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  1. More strident than funny, the film illustrates that old French proverb, "Marriage is like a cage; one sees the birds outside desperate to get in, and those inside desperate to get out."
  2. The whole project is a cloying, artificial mess. The slapstick comedy doesn't bite, and the formulaic sentimentality doesn't grip.
  3. A naughtily funny, skin-deep satire.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  4. An effectively unsettling mix of Southern gothic and Old Testament hugger-mugger, with shades of "The Exorcist" and even "Rosemary's Baby" thrown in.
  5. To give the film its due, the stupidity is served up with energy and good pace. But it takes a thin premise and stretches it like Silly Putty. The title should really be "Obvious and Obviouser."
  6. With clunky dialogue...I Am Number Four puts the burden on its special effects (passable) and the chemistry between Pettyfer and Agron.
  7. Their chemistry goes like this: He cleans up real nice; she dirties down with gusto.
  8. Level of humor: subteen.
  9. To paraphrase one of its few laughs, it's a zombie movie directed by Vera Wang.
  10. Domino is less a movie than a hyperkinetic slide show - presented during a nuclear attack.
  11. Even when his technique is amateurish, Jones' belief in the material is refreshing. Pollak's gentle humor is well balanced by the blunt wit of Bonnie Hunt as the O'Malley matriarch.
  12. Push has a cool, sinewy style, energy to burn.
  13. Williamson's screenplay doesn't match the cleverness of his conceit; it lacks the requisite archness and wit.
  14. Has its moments of charm, but it's ultimately a fascinating failure that surely looked better on paper than it does on the screen.
  15. Even though it's all preliminaries, no main event, Grudge Match is harmless enough as entertainment. Just not as harmless as its poor protagonists.
  16. An embarassingly unfunny, stumblebum adaptation of Toby Young's memoir.
  17. If Stealth were a recruitment film for aircraft-carrier duty, one would be tempted to say, "Mission accomplished." As a feature film, it's a washout.
  18. The best that can be said about the movie is that it's harmless and mostly charmless. The Clone Wars is to Star Wars what karaoke is to pop music.
  19. Fast is a good quality in an action/adventure. But there is lightning-paced and then there is warp speed. Doug Liman's Jumper is the latter, a not-so-good quality in an action/adventure for the simple reason that the audience can't figure out what's going on.
  20. It's not that Salvation Boulevard is bad: It's quite funny at times and has some good performances. But it's so predictable it has no bite, either as social satire or as slapstick comedy.
  21. Roughly an hour in, Transformers 2 morphs from teen adventure into lumbering war movie. Bay and his screenwriters squander their human capital in order to show us scenes of 20-ton toys crushing 10-ton toys.
  22. A snappily fun Mantrap Movie, as films about husband-hunting gals are known, is that rare hybrid of romantic comedy and Super Bowl.
  23. Would I see it again? Not even for a Scooby snack.
  24. The movie's main purpose seems to be to make audiences squirm uncomfortably. Yelp and shriek in armchair-clawing glee? Not likely.
  25. Proves a theory first advanced in the movie "Repo Man": The more you drive, the stupider you get.
  26. It's wholesome as a glass of milk, and as refreshing.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  27. Stiff but handsome film, there's little sense of the conflict and complexities that drove Alma Mahler.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  28. A silly, if fun, futuristic sci-fi romance.
  29. Ma Mere, with its sun-drenched sense of dread and band of reckless, unlikable characters, isn't very good, but that doesn't stop the actors -- especially the intrepid Huppert -- from going all the way.
  30. Ostensibly a comedy, and a feeble and innocuous one at that, Post Grad is one of those what-were-they-thinking?

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