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  1. Yet, for all its jam-packed insanity, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend can be one of the tube’s most perceptive and moving shows.
  2. Humor is also key in the capacious pilot hour directed by John Madden ("Shakespeare in Love"). Subsequent episodes echo its deft balance of epic scope and whimsical humanity.
  3. Funny, smart, entertaining, excellent acting and writing. What's not to like?
  4. It all remains hilarious and mad. One of TV’s funniest shows, and gifted stars, returns.
  5. The film's essential weirdness felt real. The TV series' weirdness is more often just comical (or disgusting. One word: Spiders.)
  6. Cumberbatch and star British producers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss ("Doctor Who") have performed quite a remarkable feat here--they've created something unique and pleasurable where so many have trod before.
  7. The huge cast is excellent. ... There’s no driving narrative until at least the fifth episode. That’s an awfully long time to wait for something big to happen in an eight-episode season. At least The Deuce makes a case that it’s worth the wait.
  8. The best parts of Show Me a Hero are the sharply drawn mini-portraits of people who will ultimately move into the new public housing. Spread throughout the first five hours, you hope you will find a hero there, but in vain. They're just normal people looking for a better life, and ultimately find one.
  9. Tonight's episode is superb, and barrels--relentlessly--toward the answers.
  10. The second season of Saul establishes what should have been obvious all along--this is basically just a continuation of “Breaking Bad.” Same themes. Same setting. Same preoccupations. Even same humor. But best of all, same deep, abiding intelligence.
  11. Africa convincingly, emphatically, establishes that you ain't seen nothing yet.
  12. Yes, "Deadwood" was incomprehensible last season. It is incomprehensible this season. Fans will be delighted.
  13. The Shield (this season and every season) is an intoxicating head-gamer of a show that grabs you by the throat.
  14. The hype is justified. Nashville's terrific.
  15. Of course there are dozens of loose ends in need of tying, but you do get the sense that some will actually get tied, and in a satisfying way.
  16. The Jamie and Claire show moves to Paris--and in a sense, Frank and Jack do as well. A nice change of locale, and tone.
  17. There’s a sense that we’ve traveled down this road paved with silicon once or twice before, but the ride is still smart, engaging and highly informative.
  18. DWP does want to be provocative, just not too provocative. Mostly it just wants to keep an open mind and open heart. Mostly, it succeeds.
  19. Nesbitt forcibly conveys the sense of a man who can't stop moving, even to sleep, until he finds his son. At least in the first hour--sorry, the only one I sampled--this feels like the kind of performance that just bought Starz a winner.
  20. A beauty that will mostly make you laugh and, of course, cry.
  21. Much grimmer, grayer and (gasp) dowdier. Still mostly wonderful.
  22. The cast succeeds, and in the end, so does Heart.
  23. The Affair might be an exercise in literary gamesmanship if the acting and writing weren't so strong, or the setting so evocative.... Engrossing.
  24. This still very much feels like a journey worth taking if only because--in the process--Hamm deftly continues to locate some heroic facet in TV's reigning anti-hero.
  25. It's just super, a triumph of programme-making that even Alistair Cooke himself with his famous British overstatement can't exaggerate. [28 Mar 1991]
    • Newsday
  26. Byrne is brilliant and--for the most part--so is this fine and absorbing show.
    • 85 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    Riveting, important and lots of fun.
  27. This is often a stirring and deeply felt portrait of people in an extended state of crisis.
  28. Like the first season, there’s a “Crash”-like flavor to the storytelling, but it feels more organic this time around.... Excellent, all around.
    • 84 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    The central argument in Zimny’s loving, but unflinching documentary “Elvis Presley: The Searcher” is that his openness and inquisitive nature is what made him the King.

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