fundamental test of movie logic.
  17. Witless, insulting satire of sorority girls that shamelessly ridicules the mentally challenged. The filmmakers aren't exactly Mensa candidates themselves.
  18. The screenwriters claim they got the idea for this dreary thing by glimpsing a besieged Chelsea Clinton in the stands at a basketball game.
  19. Whether Jawed Wassel could have made more of it with further editing we'll never know, but it's a clunky bit of storytelling.
  20. A fascinating contrast in lifestyles.
  21. A deadly script.
  22. It's the same-old flesh-chewing. Like vampires, this genre is getting deadly.
  23. Adapted - badly and unfaithfully - Close Your Eyes is a convoluted jumble of paranormal psychology, occultism and pagan symbolism, topped off with a quest for immortality.
  24. Sets out to be a social critique but settles for smug disdain.
  25. In documentary footage played over the closing credits, the real warrior is introduced to American fast food and returns to his people too fat and sluggish to spear himself a snack, let alone a missionary.
  26. Hartley's satire of consumer-driven sexuality is undermined by the straight-faced decision to cast affectless model Tatiana Abracos as the heroine.
  27. Unlike pop rival Britney Spears, Moore does project star quality on the screen, but she gives Halley an edge of nastiness that makes her harder to empathize with than she should be.
  28. Obliterating the original structure and intent of "Body Snatchers" is cinema-lit blasphemy.
  29. A gangsta rapper without fire in the belly isn't terribly interesting, cinematically or musically.

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