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  1. Diaz works that trademark mix of ditziness, sexiness, and brassiness.
  2. Individually, the actors are endearing. But together in this charmless Gary David Goldberg sitcomedy, inspired by the Claire Cook novel, they are as oddly paired as chalk and cheese.
  3. Serves up a dramatic comedy piquant as its title.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  4. Davis, with a nicely turned and witty screenplay from Bucatinsky, freshens up the familiar predicament by having her two lovers recount the affair to a stranger.
  5. This In-Laws feels, in the end, formulaic and unnecessary, especially when the original is yours for the renting at the video store.
  6. It's a soaring, crashing, blazing affair with pyrotechnic performances by real-life spouses Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez as Lavoe and his wife, Puchi. Like a plane disaster, it holds you in thrall of ¬°ay, Dios mio! drama.
  7. Like many previous Carrey vehicles, the point of this one directed by Peyton Reed is that one should not live at the extremes, but should achieve a balance between low and high, no and yes.
  8. Much as I adore Martin and Hunt, whose matching tongue-in-cheek delivery and finite patience make them seem more like siblings than spouses, their movie is indistinguishable from an Afterschool Special.
  9. The Farrellys manage to have their cake and scarf it down, disgustingly, too.
  10. Boasts exceedingly high levels of improbability and an embarrassment of continuity and character shortfalls, but still has a certain bubbleheaded charm.
  11. Between Owen's quiet intensity and Mirren's showy color, they make a complementary pair for screen or garden.
  12. In this it succeeds. Like the Bard said, better witty foolishness than foolish wit.
  13. Callan McAuliffe, a handsome Australian youth, looks right as the perma-press Bryce.
  14. Yep, it's all fun and games until someone gets brutalized repeatedly. Before you can avert your eyes, it's Katie, bar the door and break out the chain saws.
  15. It fails as a gripping home-invasion thriller.
  16. A boldly sappy melodrama that plays on - and off - racial stereotypes.
  17. I had the sense that Gordon's ambitious, if awkwardly assembled, film had so many terrific ingredients that he felt compelled to use them all. In this case, alas, more is less.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    Weaknesses are confirmed in the movie's laughable climax.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  18. Clark denies his audience the catharsis, resolution and renewal of classical tragedy. The film reduces its viewers to helplessness, and I'm not sure that's its intent.
  19. As artistic achievements go, Mona Lisa Smile is strictly a paint-by-numbers affair. No shading. Little in the way of perspective. To call it one-dimensional would be an act of charity.
  20. A slasher spoof of sorts, except that unlike the "Scream" pics, scant effort seems to have gone into the spoofing aspect of the story.
  21. Evening might be the most shocking waste of natural resources since the despoiling of the Amazon rain forest.
  22. For Hickenlooper and Mauzner, Sedgwick is more interesting for whom she slept with than who she was. Their movie may indict Warhol for exploiting Sedgwick, but they're just as guilty.
  23. Another high school vixen movie, this one with a potty mouth (the vixen) and pretensions of social commentary (the movie), Pretty Persuasion brings to mind a number of other titles, all better.
  24. A case of when bad scripts happen to good actors. Given its similarities to a bygone sitcom, one might call it "Friends" without benefits.
  25. Easily one of the loosest, most satisfying comedies to hail from the prolific writer/director in a while.
  26. Shot in Panama, with a cast of local Indians and B-tier Latino and Anglo actors, End of the Spear has neither the marquee heft nor the artistic gravitas of "The New World."
  27. Hoodwinked may be a poor cousin to the Shrek franchise, but this made-on-the-cheap computer-animated feature still has more style and snarky gags than Disney's recent CG hit, "Chicken Little."
  28. For this dynamic to work, the actors need to be of complementary temperament and equal power. This is not the case.
  29. It's "The Deep" reimagined as an Abercrombie catalog.

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