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154 tv reviews
  1. The Starter Wife isn't seamless or groundbreaking, but Messing and her colleagues deliver stylish goods in a threadbare era for comedy. Good show!
  2. Cheerfully oddball ... The Chronicle is like a big summer movie, but without the bombast.
  3. The series offers undeniable shock value - it's a Scared Straight! for adults. But for all its technical dazzle and bracing content, Oz never overcomes a dramatic hurdle: It's nearly impossible to care about the characters. [12 July 1997, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  4. The X-Files gets off to a pleasingly creepy start tonight. But even spookier is the thought that some people will mistake it for a documentary. [10 Sept 1993, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  5. It might not seem new - I kept thinking of The Mary Tyler Moore Show - or consistently inspired, but there are enough reasons to tune in. Or rather, not to tune out this polished, middle-of-the-road comedy. [21 Mar 1995]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  6. Most crime dramas these days, from Law & Order to CSI, concentrate on procedure. Karen Sisco favors personality -- and what a wonderful change of pace it is. [1 Oct 2003, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  7. There needs to be some inducement to watch this empty exercise in style, and more than $1 million isn't enough. [17 Sept 2002, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  8. Nip/Tuck confirms that FX, after HBO, is presenting the most-adventurous series in cable these days. The surgery to deliver this energetic series has been, all in all, a rousing success.
    • Orlando Sentinel
    • 70 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Much of the footage is gimmicky and trite, but there's seemingly more going on than there was before. [30 Jun 1994]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  9. A comedy that reeks of potential. And sometimes it just reeks. [13 Sep 1992]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  10. Both an engrossing medical whatdunit and a modern American tragedy...It hurtles forward with the urgency of a murder mystery and ends with the suddenness of a nightmare.
  11. Creature Comforts is genuinely good.
  12. Still, familiarity undermines the updated Fugitive. If you've seen the David Janssen series or the Harrison Ford movie version, you know how the story starts and how it ends. [6 Oct 2000, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  13. Boston Legal represents a vast improvement over the final season of The Practice. [1 Oct 2004]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  14. The Riches has the makings of a bracing, provocative series.
  15. Romantic comedies depend on appealing actors, and these five are irresistible.
  16. The show stumbles at maintaining a breezy tone and a professional sheen.
  17. A sleek whodunit with a superb cast and great promise. [22 Sep 2002]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  18. She rolls through the show with energy and brass, determined to make you look at her. It's an easy sell because she's telling the best jokes on herself. [11 Oct 2000, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  19. John Rogers and Chris Downey have created a show that's equally smart and diverting.
  20. The opener has been smoothly filmed, but the second episode supplies personal angles that deepen Kidnapped and suggest its potential.
  21. Hunnam broods magnetically, but there aren't enough reasons to ride along on this incredibly bleak journey.
  22. The problem is that the new show makes the original look far better...There isn't enough special yet about this Special Victims Unit. [19 Sept 1999, p.F1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  23. Excellent acting compensates for the confusing, far-fetched moments.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Stellar acting bolsters perceptive writing.
  24. Sons & Daughters offers such a fresh, funny take on family life that it could be a landmark comedy.
  25. The show is tremendously likable. Credit for the fresh, off-kilter viewpoint goes to Diane Ruggiero, a former New Jersey waitress selected by CBS to create the autobiographical show. She gives her characters sharp dialogue, puts them in identifiable situations and depicts poignancy without going mushy. [1 Oct 2000, p.F1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  26. Fox's Fringe doesn't feel especially extreme or original. Well-acted and smoothly produced, yes, but not special.
  27. The Flash has a wry, self-mocking sense of humor, too. "I think you've been reading too many comic books," Barry says at one point. [20 Sept 1990, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  28. There's reason to hope, especially for Baldwin's bold performance and the cutting dialogue.

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