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  1. The action is pretty non-stop, the stars terrific and, if you're willing to do the work to follow the complicated plot, the show can be lots of fun.
  2. The result, ironically enough, is a show that makes fun of all things PC and ends up being too PC to blister.
  3. Riveting and revealing.
  4. Fox's newest buddy series relies too much on the '70's-style moustache of detective Dan Stark (Bradley Whitford) and too little on the chemistry he has (or doesn't) with his partner, Jack Bailey (Colin Hanks). Not that this is a bad thing, since the moustache is a better character than either of the above.
  5. While everyone is terrific, Tierney brought it to another level. Graham's Sarah is more frenetic than the low-key Tierney's version, but kudos to Graham for stepping in and making Sarah her own. Solid stuff all around.
  6. Yes, boys and boys, Entourage gets better and more polished each season.
  7. Perfect, mindless, summer fun.
  8. The story--while it may have been fun to read on paper--is slight and even puzzling on screen.
  9. I don't know what's mad about this love, but CBS's new rom-com, Mad Love at least has some laughs.
  10. It’s a pretty lame ending to a fairly odious premise.
  11. Many expected to see Cheney not just screwed, but nailed to the wall. This documentary comes awfully close.
  12. Mirren and Pacino are fantastic, and Tambor rightfully underplays the larger-than-life Cutler, who rivals Spector himself.
  13. The show is not as good as Woods makes it, but not as bad as some of the new shows.
  14. It works, thanks to Purefoy's winning performance, pacing that never lags (the Olivia/Philip/Rist triangle is a diversion, quickly glossed over) and terrific writing.
  15. The funniest thing about the show is that people think he's legit in every single persona. I personally couldn't believe that Edwin Meese, former Attorney General Dick Thornberg or General Brent Scowcroft would be idiotic enough to be lured into a formal interview with a guy in a giant yellow track suit. [20 Feb 2003, p.112]
    • New York Post
  16. Diggs is a very good actor. Attempting to pull off a complicated scenario like this would be tough for a vet, let alone someone who made his bones in musical theater.
  17. Low Winter Sun grabs you by the lapels and pulls you--forcefully--right into its seamy, low-rent world of intrigue and double- and triple-crosses.
  18. While the show can be quite interesting and even compelling--you will hear some very smart women say some very smart things--there is something very wrong here. de Cadenet confesses to being married at 16...she was 19.
  19. On the triumphant side, Sarah strips her psyche raw and lets us inside the mind, the heart and the life of the broke and broken princess who must find herself or die, she says right off. [...] OK, Fergie has legitimate issues. And now, she's dead broke, as well. So, she brings in "the world's greatest experts" to save her. And who are these experts? Why, Oprah's all-stars, Dr. Phil and Suze Orman, of course! Let the failure portion of the show begin!
  20. The movie, for true-crime fans, is a terrific retelling of the case.
  21. It was a good start, but the big question remains--does America really want an hourlong, one-on-one every night?
  22. As appealing as Applegate is, the show itself struggles to produce laughs.
  23. Lowe and Gadiot make convincing lovers, Socha provides the comic relief and Rigby is suitably sinister as the Red Queen.... Good family fun.
  24. I don’t know if Back in the Game will have a long shelf life, or if it will turn Caan into a prime-time star (like son Scott on “Hawaii Five-O”), but I do think it’s worth a half-hour of your time.
  25. Unlike the other phony "Housewives," when these L-women party, it's for real. The dialogue is gritty, funny and real.
  26. If I hadn't seen the same thing done 56,000 times before - from both versions of "Oceans 11" to my all-time-favorite, "Snatch" - I would be all over this show like a groupie. But I did, so I'm not.
  27. It plays like a desperate attempt to recreate all the wonder of “Downton Abbey”--but with no characters to care about.
  28. Something part good and part incredibly, unforgivably smarmy.
  29. A "reality" show so huggy-weepy that it will put even the most enraged domestic abuser to sleep.
  30. Maybe Legends will get better, but if TNT expects Bean to carry this show, they’re going to have to give him better villains and better back-up support.

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