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  1. A lightweight French comedy worth watching only for Cecile de France. The gamine actress - decked out in short reddish hair, black tights and a thigh-high mini - is charming as Jessica.
  2. Though it boasts excellent performances by Anna Friel and Michelle Williams as bosom buddies whose lives meander over three decades, it plods on with a wearying predictability and some truly terrible dialogue.
  3. The comedy is without distinction and the conclusion is melodramatic. I must note that ads for the film are misleading because they give no hint of the dark side of The Bubble.
  4. The story is so slight, a low-wattage hair dryer could blow it away.
  5. A talky, pretentious soap opera about Spanish intellectuals.
  6. The movie doesn't do anything with these viney bastards. There's no back story, no satire, no allegory, no implications beyond what's happening on the pyramid.
  7. Problem: Kidman is the only one in the theater who is turned on. The rest of us are giggling.
  8. Despite its talented and/or attractive cast, Heartbreakers is an ugly movie: The kind that makes you feel slightly soiled afterwards.
    • New York Post
  9. O'Brien also provided the lethargic direction and collaborated with Messina on the cliché-infested script, which is long on booze-filled confessions.
  10. Disco may still be dead, but Benji: Off the Leash! resurrects another dubious artifact of the '70s - the crudely made family films starring that lovable mutt.
  11. Say this for A Lot Like Love: It isn't one of those impossibly witty romantic comedies.
  12. Your baby is near death. Instead of dropping everything to save his life, you make sure the video camera keeps rolling.
  13. For much of Flannel Pajamas I wondered if the couple's big problem was that Stuart was secretly gay. Nothing so interesting - he's just a narcissistic control freak and she's off-puttingly needy.
  14. In the hands of the formerly promising director Joe Carnahan, this stylish, nihilistic, hugely derivative mash-up of Tarantino and Guy Ritchie (before wife Madonna ruined his career) is fun for roughly half an hour.
  15. Considering that Gracie says nothing that hasn't been said in dozens of films, one does wonder whether Hollywood is being as diligent as it could be in digging up fresh story ideas.
  16. The director has cited "Inglourious Basterds" as paving the way for his own movie; but for all his boldness, Quentin Tarantino avoided the camps altogether. My Best Enemy shows the camps only briefly, but once it does, it becomes both too much, and not enough. Once you see even a long shot of such a place, the impulse to find humor in much of anything is gone.
  17. Love and Honor may be politically clueless, but Hemsworth and the student journalist he hooks up with (fellow Aussie Teresa Palmer of “Warm Bodies’’) do make an undeniably attractive couple.
  18. A low-key Field is the best thing about Two Weeks, which is set in a Wilmington, N.C., where everyone mysteriously sounds like he just got off a Los Angeles freeway.
  19. When the studio tells us that parental guidance is suggested, does it occur to them that they should have taken their own advice?
  20. "Dark World” is low-stakes, low-emotion, lowbrow.
  21. I went to a wartime thriller, but then a Poli Sci 101 seminar broke out.
  22. Watching Penn pump iron and denounce capitalism for two hours would be roughly as illuminating as this monotonous Euro-thriller.
  23. There's no real payoff - artistically or emotionally - in Gregory Harrison's gimmicky and tedious psychological thriller November, shot on ugly digital video.
  24. Given the complete lack of chemistry between Chan and Forlani, their rather awkward lip-lock isn't worth $10 to see. Sadly, neither is anything else here.
  25. The film alternates between shoving its confusing plot forward and dropping dialogue bombs that fizzle.
  26. Anderson, in her first major non-Scully film role, is lethally miscast.
    • New York Post
  27. Features all too much footage of the scowling Burns, who has a narrower range than almost any actor working in Hollywood these days.
  28. Toby is so un-self-aware that his journey seems like mere obtuseness; what the film has to say about youthful degeneracy is less than zero.
  29. There are some decent actors and great costumes in this overly solemn compendium of rock clichés.
  30. It lurches ineptly from lame comedy to hokey melodrama.
    • New York Post

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