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6,605 movie reviews
  1. An instant classic.
  2. Deep, disturbing and funny.
  3. Miyazaki offers a vivid, at times fantastical view of Japan between the wars, wracked by the Great Depression, a fearsome earthquake that leveled Tokyo in 1923, a tuberculosis epidemic and the rise of fascism.
  4. First-time director Jeff Malmberg tells Hogancamp's fascinating story with sensitivity, never resorting to exploitation.
  5. Sequels don't get much better - or smarter - than the action-, drama-, romance- and comedy-packed Spider-Man 2, which miraculously improves on the webslinger's hugely popular first screen adventure in every imaginable department.
  6. In a film that’s often sad but not without its triumphs, director Morgan Neville smartly explores the complex role that ego and self-promotion play in this profession.
  7. It's the dancing that makes Pina a visual delight. It should appeal to dance mavens, and to folks who have no idea what a pas de deux is.
  8. The film is shaky as a procedural, and the level of official corruption seems more Moscow than Melbourne. Yet as a fable of power, vengeance and betrayal it exerts a quiet, increasingly wicked pull, equivalent to that of the wrinkly but ruthless grandma.
  9. Young Hugo (Asa Butterfield), a boy who literally lives inside the clocks he manages in a grand Paris train station in the 1930s, embodies one problem that bedeviled even Dickens: He's boringly nice.
  10. It falls to Hanks and his movie-star presence to anchor this ambitious enterprise, and he does some of his most impressive acting without saying a word.
  11. If you have the patience, its almost endless silences and extremely slow pacing eventually pay off.
  12. Mostly it's worth seeing Alien, which established Scott as an A-list director, in a theater because his brilliant and often expansive visuals have always worked better on a big screen than on video.
  13. Not since "300" have I seen such manly mano-a-mano-ing as the iron clash of wills in the docu mentary King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.
  14. Drag Me to Hell is pure cheese. Goat cheese.
  15. Despite its stomach-turning images (and maybe because of), it is a daring, provocative work by a talented helmer who gets off pushing the envelope. He should be supported, no matter how outlandish he gets.
  16. An exploration of the power of religion -- should delight Dumont's fans. For others, it will take a bit of getting used to. The effort will prove to be worthwhile.
  17. It is admirably unsparing and gloomily atmospheric. And I looked at my watch a bunch of times.
  18. 56 Up is as good a point as any to get hooked on the magnificent half-century series of documentaries, beginning in 1964 with "7 Up."
  19. Nobody familiar with To will be surprised by the way he presents stylish violence in innovative and humorous ways.
  20. One of the year's best films and so tapped into the zeitgeist that it's positively scary.
  21. The movie all but proclaims U2 the world's best rock band. Somewhere, Mick Jagger's jaws are grinding.
  22. Vol. 2 isn't anywhere near as self-indulgent as its predecessor, but it still plays like the work of a man too in love with his creations to decide which of his darlings to kill - so he ended up with merely a very good movie.
  23. Confirms Leigh's reputation as one of the world's master filmmakers - and showcases Staunton as one of its great actresses.
  24. A deliciously elusive mystery.
  25. A great abortion documentary might leave you guessing which side of the debate the director was on. Lake of Fire is not that film, but it comes somewhat close.
  26. The cast is amazing -- two of the lead actresses are first-timers.
  27. Gives a taste of what it might be like to live inside Mike Tyson's mind.
  28. Magnificent shots of waterfalls and other natural phenomena abound, but it's far too late in the history of nature photography to expect anyone to gawk at them.
  29. Slowly builds power to devastating effect.
  30. Mighty entertainment that makes you feel sorry for the saps next door in the multiplex.

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