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  1. Lots of good stuff, although much is forced.
  2. It helps to be a fan of Christopher Guest--the genius mockumentarian responsible for movies like “Best in Show” and “Waiting for Guffman”--if you’re going to love his new HBO series, Family Tree.
  3. Lots of action, lots of shoot-'em-ups and lots of big explosions that don't kill anybody. It's also lots of fun.
  4. It’s all in good fun, lets us in on the joke and--save for one dumb plot device--is well done and believable in its contextual universe.
  5. This series-in-a-series is an innovative and creative way to make TV, which I love. What would I have loved even more? A scripted series about a scary, charismatic cult leader.
  6. What does work without a doubt, however, is the chemistry among Spears, Lovato and Simon Cowell. Unfortunately, gentlemanly L.A. Reid, who carried the show last year, seemed to be as out of sync with the rest of the crew.
  7. Bad taste meets good writing.
  8. What I like about this show as opposed to the other earlier versions is that it's not simply one male or female picking from a lineup of the desperate like a slave auction. Here, the 19 insanely good-looking, mentally unstable, scantily clad, all-white (by the way) losers compete against one another.
  9. The Firm is a modern, old-fashioned lawyer show--and that's a good thing.
  10. I can't help but get an enormous kick from Bravo's new series, The Fashion Show, which is, ironically enough, a line-for-line knockoff of "Project Runway," the hit show that was sold from under them to Lifetime.
  11. While it sounds old hat, the who, what, when, where, why and how of this police procedural doesn't go the usual-suspects route. This show really keeps you guessing. And the soundtrack, by blues singer Keb'Mo, will keep you entranced.
  12. If you are a dog person, have I got a show for you. It's like dog camp but done as a reality show, Greatest American Dog.
  13. Tracking the many ways in which reality converges with fiction is one of the principal pleasures of Entourage, which otherwise explores some pretty well-worn territory in its new season.
  14. This is a series with potential.
  15. Smart, a little zany and never pandering, the show took me back to one of the best kid’s shows of the ’90s, Nickelodeon’s “The Adventures of Pete & Pete.”
  16. I don't know what's mad about this love, but CBS's new rom-com, Mad Love at least has some laughs.
  17. Allegiance takes a potentially preposterous situation and makes it provocative.
  18. Fans of the alternate reality/fantasy genre should enjoy “Emerald City,” and I think they’ll get a kick out of its parallels to “The Wizard of Oz,” and in trying to guess what’s coming next.
  19. God only knows where they're going with this. The producers have made Joan's father the police chief of the small city of Arcadia, but I'm praying that CBS won't turn the Almighty into some sort of cosmic crime fighter...Whatever happens, I'm inclined to give Joan of Arcadia the benefit of the doubt. [26 Sept 2003, p.122]
    • New York Post
  20. Wilkinson steals the entire movie with his portrayal of Baker, playing him as a brilliant, wily political strategist.
  21. Chocolate News" is funny like Chappelle, edgy like "In Living Color" and smart like "The Daily Show," but without the smugness.
  22. Davis... is very good.
  23. Lots of good action and lots of fun to boot.
  24. It’s a chilling look at the rise and fall of a man whose greed knew no limits and unleashed a tide of misery.
  25. It's fascinating to watch the perps go from the initial traffic stop to the jail to facing the judge to facing real jail time.
  26. Sounds pretty standard, but Lear and his producers, Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce, have given Machado a full-fledged role to play. She is completely believable as a middle-class mom and nurse who is not afraid to keep her kids in line.
  27. "Broken Trail" is a Western in the old-fashioned vein - one that keeps the action moving, but along an even, and sometimes verrry slow trail.
  28. Bizarrely complicated and intriguing.
  29. If you're a purist James M. Cain fan, this is the miniseries for you. The intricacies of the story are laid out like a delicious Mildred chicken buffet. But, if you adore the original zippy, wise-cracking crime story with ankle-straps, order up Netflix instead.
  30. The dialogue is actually pretty darned good and kind of inside funny.

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