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Lowest review score: 0 Mr. Sunshine: Season 1
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619 tv reviews
  1. NBC's idiotic drama, Outlaw, is so bad it should be listed as a Class A felony.
  2. The premiere, which was written by and stars "Friends'" Matthew Perry, has a premise that's full of possibility but a delivery that never arrives.
  3. After watching a bunch of real-life gigolo slimeballs have full-on sex with pathetic women who pay them, I needed to shower between episodes.
  4. It's not only not funny, but it's also not original.
  5. Awkward and so creepy it's positively nauseating. And that's without them ever even showing the sex.
  6. Once again, we have the same personalities you've seen endless times before on cooking and competition shows.
  7. It's a show which focuses on a bunch of pretty, white young entrepreneurs with a sense of entitlement that is actually so revolting--especially in this day of mourning and sadness--that you might want to throw your TV set through a window.
  8. For me, the problem really is casting. Next time one of these shows gets developed, I hope producers will resist the temptation to cast one of these skinny little pouty actresses in these commando-type roles.
  9. How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways: You are degrading, debasing, desperate, depressing, dull, and dopey...You are a show so ill-conceived and so demeaning to women that you make Howard Stern look like a feminist. [25 Mar 2002, p.75]
    • New York Post
  10. Sheesh! This show's about as real as Pamela Anderson's second set of breasts. [8 Oct 2000, p.107]
    • New York Post
  11. That's basically the plot, folks, and just in case you were wondering, you don't have to laugh. This show too comes with torrents of hysterical laughter already provided. [6 Oct 2000, p.117]
    • New York Post
  12. The characters are all so nutty it's like being trapped in a roomful of Kramers for a half-hour. [6 Oct 2000, p.117]
    • New York Post
  13. This show is so atrocious it should earn everyone involved in it a lifetime ban from the TV industry. [8 Oct 2000, p.107]
    • New York Post
  14. About as charming as a headache and just as dull. [29 Sept 2000, p.113]
    • New York Post
  15. The whole setup is insulting.
  16. What’s the excuse for airing this thing? There’s not a funny word in it.
  17. About as appetizing as fried roadkill. [5 Feb 2005]
    • New York Post
  18. While everything on the original "CSI" works - the concept, the actors, the script, the direction, the characters - nothing (did I mention nothing?) works on "CSI: Miami." [23 Sep 2002]
    • New York Post
  19. Mother Theresa's life had more laughs than this phony bore. [24 Sept 2002, p.75]
    • New York Post

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