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  1. When Masters stops himself from punching Johnny, Sheen--who has the least showy role here--has his finest moment. The exquisite Caplan, on the other hand, is given many chances to shine, and doesn’t let any of these moments slip away.... Season 3 promises to be the show’s wildest year yet.
  2. Parenthood works because the show has kept up with the times. Drugs, sex and unemployment are enough to make it all seem real.
  3. The guy who brought you "Alias," "Fringe," and the not-so-successful but interesting "Dollhouse," so, of course, the expectations are high. No, Undercovers isn't as good as those shows, but it is still a lot of fun.
  4. The New Normal finds its game when it's funny without trying so hard and sweet when it should be.
  5. Watching Latifah's performance is the single greatest pleasure of watching this 90-minute movie.
  6. Fallon seemed a bit nervous in his monologue (who wouldn't be?), but quickly found his rhythm, firing off some snappy one-liners.
  7. The new Dallas is more ridiculous, campier, more preposterous and so totally over the top that it's skirting insanity. And those are only a few of the reasons to love this show.
  8. All in all, it's a good show. The problem, however, is the retreaded storyline.
  9. The acting for the most part, is first rate....Too bad the writing isn't better.
  10. The fourth season’s new episodes feel as fresh--and misanthropic--as ever.
  11. Once you get past the reality-TV grabbers, you realize that while there is some of that, more importantly there's a lot of Miller. It is great to watch her work.
  12. Is this a Guantanamo allegory or is it just more freaking aliens who look human but really have insect heads under their masks? I'd like to sum it all up for you here, but, like "Lost," this is a series that is going to take some time to figure out.
  13. Think "The French Connection" meets "Alias" with a big helping of Taylor Lautner's "Abduction."
  14. Somehow the show ... works despite the unpersonality of supermodel Heidi Klum, whose delivery is flatter than Kate Moss' chest. ... But it's not about the host ... What makes "Project Runway" a winner is the contestants themselves. They have just the right mix of humility, arrogance, talent, lack of it, need, greed, drive and creativity to make their quests riveting. [30 Nov 2004]
    • New York Post
  15. [A] stylish, well-acted thrill ride.
  16. I know the whole thing sounds been-there-done-that dopey, but Wahlberg and Selleck are so charismatic that somehow, in their hand(cuffs), it all seems almost new. Yes, it's worth the watch.
  17. [A] very witty, sometimes brilliantly insightful hybrid sitcom.
  18. Whether ABC's new series, FlashForward, will catch on is anyone's guess. I can tell you, though, that it has a compelling concept and a solid cast.
  19. Not that the show will be everyone's English cup of tea, but there are enough "A" list Hollywood stars (making fun of themselves) each week to bring in even the most easily offended, but curious, viewers.
  20. The action is pretty non-stop, the stars terrific and, if you're willing to do the work to follow the complicated plot, the show can be lots of fun.
  21. The stunts (or whatever they're called) Brown performs, especially on tough, cynical New Yorkers, are hilarious and astounding.
  22. Get past the first hour and you've got a helluva good tale.
  23. The show has loads of energy and charm, which is a necessity for a series whose storylines are not only implausible but, at times, not even remotely believable.
  24. Stephen Colbert made a rousing, late-night debut.... His jokes were hit and miss.... Colbert really hit his stride, though, during an interview with presidential candidate Jeb Bush.
  25. Unlike the other phony "Housewives," when these L-women party, it's for real. The dialogue is gritty, funny and real.
  26. Riveting and revealing.
  27. Its newest show, Samurai Girl, is an action-packed, three-night martial arts miniseries that introduces girls to the world of Asian action flicks.
  28. It’s nice that Will Ferrell plays (a skewed) version of himself in the second episode--he was likely corralled by his former “Saturday Night Live” cohort Amy Poehler--but Welcome to Sweden succeeds on its own merits.
  29. Every character is dead on - no exaggerations, no caricatures.
  30. If you are female and under the age of 28, you may really relate to these women and their struggles. If you're over that age, you should hang in until episode three when the series takes off in a great way.

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