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  1. The first two episodes--which track the night of the June 12, 1994, murders and the day after--are the best of the six (out of 10 total) available to reviewers.... A first-rate cast makes the procedure [the trial] seem as dramatic as possible.
  2. The show’s writing, pacing, flashback scenes and unexpected surprises fit like a comfortable shoe.
  3. Though relying heavily on a formula, the writing of In Treatment could not be tighter or purer.
  4. Low Winter Sun grabs you by the lapels and pulls you--forcefully--right into its seamy, low-rent world of intrigue and double- and triple-crosses.
  5. While tonight's premiere episode is good, the show really sprouts wings and flies in episode two.
  6. It's really a great movie, like a modern-day version of an old Judy Garland-Mickey Rooney picture in which the kids put on a show that improves the lives of all who see it.
  7. It works, thanks to Purefoy's winning performance, pacing that never lags (the Olivia/Philip/Rist triangle is a diversion, quickly glossed over) and terrific writing.
  8. The Missing is a mystery that affects a family as well as community. In a season short on promising shows, this one should be at the top of your list.
  9. [A] stunning French import.
  10. It’s a great tale and beautifully told with beautiful actors.
  11. A news magazine at 10 p.m. that is so smart, so unexpected, so entertaining and yet so informative that you might think you just stepped back in time 20 years.
  12. Although it's been described by other critics as a cop version of "The Sopranos," I don't see it. The only similarities are the fact that the lead characters are unlikely sex symbols, and on both shows you've got a bad guy with a heart somewhere in there...So why is this still any good? Because Chiklis is so good, because the writing is very good, and the cast has actors other than great-looking Gen Xers who look like they fell out of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.
    • 91 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    Master of None seems to have perfected its recipe for success: it will make you laugh, think and crave a plate of pasta.
  13. As much fun and every bit as exciting as the last season. [7 Sep 2004]
    • New York Post
  14. "Daniel" is not that controversial, but is really pretty damned, oops, darned good.
  15. Huge fun and - if at all possible - almost as nerve-wracking as "Idol."
  16. Orange Is the New Black is a cultural phenomenon and worthy crowd-pleaser--and is the one series everyone should watch this summer.
  17. Not only an important series, but a darned good, action-packed one.
  18. Despite the fact that it revolves around standard-issue teens with troubled, rich parents, it pushes the formula a few steps . . . make that several steps farther.
  19. It's funny, it's vicious, it's politically incorrect--in other words, everything that "Community" wants to be and isn't.
  20. If you thought "Tropic Thunder" was the funniest movie of the year and that everything Will Ferrell touches makes you laugh until you squirt Diet Pepsi out of your nose, then you will love Eastbound & Down.
  21. Every character is unique - but almost none compares in strangeness to Bobby Munson (Mark Boone, Jr.), a Jewish killer/gang member/Elvis impersonator. Yes, I love this show.
  22. I haven't the slightest idea what the heck I'm watching, but I've seen two of 'em now, and all I know is that two of 'em weren't enough. I wanted to watch a bunch more.
  23. This Traffic is a lot more realistic than the movie. [26 Jan 2004]
    • New York Post
  24. The writing's crisp and the acting is first-rate.
  25. That rare TV show that comes to the air fully formed, as if everyone involved has been working together forever, instead of just a few weeks.
  26. I might be insane, but I enjoyed every silly minute.
  27. It’s an energized, fun hour with lots of laughs, terrific cast chemistry and some surprises.
  28. Jay returned with that smart and smartass mix of talent and controversy that separates the pros from the bores.
  29. "Dexter" is a proficiently produced crime drama. Its best feature is its star, Michael C. Hall, who applies just the right touch to playing the nice, polite serial killer who lives next door.

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