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  1. What "Rent" should have been, Once is: a Bohemian rhapsody.
  2. As hip, funny and truthful a sleeper as has ever flown under Tinseltown's radar.
  3. Director Alfonso Cuaron ("A Little Princess") gets vivid, convincing performances from a fine cast, and generally keeps things going at a rapid pace.
  4. A remarkably assured feature debut by Bennett Miller, a longtime director of commercials (and the documentary "The Cruise") whose no-frills style trusts that the powerful material and the uniformly excellent performances need little embellishment.
  5. The acting and story are solid, but the real star of Tulpan is the gorgeous, never-ending landscape -- flat and arid, and home to camels, goats and lambs, and hearty people who live in tentlike yurts.
  6. A thrilling and propulsive drama.
  7. Extremely unsettling and thought- provoking.
  8. Beautiful to look at, with its burnished interiors and magnificent Turkish steppes, this long film builds to a powerful conclusion. Ceylan’s characters grind each other to a powder while hardly raising their voices.
  9. Mostly a routine love story elevated by one of the year’s most magnetic performances.
  10. Julie Christie is simply astounding as a woman slipping into the ravages of Alzheimer's in Sarah Polley's deeply affecting and artfully crafted Away From Her.
  11. Mafioso starts out as a comedy of manners before turning into a mob thriller that brings Nino to Bergen County, N.J. When he gets there, look for a man reading The Post on a street corner.
  12. The sequel's battle scenes -- especially the climactic assault on the Helm's Deep fortress by the armies of darkness -- easily put those of the "Star Wars" series to shame.
  13. A desperado drama wrapped around a Bernie Sanders campaign speech, Hell or High Water overcomes its vapid political leanings with loads of West Texas atmosphere, smart dialogue and acutely observed relationships.
  14. It is not only an amazing technical accomplishment, it's also the wittiest and best-voiced animated movie to come along in years.
    • New York Post
  15. Old-school filmmaking at its best.
  16. Up
    An exquisite work of cinematic art that also happens to be the funniest, most touching, most exciting and most entertaining movie released so far this year.
  17. There’s something strange and dreamlike and delicate and beautiful about Anomalisa, an animated film for grown-ups that takes a long while to make its point, but does so with a dark brilliance.
  18. Toy Story had a simpler, stronger story and the advantage of being the first of its kind. But it's quickly apparent that TS2 represents a major step forward in computer-animation artistry.
  19. It’s perhaps the most incisive and funniest Hollywood take on Broadway since Mel Brook’s original “The Producers.”
  20. Kore-eda presents the deeply moving story in a documentary style that is both gentle and compelling.
  21. It's expertly directed in a low-key, naturalistic way that brings to mind French auteur Robert Bresson. It's also emotionally forceful and contains heartbreaking performances.
  22. Poetry, which rightfully won the best-screenplay prize at Cannes, never resorts to exploitation. Under Lee's guidence, it is a mature film for mature audiences.
    • 87 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    If she (Paltrow) were the only good thing about Shakespeare in Love, it still would have been worth seeing; that she is the crown jewel in a glittering tiara of a film studded with writing and acting gems testifies to the deep pleasures to be found in this remarkable movie.
  23. Panh’s technique achieves things a conventional documentary could not, as when he pans across dozens of the clay figures jumbled in a box, in a shot that calls up both the toys of childhood, and graves.
  24. The film's disclosure that Camorra money is involved with the reconstruction of New York City's Ground Zero will give viewers something to think about.
  25. One of the year's most engaging films.
  26. It’s the sweet sincerity of Brooklyn that stamps it as both refreshing and nostalgic. The film is as welcome as a photo you just discovered of your mother before you were born, in which she looks prettier than you ever imagined.
  27. About Elly shows that the ethical dilemmas of ordinary adults can, with this level of talent, become as gripping as any thriller.
  28. No film I’ve seen so far this year has provided the sheer moviegoing pleasure of We Are the Best!
  29. If animated dogs were eligible for acting awards, the Oscar would go to Gromit.

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