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  1. Not so much scandalous as scandalously dull.
  2. Nice locales (Paris! Rome!), a couple of decent action sequences... but otherwise a tepid potboiler over-seasoned with too many spy tropes and a plot with too many gaping holes.
  3. The show ambles along without getting viewers to particularly care about Alex or Pete. Without that requisite electricity, they're hollow, or just sad.
  4. Nothing remotely lurid in either show [7 Days of Sex and The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet].
  5. de Cadenet's interesting. Her talk show is much less so.
  6. Violent and dull.
  7. Families can watch this together nightly. The pace isn't exactly taxing. And it's summer.
  8. Not great comedy, but hopefully the beginning of long overdue recovery process for a talented, troubled actor.
  9. Perception is both clever and ridiculous.
  10. If only it were more interesting.
  11. Its hasty pace frequently muddles precisely who's who where, when or why. Even the zippy sex scenes play like another gratuitous burst of firepower.
  12. While The Neighbors sketches something genuinely creative--and truly weird--its comedy doesn't really come together.
  13. Still sweet and sad, but often dour and slow, too.
  14. It's all weirdly engrossing.
  15. The Following is a bummer of significant proportions. Not that it's bad--it's not--but it's bleak, sordid, blood-spattered and creepy (though not necessarily always "creepy" in a good way, like "The Walking Dead").
  16. Hannibal isn't quite the sum of its admittedly evocative parts. The story is often strained, or like that poor synth operator, overextended; the shocks tend to be operatic--oversold as opposed to a deft sudden jolt to emotional solar plexus.
  17. Falco--as always--remains one of TV's bright shining lights, but her Nurse Jackie suddenly feels like a work in progress.
  18. A messy newcomer with a "Twilight" saga vibe and "Twin Peaks" DNA.
  19. Princesses is not nearly as offensive as "Jersey Shore." The bad: It's still pretty dumb.
  20. Thin, flavorless high school gruel, but the lead bad boy is intriguing.
  21. The Latina female leads are--to put this in a way that's both politically correct and blandly inoffensive--vivacious.... That trademark Cherry wit, written in acid, is evident here. too.... But the biggest problem here is the sprawl--lots of stories, lots of characters, lots of colors--and not one them going anywhere in a hurry.
  22. Yes, offensive, but the second episode loses that element, which suggests Fox got the message. Not surprisingly, it's the better of the two.
  23. The fatal attraction story line is a long windup to a punchline you already know, and promos have revealed it as well. The mystery element is plopped down in the middle of that particular story like a lead MacGuffin.
  24. A competent, connect-the-dots procedural that never offers much of a case for why a remake was needed.
  25. A not-bad spinoff that feels older than "The Vampire Diaries" and even more convoluted.
  26. What's missing is passion, joy and (ultimately) interest.
  27. We already know too much and paradoxically too little about the JFK assassination. A TV movie needed to tell us something we don't know. No dice here.
  28. Glimmers of hope force their way through the fog of noir cliche.
  29. The first two episodes prove as tiresomely pleased-with-themselves as my run-on sentences. A half-hour is too much of not enough.
  30. Looking occupies some fuzzy ill-defined middle ground filled with uni-dimensional characters.

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