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6,651 movie reviews
  1. Helplessly clichéd, predictable and unaware of its own lameness, it could easily become a camp classic on the order of "Grease 2" and "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."
  2. This intense psycho-sexual drama doesn't easily lend itself to the camera.
  3. Though it boasts excellent performances by Anna Friel and Michelle Williams as bosom buddies whose lives meander over three decades, it plods on with a wearying predictability and some truly terrible dialogue.
  4. A truly baffling late entry in the "Pulp Fiction" sweepstakes that ends up drowning in its own pretensions -- along with, quite possibly, what's left of Val Kilmer's movie career.
  5. An inferior factory product, cranked out with little care and less imagination, that seems all the dumber because it's pretending to be smart and topical.
    • New York Post
  6. Fairly cringe-inducing, full of witless double-entendres and the requisite "gags" involving bodily fluids.
  7. Strong contender for the weirdest movie released this year.
  8. The movie's only redeeming qualities are its stars.
  9. Neither convincing nor remotely dramatic.
  10. Every good joke in the movie is to be found in those trailers.
    • New York Post
  11. Mind-numbing, would-be comic-book franchise, which often seems as blind as its hero -- not to mention deaf and dumb.
  12. Spun is quickly exposed as being all flash, no substance.
  13. What follows is very gruesome indeed, though the footage of people being chased by hideous ghosts soon becomes rather dull.
  14. Seems to exist solely to drive this observation home in the most heavy-handed way.
  15. Would be a perfectly decent B-action movie if it weren't shipwrecked in the last act by laughably ridiculous plotting and a lazily executed climax.
  16. See it only for Paul Bettany's performance.
  17. A shame that this indie's willingness to trade in stereotype leaves a sour taste in your mouth.
    • New York Post
  18. Isn't as bad as the year's first abysmal Martian movie, "Mission to Mars," but it's pretty close.
  19. Even dumber than Perry's "Three to Tango," this latest sitcommy exercise is sporadically funny in spite of itself -- and not quite as dreadful as you would suspect.
  20. The contrast between Chan's charm and physical prowess and Tucker's lack of same is even more dramatic in this tiresome, leaden sequel.
  21. Might have been more successful if Darabont and his pal had attempted a Preston Sturges-like farce. Instead, it's played totally without any kind of edge - a fantasy that makes "The Lord of the Rings" look realistic by comparison.
  22. A well-intentioned, semi-autobiographical pastiche, is trapped in a straitjacket of political correctness, self-conscious acting and spurts of try-hard dialogue that come off as precious.
    • 28 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    What a bloody disappointment Stigmata is!
  23. Has the cheesy, deadened feel of a straight-to-cable film.
  24. Sitcomish, stereotypical and sporadically funny romantic comedy.
  25. A dull, dumb and derivative horror film.
  26. One of those French films whose makers won't lower themselves to tell a story in a way that is entertaining or compelling.
    • New York Post
  27. Combined with the eyestrain produced by the cheap cardboard 3-D glasses, the resulting vertigo is decidedly unpleasant -- although having moon rocks and blobs of cream pie flying out from the screen is kinda cool in a retro way.
  28. Hollywood movies are rarely as contemptuous of the audience as Dragonfly, with its half-witted, treacly New Age sappiness and its mechanical borrowings from other, better supernatural thrillers.
  29. This messy, disappointing, self-important and utterly humorless version of the Marvel comic book character may be the toughest flick with a green protagonist to sit through since "The Grinch."

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