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  1. While the crime itself is only moderately intriguing, its real function is to let viewers see what each of these women does, how they work together and how they talk to each other.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    "Saved" is a show with a good cast, interesting concept and a fast-paced, stylized approach that never quite reaches its potential.
  2. Odd as it sounds, How Sherlock Changed the World argues persuasively that it was a crime writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who virtually invented the modern science of forensics by having his fictional detective employ it.
  3. There’s warmth and some humor here. It’s also been tweaked so that, unlike the movie, it isn’t only for teens. But Bad Teacher has a tough test ahead.
  4. As silly concoctions go, it's rather tasty.
  5. The production, and Brody, work hard to elevate Houdini’s routines to metaphor.
  6. Stiller was a last-minute addition to the cast, and the series looks like it will be refocused as a result turning the spotlight his way, much like Jaleel White's Urkel pulled the rug out from the original concept of ABC's "Family Matters." CBS would gladly accept that eventuality if "The King of Queens" draws similarly large audiences, but any hopes of it turning into a modern-day "Honeymooners" are likely to vanish as a result. [21 Sept 1998, p.70]
    • New York Daily News
  7. Wilson plays the disenchanted slob well. But it’s not long before the politically incorrect insults and Backstrom’s general misanthropy start to lose their impact, and the cop stuff feels formulaic enough that there seems little reason to hop aboard his train.
  8. While it follows the current cable pattern of taking dramas a little further than traditional broadcast shows, The Beast essentially serves up familiar cop fare.
  9. While Titanic gets melodramatic and even a little soapy, it achieves what seems to be its main goal: to remind us that when the ship went down, the most terrible loss may have been 1,500 dreams.
  10. In the larger picture, Hellcats has the deceptively tricky mission of taking what has been a 90-minute idea in most other incarnations and stretching it into an ongoing series. But it serves up plenty of eye candy to enhance the ride, so hey, gimme an M for Marti!
  11. The problem for the miniseries is that what it adds to fill the extra time feels like padding.
  12. There's nothing flashy or special about this series, but it's satisfying and impressive in an old-fashioned way - much more so, in this opener, than its parent, "JAG." A lot of it is due to the ease with which Harmon and McCallum embody their characters. [23 Sept 2003, p.83]
    • New York Daily News
  13. While Taxi Brooklyn is an import, a low-cost summer rental, it has much of the lean, clean charm of, say, USA programs.
  14. The initial story... is a lot more complicated than it is compelling - and by the time tonight's first hour is up, you aren't hungry for more.
  15. Free Agents has a strong premise, solid characters, good chemistry and some great one-liners. Like Alex and Helen, it needs to trust its heart.
  16. If the acting isn’t remarkable, we get a sense of what life was like in one of country music’s royal families.
  17. Nothing that happens with other characters or elsewhere in the plot, though, is likely to diminish Shahi's presence.
  18. Mystery Girls is silly, tongue-in-cheek fun where we’re all in on the gag. How long it can be sustained is the question. But for now, at the very least, it’s a much better look for Tori Spelling.
  19. The questions posed by "The Triangle" are fascinating. But the answers are - sometimes literally - a waste of time.
  20. It's a waste of Cox's comic talents to have her spend the whole show trapped in lines like, "We had sex three times without you needing a nap or a pill or anything."
  21. Ironically, Griffiths at times may be a little too much actress for her role. But it takes a village to make a Camp, and watching this crew work to save Little Otter and find summer love is far from the worst thing you could do at 10 o’clock on Wednesday night
  22. "Brothers & Sisters" establishes itself as little more than a family gathering you should have no interest in attending. Their dialogue sounds real, but not much of it sounds interesting.
  23. McLaren doesn’t come off as a conspiracy theorist or an agenda-crazed obsessive. He comes off as a detective building a case. But then, so do others. And only one can be right.
  24. Everyone in the pilot makes a solid first impression.
  25. It's more nuanced than the average cop drama, and for that reason, more intriguing.
  26. The Captain [is] a historic hotel now populated by every Hollywood stereotype ever dusted off for a sitcom pilot.
  27. By staking turf between "True Blood" and "Twilight," Vampire Diaries hopes it has found the promised land. The danger is it could also be no man's land.
  28. Williams, though, in both Sunday's telemovie and the subsequent Tuesday-night regular episode time-slot at 8, is too reserved and colorless. [15 Sept 1995, p.127]
    • New York Daily News
  29. Some of Star-Crossed falls into the CW’s well-trod comfort zone: young-adult romantic drama with a sci-fi twist. It shows extra ambition, though, by putting its outsiders so constantly and viscerally close to those who suspect and fear them. Add forbidden love, which can never escape the shadow of potential doom, and Star-Crossed could become both provocative and entertaining.

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