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  1. It's a cute idea that a better filmmaker than writer-director Michael Schroeder could have done a lot with.
  2. The film is narrated by Russell Crowe, whose star power is probably the only reason it's being released here.
  3. Even for a horror movie, The Crazies is a bore, and we're talking about the most boring genre this side of dysfunctional-family indie drama.
  4. Amidst the ennui, there are some fine performances.
  5. The film slowly builds up to Justin's first appearance at Madison Square Garden, where his show sold out in 22 minutes.
  6. There are precious few laughs in this poorly written and directed "unromantic comedy" - the sort of dire date movie you'd take somebody to if you wanted it to be a LAST date.
  7. Androgynous Clea DuVall's performance shines through a foggily told, vaguely acted coming-of-age tale.
  8. Zoo
    A bizarre quasi-documentary that more or less tries to rationalize bestiality as a harmless quirk.
  9. This silly extraterrestrial-invasion epic somehow manages the feat of making the destruction of La La Land seem tedious.
  10. Sheen's throwback portrayal is appealing enough, but flat characters, dull revelations and uninvolving complications make this deliberately small film feel nearly microscopic.
  11. Low on raunch but even lower on laughs. It also looks like half the lighting crew failed to show up.
  12. Not very haunty.
  13. Demonstrating the limits of being too clever in a genre movie, the art-house chiller Silent House lets the tenseness of its first act trickle away.
  14. Tender, heartfelt and exquisitely dull, the drama Félix and Meira illustrates the perils of trying to tell an emotional love story with meaningful stares and long pauses.
  15. Predicated almost entirely on the repeated juxtaposition of innocent girlishness and mindless violence, Violet & Daisy could still have been campy fun — instead, it wilts for lack of wit.
  16. There's a line between rogue and jerk, and Reynolds lives on the wrong side of it. As Dusty, Klein is such a smooth operator that he could have been - should have been - the lead.
  17. The potential for suspense is dropped (there's a subplot about the receptionist's flight from her violent husband, but he appears in only a couple of scenes) in favor of lots of hushed interludes in which nothing happens.
  18. Here’s a movie that will test the limits of your ability to watch other people having a good time.
  19. Dumbed down to the point where it's barely recognizable as coming from one of Donald Westlake's John Dortmunder novels.
  20. Director Ferzan Ozpetek's film doesn't break any new ground; rather, it recycles every cliché about gays in what is essentially an extended soap opera.
  21. Now, here’s the trilogy’s second installment, in which the jolly Austrian makes it clear that women of a certain age do not have his permission to overdo it with religion, either.
  22. Toomuch of the humor in Not Another Teen Movie is either lame (the school in the movie is called "John Hughes High") or lamely disgusting.
  23. Risen veers so far off the Bible’s path that it might as well be a tale of this 13th apostle, called Marty, who was in charge of snacks and mini-golf reservations.
  24. Should appeal more to those who like to watch stuff blow up than understand exactly why the carnage is transpiring.
  25. Bedeviled by labored writing and slack direction.
  26. This "Alfie" meets "Boogie Nights" bio fizzles because, although Sassoon never stops talking, he never says anything.
  27. No
    No, which has been nominated for this year’s Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, is largely a gimmick picture: At all times, it looks like hastily assembled news footage shot on grainy videotape in 1988. That means light flaring up to spoil the image, bumpy camerawork, a nearly square picture and all-around grubbiness.
  28. The film is a failure if it can't convince us that these two people belong together. It can't, and barely tries.
  29. This is a cheap-looking lowbrow comedy that likely would have gone straight to home video.
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  30. Porno plus Parkinson's don't quite add up to sexy fun.

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