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Lowest review score: 0 The 1/2 Hour News Hour: Season 1
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154 tv reviews
  1. The vintage look carries a potent, contemporary kick. Here's the rare series that lives up to the advertising hype.
  2. The Simpsons hasn't lost an ounce of vinegar or chutzpah. [11 Oct 1990]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  3. Like "Northern Exposure," Maximum Bob is one summer series worthy of the regular season lineup. It's just too good and too clever to last one summer. Maximum Bob deserves a maximum run.
  4. It presents a comforting view of teachers, one familiar to anyone who has seen Sidney Poitier's instructor in To Sir With Love and Robert Donat's teacher in Goodbye, Mr. Chips. [29 Sept 1996, p.F1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  5. The adult show supplies shocking twists. The tone ranges from passionate to campy to scary.
  6. Not since Friends has a comedy been blessed with so many appealing performers matched to sharply drawn characters.
  7. Eureka is neither as charming as Northern Exposure nor as sinister as Twin Peaks. Whatever it lacks in originality, Eureka still represents an oasis in this reality-infested summer.
  8. Nip/Tuck confirms that FX, after HBO, is presenting the most-adventurous series in cable these days. The surgery to deliver this energetic series has been, all in all, a rousing success.
    • Orlando Sentinel
  9. Brilliant acting propels this slight satire about Mary Whitehouse.
  10. Of the three [alien invasion series], this CBS series boasts the best light show. It has assembled the strongest cast. Above all, it establishes the most involving story and the one most likely to bring viewers back the following week.
  11. This is almost exactly the same premise as Fox's hideously unfunny Daddy Dearest. What a difference a script makes. [16 Sept 1993, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  12. Heroes offers uneven acting, clunky dialogue and some flat figures.... Yet Heroes overcomes its flaws to present arresting, off-the-wall entertainment.
  13. [A] pleasant sitcom ... The bawdy asides sound witty rather than smutty, and the show has been shrewdly assembled. [20 Sep 1998]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  14. An appealing cast and a flashy production style bolster familiar material.
  15. The show steadfastly avoids romanticizing characters who are repellent, violent and selfish, and it offers a dark, unsparing vision of family life. [4 Mar 2001]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  16. Camp Rock is glossy, all right, and should provide a glow for Walt Disney Co.
  17. Stunning opening suggests the potential. It's Baker's show, and he excels. But guest stars impress, too.
  18. The Riches has the makings of a bracing, provocative series.
  19. Mamet skillfully balances the men's harrowing missions with their wives' sacrifices on the home front.
  20. The special effects have wacky charm--not surprising for a series based on graphic novels. Yet the dialogue is even more special. Javier Grillo-Marxuach, creator of the novels and the series, gives his characters witty, distinctive things to say.
  21. This vivid series puts an ironic spin on nostalgia.
  22. The show employs a terrific cast and runs with a promising premise.
  23. This amusing series is likely to leave you smiling rather than guffawing.
  24. Most crime dramas these days, from Law & Order to CSI, concentrate on procedure. Karen Sisco favors personality -- and what a wonderful change of pace it is. [1 Oct 2003, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  25. The first-rate actors, led by likable Kranz, don't strain in their offbeat roles. Tambor adds another first-rate portrait to his gallery of goofballs. The usually reserved Klein is livelier than ever.
  26. The irreverent comedy manages to be affectionate, thanks largely to Kaczmarek, who plays the mother with wisdom and sass. [9 Jan 2000]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  27. Secret Life feels a lot more authentic than many teen dramas.
  28. The premiere suggests that Bruckheimer has added to his lustrous record in crime: He's guilty of being outrageously entertaining again.
  29. You couldn't wander in at this point and not be lost. Yet here's one series worth catching up with on DVD.
  30. Traffic: The Miniseries is ambitious and adult in ways that put most broadcast miniseries to shame. It unfolds with such potent grittiness that it seems, at times, like a documentary. The cast contains many actors who aren't familiar faces on television, so the script's frequent twists pack even more punch. [25 Jan 2004]
    • Orlando Sentinel

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