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751 tv reviews
  1. A lovely piece of work. [6 May 2013, p.49]
    • People Weekly
  2. Girls can still be Girls. [21 Jan 2013]
    • People Weekly
  3. An entertainingly sinister dip in the cesspool of 19th century criminality. [21 Jan 2013]
    • People Weekly
  4. The quickened pulse is a plus: The violence registers as sharp, stinging slaps. [11 Dec 2006, p.41]
    • People Weekly
  5. This version, set in Paris, compensates with an atmosphere of chic rot--they have that over there--an increased body count and an excellent cast. [19 May 2014, p.44]
  6. There's nothing subtle about the physical comedy in the pilot, as Bette visits a cosmetic surgeon and takes a stab at strenuous exercise. But "broad" is a term Midler has always been comfortable with.
  7. At a full, commercial-free hour, this can all start to drag a bit. But L.A. is strongly evoked as a casually sensual backdrop and-thank you!-that awful L Word theme music is gone.
    • People Weekly
  8. At its best, it's still several strides behind the savage, protean wit of The Simpsons, and the humor sputters when the focus is personal—detailing Sherman's dating woes or his relationship with his son.
    • tbd Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    [A] smartly crafted show.
  9. The cast plays out the adjustment with the right touch of pleased humor. [4 Oct 2010, p.37]
    • People Weekly
  10. Taut and stylish.
  11. The talent is good, and on the long road to announcing a top 16, the show expertly milking every drop of pathos. [24 Oct 2011, p.39]
    • People Weekly
  12. It's always good to see dancing that's dancing and not a montage of repositioned limbs.
  13. The drawback to Catch Fire is that we aren't yet interested enough in the backup characters. For now Pace is reason enough to watch this on whatever TV, laptop or mobile screen you prefer in the digital age. [9 Jun 2014, p.33]
    • People Weekly
  14. At its best, the show is outrageous and hilarious at once.
  15. It's a much more impressive spectacle than ABC's mindlessly entertaining Empire.
  16. It's more fun than most hidden-camera shows: Kutcher keeps his in-your-face energy from boiling over into obnoxious-ness.
  17. The highlight of the show remains newlywed actress Lana Parrilla, who continues to pepper her Evil Queen with just the right amount of realism to make her deliciously wicked deeds seem justified, but Frozen is just the thing that has gotten Once really moving.
  18. An odd but involving concept--Raging Birds. [14 Mar 2011, p.42]
    • People Weekly
  19. Like other reality shows, this one has its irritants.
  20. Their white collar cases aren't always riveting but as summer fares goes, hot guys and Manhattan backdrops are a reliably escapist combo. [25 Jun 2012, p.47]
    • People Weekly
  21. Woods is every bit as entertaining as he strives to be. [25 Sep 2006, p.43]
    • People Weekly
  22. [Forest Whitaker as Sam Cooper is] an arresting, oblique performance, and it works well amid all the procedural muck. [21 Feb 2011, p.42]
    • People Weekly
  23. What really matters on Apprentice, though, are the celebs: This season's B- and (let's face it) C-listers are a good, volatile mix. [14 Mar 2011, p.42]
    • People Weekly
  24. The personality dynamics are fun to watch even if the film turns out not to be.
  25. A diverting, silly potboiler, a bold cartoon with none of the staffers' anxious beetle scuttling that gives NBC's venerable The West Wing a sense of verisimilitude. [3 Oct 2005, p.39]
    • People Weekly
  26. [It] looks to be a season of solid suspense. [30 Jan 2006, p.37]
    • People Weekly
  27. Just about perfect in its way--always fun, well-paced--and much, much better than UPN's failed models drama South Beach. [1 May 2006, p.39]
    • People Weekly
  28. The first two episodes of season 3 are reassuringly grounded in believable intrigue. [7 Oct 2013, p.49]
    • People Weekly
  29. The show's saving grace is that as the weeks go by, the characters begin to grow on you. That has more to do with the actors' animation than it does with the rimshot writing.

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