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  1. Parenting can be a tough slog, but I've always found it to come with more laughs than this sorry show.
  2. I'd have expected that show, groundbreaking in 1998, would have paved the way by 2012 for a far smarter series than Partners.
  3. Emily Owens had me cringing from its opening scene all the way through its second episode.
  4. The pilot for Malibu Country isn't the very worst show of the new season. But it's easily the greatest waste of talent.
  5. [Mistresses is] grindingly, soul-suckingly dull.
  6. Dads just isn't very funny. A cast this good--Martin Mull and Peter Riegert are loser fathers to business partners played by Giovanni Ribisi and Philly's Seth Green--deserves more than the raucous studio laughter that warmed-over bigotry generates. And, honestly, there are glimpses at times of a better show.
  7. A comedy so broad it might as well wander off the sides of the screen.
  8. Casting Vanessa Redgrave as Dr. Black's therapist is a sign of how seriously Black Box takes her condition--and itself--but even Redgrave can't raise this above the level of a not very good medical procedural.
  9. Bad Teacher has its moments, with dialogue that's sometimes sharper than the situations. It isn't nearly funny enough, though, to make me want to spend another period--much less the rest of the school year--watching Graynor vamp her way through American history.
  10. At this point, though, when mockery seems the only reason left to watch most dating shows, it's hard to imagine a fake "Harry" exciting much controversy.
  11. Another not-very-funny sitcom in which the star weekly places herself in humiliating situations while the audience sits around and waits for her to extricate herself. [14 Apr 2003]
    • Philadelphia Daily News
  12. The real mystery of Laura is why Debra Messing ("Will & Grace") would have chosen this particular adventure after the crash and slow burn of NBC's "Smash."... Because it can't be that what she thought was missing from television were depictions of successful women whose personal lives are a hot mess.
  13. It's not entirely Liotta's fault, though, that there's so little passion in "Smith," that the Everyman situations that serve "The Sopranos" so well seem so, well, generic, here and that the intricacies of the gang's capers fail to fascinate.
  14. I once wrote that "Joe" was "far from the worst TV dating show" I'd seen, and I suppose I could say the same about Momma's Boys, but only because I've seen a lot of dreck since then.
  15. Some are so repellent you might actually prefer to spend time with your own. Yes, I'm talking about you, Cougar Town.
  16. These are not people you would love to hate. These are people you would be ashamed to allow in your home--unless their heads were on pikes.
  17. I found the pilot for this reboot of that Aaron Spelling '70s show about "three little girls"--now played by Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh--who work for a disembodied voice named Charlie to be pretty much unwatchable.
  18. However funny Lopez's stand-up act might be, his new sitcom is lame on arrival. [27 Mar 2002]
    • Philadelphia Daily News
  19. Not even James Cromwell can breathe life into this.
  20. The 22,013th ripoff of "A Christmas Carol" would be bad enough, but "A Perfect Day" jerks us back to so-called reality with a tricky ending that left me more angry than uplifted.
  21. Painful-to-watch.
  22. A "Saturday Night Live"-worthy performance by Lindsay Lohan makes this much-anticipated/dreaded Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton biopic even worse than I, at least, had imagined.
  23. I'd prefer you'd forget that one, and in coming years, I'll bet stars Dylan McDermott, Christopher Titus and Michael Vartan will hope to forget it, too. It's not worth your time or theirs.

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