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  1. The improvisations are sometimes so forced that I swear you can actually see the actors thinking about what to say next.
  2. Back to You is no brains.
  3. You've heard of artificial intelligence? How about no intelligence, which is the sum total of what went into transforming a 1980s TV show nobody cares about into a new, updated version nobody will watch.
  4. Not to put too fine a point on it, but you'd need rocks in your head to really love Game Show In My Head.
  5. Enter Bravo's new attempt at catching the "Bachelor Pad" phenomenon with Most Eligible Dallas, one of the most uneventful reality shows ever mounted.
  6. The series is dragged down by its plodding pacing and exposition-heavy dialogue
  7. It's a nasty piece of work filled with underage sex, vulgar, hateful kids and references to young girls that are flat-out ugly and disrespectful.
  8. It keeps the proud tradition alive with dialogue so bad, it'll make you laugh out loud; acting so shallow, it could make a model look brainy; and actors so unbelievable, they can't even get the runway stomp right.
  9. The acting is OK, but not so OK that you can overlook their model-good-looks. I mean, no town can be that full of perfect specimens. But you would have thought Hollywood couldn't be so full of bad writers either.
  10. It’s like watching the cast of “One Tree Hill” put on a production of “The Crucible.”
  11. For once--despite all the editing that went into making Kim the breakaway bride look like the slighted one--they will be exposed as the phony kreeps they are. And Humphries? He ends up looking like the dumbest schmo to ever appear on reality TV--and that's saying a lot!
  12. "'Til Death's" Garrett, the man who made Jackie Gleason look like a disgusting manic-depressive jerk in that awful CBS movie, seems to be bringing the same unpleasant character to his first leading-man role in a sitcom.
  13. Matt produces two products in surplus amounts: cheese and corn. And I'm not talking by-products of animal husbandry.
  14. A line-for-line ripoff of Bravo's not-terribly successful "The Real Housewives of Orange County."
  15. This series is about as inside-the-Beltway as Fiji, and Fincher's main plan to compensate for the stupidity level is to have the gentlemen whip off their glasses and the ladies whip off their clothes.
  16. It became clear to me that Cavemen is extinct on arrival.
  17. Rob is a slapstick shtick-fest that strains to be "Modern Family," but isn't even close.
  18. It's all a muddled mess of computer-generated battlefield scenes, gratuitous bare-breast-and-buttock shots (men and women--there's no favoritism here) and "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"-type photography.
  19. There’s nothing much going on here besides flirting cowboys and lots of beer-drinking, the producers pile on the supposed “drama” with the requisite reality show staples: forced conflict augmented by quick-cut editing and doomsday music and staged scenes.... Hoof it away from here ASAP.
  20. Added to these uncomfortable, setup situations are some others that simply defy explanation.
  21. I doubt I will ever watch a single episode of "Courting Alex" beyond this first one.
  22. The series from Academy Award-winning "Juno" screenwriter Diablo Cody and Steven Spielberg smacks of smugness and self-congratulatory cleverness.
  23. [Princesses: Long Island] just might be the dumbest 45 minutes of TV.
  24. Hank, is one of the worst new (or old) comedies of this or many other seasons.
  25. It’s a pretty lame ending to a fairly odious premise.
  26. CBS' new social-experiment-on-a-budget-series, is one of those occasionally interesting summer replacement series that proves once more that "real" people will do anything to get on TV.
  27. As a talk-show host... he's a rank amateur who exhibits no discernible skills.
  28. With jokes so bad, they make Carrot Top look funny, it's a tough haul for all--all around.
  29. This series is a disturbingly unfunny bit of fluff that nonetheless manages to hit you over the head with its heavy, leaden jokes.
  30. There's nothing fresh or original, and certainly no reason to watch this show, unless you're a fan of this ilk of staged "reality" (see "The Kardashians").

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