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Lowest review score: 16 Snoops: Season 1
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726 tv reviews
  1. The heartbreak here--especially the cases of poor children who died of "dust pneumonia"--is tremendous. [26 Nov 2012, p.45
  2. Parks, in a sense, is Li'l Sebastian: shaggy, small-boned, charming and lovably stupid. [31 Jan 2011, p.39]
  3. It's educational, kid-oriented and fun, and Tyson us confidently smooth popularizer of science. [17 Mar 2014]
  4. Director Steven Soderbergh's Candelabra is one of the smartest, tartest examples I've ever seen of that soupy genre, the Hollywood biopic. [27 May 2013, p.39]
  5. A zombie-apocalypse fantasy set in Atlanta, this is the scariest series U've ever seen. [8 Nov 2010, p.39]
  6. [Larry Hagman's last days on the show don't] keep Dallas from being robust fun. [4 Feb 2013, p.42]
  7. The Walking Dead has managed to work fresh morsels into television's grimmest stew. [22 Oct 2012, p.41]
  8. A looser show [than The Office], another comedy of frustration, but with a feckless sweetness (which is exactly what My Name Is Earl lacks). [17 Oct 2005, p.39]
  9. Burton and Taylor is a wry, bittersweet take on a celebrated Hollywood romance. [21 Oct 2013, p.48]
  10. This could be the fall's finest drama. [9 Oct 2006, p.41]
  11. An explosion of fireworks. [1 May 2006, p.39]
  12. Given the amounts of sumptuous scenery to chew on, the acting is restrained, even if the gore and sex are not. [28 May 2012, p.40]
  13. Boardwalk is still solid, but it's sacrificed some of its nervy power. [10 Oct 2011, p.40]
  14. The game changer sets season 7 on an exciting new course. [8 Oct 2012, p.60]
  15. [Rectify] feels damply airless--the tension might be ripped open at any moment by a thunderclap of revelation.... It's a disturbing, impressive performance [from Aden Young as Daniel]. [13 May 2013, p.49]
  16. Regina King heads the solid ensemble. these folks are dutiful, proud and bonetired. [10 Jan 2011, p.40]
  17. The season's nicest surprise.
  18. No doubt about it: Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson are cute together. ... We will grow tired, though, if the writers don't eventually get beyond the stereotypes or if Dharma and Greg resolve every dispute by having fabulous-—and cute-—sex.
  19. Bell is an attractive lead, but the show... starts out by taking itself too seriously and working too hard to establish an atmosphere of teen angst mixed with noir mystery. It wouldn't hurt if the student-sleuth lightened up.
  20. This BBC hit is the soppily tender story of '50s midwives in London's East End. [1 Oct 2012, p.38]
  21. Olyphant plays this laconic, loping lawman with a smiling minimalism that makes Givens both iconic and contemporary.
  22. The humor is so lighthearted, the show practically skips. [20 Feb 2012, p.48]
  23. Branagh is very fine as Wallander. [10 Sep 2012, p.40]
  24. The show fades away like a Mari Gras parade drifting out of range. But it's a potent memory. [16 Dec 2013]
  25. In the tradition of Cheers, the show thrives by selling up distinct, contrary personalities and making them collide for a half-hour each week. So far the writing is sharp and punchy.
  26. Curb Your Enthusiasm has an unhurried, improvisational style that may cause restlessness. And David, playing himself as a cranky pessimist, is a determinedly unlovable star. But stay with the 10-week series and you'll be ensnared by his sly humor.
  27. Once you grow accustomed to the trash talk, however, the series draws you deeper and deeper into a little world where the law holds no sway and right is trodden in the mud.
  28. So cheeky, sexy and alive that you can't help enjoying it.
  29. All in all, this looks like one of the brightest new shows of the season.
  30. A wiry, tired jitteriness has crept in. [24 Oct 2011, p.48]