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  1. "Broken Trail" is a Western in the old-fashioned vein - one that keeps the action moving, but along an even, and sometimes verrry slow trail.
  2. Bizarrely complicated and intriguing.
  3. If you're a purist James M. Cain fan, this is the miniseries for you. The intricacies of the story are laid out like a delicious Mildred chicken buffet. But, if you adore the original zippy, wise-cracking crime story with ankle-straps, order up Netflix instead.
  4. The dialogue is actually pretty darned good and kind of inside funny.
  5. Now that that ship has left the dock, they're back with a tremendously interesting new concept. This time it's The Apprentice for a bad economy.
  6. One reason it all works is the quality behind the concept.
    • 49 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    This show is so much fun that I couldn't stop watching it. It's "Dancing with The Stars" with the possibility of dangerous leg-breaking falls. What could be bad?
  7. Sure, I'm in, but I'm not quite a hostage to the show - not yet, anyway.
  8. Somehow the formula still works.
  9. It's all much better than it sounds, and more importantly, like "Strike Back," is written better than you'd expect.
  10. The movie, for true-crime fans, is a terrific retelling of the case.
  11. Of Two Minds doesn't pander to its audience, and tries earnestly to give us a sense of what it is like to deal with a very real affliction.
  12. This one should break the "Seinfeld" curse. It smells like a winner and only gets funnier each week.
  13. To love the series, it helps to be exactly Spike TV's target market - a young guy who, when he can't be out drinking beer and throwing up with his friends, loves nothing more than to sit in front of a giant-screen TV doing all of the above.
  14. Hannah’s finally growing up, and how she deals with the inevitable betrayals of people she placed too much trust in will provide Girls with a worthy season arc--and give the aspiring novelist inside the hipster some real material to come.
  15. The authentic New York locales and voices really make this new half-hour dramedy fly.
  16. It’s a good start for a series that’s already been renewed for a second season--and will have time to grow.
  17. Dopey? Yes. But the action scenes are terrifically exciting and very well done, and Hawke does his damndest to survive the overacting of Hurt and the underacting of Cox, who is so wooden he should be the one hobbling around on that wooden stump.
  18. And if there's one thing I love in a movie, it's a sadistic sheriff. I also love wild dogs, feral cats and hungry vultures, and this movie has them all.
  19. "Battlestar" is many cuts above the usual outer-space shoot-'em-up.
  20. If you’re a genre fan, Motive is a satisfyingly different way to get your murder-mystery fix.
  21. Since there will be back-to-back shows tonight, the premiere episode, "Rebirth," starts where the last DVD left off. It's not as good as the second episode, so be sure to stay tuned.
  22. While it’s all too pat, offering instant fixes, there’s still enough here to keep you watching.
  23. Raymonde and Soffer are so good they deserve Emmy noms.
  24. Lots of fun--and I for one am thrilled to see a show in which most of the characters don't look like they took time off from modeling to act.
  25. The animated version of Napoleon Dynamite is almost as funny as a cartoon version as it was in the flesh.
  26. Eight episodes or not, don't count this show dead before it's born.
  27. The show sparkles with imagination. But Kings may be too campy for some, not campy enough for others.
  28. Yes, boys and boys, Entourage gets better and more polished each season.
  29. There's nothing earth-shattering about Rizzoli & Isles, but it's a pleasant, hour-long experience with interesting characters and above-average writing, especially in the exchanges between Jane and Maura.

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