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3,586 movie reviews
  1. It fails as a gripping home-invasion thriller.
  2. Plays like "Sixteen Candles" meets "Beetlejuice." Yet for all the film's frantic pace, this plot plods, even for 'tweens at whom this suburban-girls-take-Manhattan fantasy is obviously targeted.
  3. Perfect Stranger is the Egg MacGuffin of whodunits, a cheesy affair that casts so many baited lures that they tangle each other and don't hook you.
  4. This so-called comedy is a frayed string of anxious jokes about whether male bonding is manly or sissy.
  5. What a mess.
  6. Ostensibly a comedy, and a feeble and innocuous one at that, Post Grad is one of those what-were-they-thinking?
  7. A high-concept hostage drama of absolutely no value to anyone -- except maybe Bell Atlantic, whose titular street-corner pay phone is on screen for almost every agonizing frame.
  8. Domino is less a movie than a hyperkinetic slide show - presented during a nuclear attack.
  9. A stagy, arty, and uncompelling account of the Welsh writer and his menage-y relations.
  10. An unintentional high-tech hoot.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  11. Feels stagy, stiff and entirely unnecessary.
  12. A temptation that can be easily and safely resisted.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  13. A bubble-brained comedy with as much bearing on the real world as a Pokemon cartoon.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  14. This is no "Raging Bull."
  15. No doubt conceived as an underwater version of "National Treasure," Andy Tennant's film plays like a Three Stooges movie with scuba gear.
  16. The acting is better than the script deserves and Lexi Alexander's cut-to-the-hearse direction lends the film considerable kick.
  17. What a mess.
  18. Aloupis is not untalented as writer or helmer. But his first outing is an unsurprising, paint-by-the-numbers picture.
  19. 88 Minutes proves itself to be a maddeningly mediocre, ineptly manipulative "real-time" thriller.
  20. Tennant aims for a contemporary version of "The Thin Man," wedding the banter of sparring spouses with sleuth work. To say that he falls short of the mark is understatement.
  21. It would seem that Allen and screenwriters John Quaintance and Jessica Bendinger couldn't decide between making a movie about the summer that 'tweens become teens or "Scenes From a Mal"l for the MTV set.
  22. So achingly empty, it's nearly existential.
  23. If you are unlucky enough to stray into the presence of Bats, I strongly recommend you follow their wise example. Hang from the ceiling and go to sleep.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  24. Like a grade-school version of an Indiana Jones adventure.
  25. Hoffman's turn as the drag queen has its endearing and comically catty moments, but Flawless' utter phoniness subsumes all efforts at honest acting.
  26. Feels like it's been homogenized and Hollywoodized to death.
  27. Laughably predictable and lamentably unfunny, Laws of Attraction practically creaks from the effort exerted by its cast, straining to bring snap and panache to a hackneyed exercise. Sno Ball, anyone?
  28. This low-budget, high-gore sequel can be effectively frightening at times, and just plain boring, too. The suspense builds, the blood gushes, the momentum dissipates. It's an unsatisfying mix.
  29. Painfully cute drama.
  30. To paraphrase one of the few memorable lines in the movie, "Even stink would say this stinks."

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