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  1. The funniest thing about the show is that people think he's legit in every single persona. I personally couldn't believe that Edwin Meese, former Attorney General Dick Thornberg or General Brent Scowcroft would be idiotic enough to be lured into a formal interview with a guy in a giant yellow track suit. [20 Feb 2003, p.112]
    • New York Post
  2. It’s well-shot, professionally acted and adequately paced--but, at least to me, it’s missing that spark of originality that will keep viewers coming back week after week.
  3. Sleepy Hollow has an interesting premise and some terrific CGI effects (re: the Headless Horseman), but I didn’t buy into the show’s mystical/mythological/sci-fi overtones, a mishmash of history, witchcraft and muddled Biblical prophesy that left me confused instead of intrigued.
  4. Hardcore fans will appreciate the interwoven, intricate storylines, and what the show lacks in “oomph” is partly compensated for by terrific cinematography and solid acting. For diehards only.
  5. While Dancing On the Edge features what should be a compelling story, acted by a top-notch cast underscored by a terrific jazz soundtrack, it’s not quite as riveting as I expected.
  6. There are some artsy shots underscoring Clyde’s premonitions and Bonnie’s obsession with a music-box ballerina, but they’re throwaways at best and lend absolutely nothing to the saga.... The performances here are fine.
  7. The special relies very little, disappointingly, on footage from the BBC’s Holmes series; instead, it mostly uses murky reenactments, with actor Edward Cartwright playing the sleuth. More engaging is the enthusiastic testimony of various forensics specialists on how influential Holmes really was in the development of modern-day techniques.
  8. Both McConaughey and Harrelson turn in first-rate performances--you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they disliked each other in real life, such is the animosity between them. But the writing is a bit overblown and the pacing static--at times downright glacial.
  9. It’s more fun hanging out with some of the other girls.... More of them please--and less of the Hannah and Adam show.
  10. Despite the seemingly substantial production budget, there are moments of howlingly bad special effects.... But the real problem is the movie’s lack of lust.
  11. [Ricci] doesn’t add much depth here to her TV portrayal of Lizzie, a rebellious sort (she steals from her stepmother and barks at her strict father) living in a stifling, emotionless house with her sister, Emma. Blame some of that on the movie’s writing.
  12. All in all, Star-Crossed tries hard to differentiate itself, at least in its plotline, from its network stablemates. And in the CW’s world of homogenized TV, that’s enough of a reason to applaud the effort.
  13. After a while it starts to feel a bit like “The Wonder Years,” with Baker in the role played by Fred Savage and Bateman as that show’s unseen narrator Daniel Stern, commenting sagely on how Mel and Joyce’s divorce has brought the family closer together in so many different ways. Still, Growing Up Fisher has potential, and Simmons tackles his role with good-natured authority, without descending into glibness.
  14. Hannibal was lauded last season for its stylized look, which is on display here. Fishburne, as usual, is solid, and I like Dancy’s interpretation of Graham (just the right amount of despair without descending into self-pity).
  15. It doesn’t feel like a comedy - because it’s not funny. [3 June 2005, p.3]
    • New York Post
  16. The miniseries is often visually striking, with helmer Agnieszka Holland delivering stylish, cinematic work. But the new script also undermines her mood-setting efforts with cheap shock tactics.
  17. The Middle East of Gordon’s Tyrant is as explosive as on “24” and “Homeland,” but he’s much better at letting the special effects guys manufacture the blasts than he is at creating those moments with his characters.
  18. The show moves along at a nice clip, the cast is pleasant, given the predictability of their sitcom-y characters, and they mesh nicely as an ensemble.
  19. Like a lot of junk food, Sharknado might taste good while you’re eating it--but even with Cheetos you have to know when to take your hand out of the bowl.
  20. Oddly - and maybe miraculously - Tarzan doesn't go bad. In fact, it's pretty good, and it beats the hell out most of the junk being paraded in front of us this season ("Karen Sisco" excepted, of course!)
  21. Maybe Legends will get better, but if TNT expects Bean to carry this show, they’re going to have to give him better villains and better back-up support.
  22. If the makers of The Guardian can get their minds out of the men's room, this series has potential. [25 Sept 2001, p.83]
    • New York Post
  23. The actors are all very good, particularly Moreno and Valentine Rodriquez who plays his pal, Ernie...It's not there yet - not by a long shot - but it's got potential. Chances are good that the producers will work it out. [27 Mar 2002, p.72]
    • New York Post
  24. While the cast is quite good, and they even manage to rip a laugh or two out of the material, it's not enough to sustain a whole show.
  25. The premise is fun, but if this is CBS' attempt at "Lost," then they are, if not totally lost, certainly in need of a map. And a new writer. Some of the dialogue is laugh-out-loud bad.
  26. The plot is clever and there's a nice twist at the end, but the actors haven't found a rhythm, nor have they developed any chemistry.
  27. These pros deserve better than bad jokes and swinging doors.
  28. What's missing here are the big laughs, despite Rock's clever narration.
  29. This guy has a great personality. Building a likable sitcom around him ought to be a no-brainer. So why haven't they done it?
  30. The Rev is a lot like the rest of us. He matured and became dull.

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