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250 tv reviews
  1. Over-boiled, over-violent, and overly abundant with sex scenes, Rogue is sure to click with hardcore cop-thriller fans who care less about plotting and characterization than the bang . . . bang . . . bang.
  2. King & Maxwell is all lazy writing, clumsy plotting, and somnambulistic acting.
  3. There's no real chemistry among the cast--or much of a plot.
  4. With appalling canards about toilet training and the heftiness of Hillary Clinton's behind, it doesn't really matter if, like Raymond, the show focuses on a family in Queens, or that stars Kevin James and Leah Remini actually project a modicum of appeal. [21 Sept 1998, p.C05]
  5. Family Guy's asinine asides are thuddingly predictable, inserted roughly into the thread of the cartoon sitcom narrative as a kind of cry for attention, in complete contrast to the organic satire that runs through The Simpsons. [28 Jan 1999]
  6. [Lopez would] be a lot more sympathetic if he didn't keep making weird bug-eyes...But that annoyance pales when George's mother, Benny (Belita Moreno), enters the scene. In addition to being shrill, demeaning and contemptuous of her son, she's unnaturally fixated on his manhood. There's something funny about their relationship, all right, but it sure doesn't generate laughs. [27 Mar 2002]
  7. This is not going to be pretty. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it's going to be very funny, either.
  8. The good news is that Hayes has been given a serviceable supporting ensemble.... The bad news is that Hayes isn't so much gay as he is neutered. And Sean Saves the World has the archaic look and feel of an '80s show.
  9. Dracula features solid performances from the principals, lovely lighting, and evocative cinematography. Shame it's so thoroughly, utterly, irredeemably potty.
  10. It tries too hard to get down and dirty in the messy mire where crime happens. It just ends up messy, but without any real grit.
  11. Yet another chapter in the Law & Order franchise, fails simply because it comes nowhere close to the expectations established by its ancestor. [30 Sept 2001, p.H01]
  12. The humor is decidedly caustic and surprisingly smutty. This might work as a cable comedy, where they could be explicit. On a network, it just seems insolently self-satisfied.
  13. Simplistic and shamelessly manipulative.
  14. It's ABC's idea of good, clean fun. Sad that it's the best idea the network could have.
  15. All sorts of things in In Justice... don't make sense.
  16. Elfman and Coleman do their best to inject some fun into the same old stuff.
  17. [Episode 2's] Jenna, we learn, has basically been drunk since January, which is probably a pretty good condition for anyone who wants to get real laughs out of The Loop.
  18. So much of the dialogue is just dull explanation, and so much of the action rehashes events that are already known. Worse, sometimes, it repeats itself.
  19. Astute observers may find no coincidence that it mimics the American soap The Bold and the Beautiful.
  20. Despite oodles of cool effects, it lands, splat, in a pile of nonsense and dim dialogue.
  21. There's no laugh track, so maybe it's all supposed to be sophisticated and delightfully risque. But nobody will be mistaking Rushfield and Konner for Noel Coward or Oscar Wilde.
  22. The network may have a new name, but it's presenting the same old desperate, low-budget foolishness.
  23. 3 Lbs. is the most boring new show this season.
  24. You can only hope that Blitt, a first-time executive producer, will tire of middle-school humor and move to something a little more satisfying for grown-ups.
  25. Gossip Girl is a bad mix of the popular book series by Cecily von Ziegesar and the production talents of Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who made "The O.C."
  26. Executive producer Craig Wright sent a second episode out to critics "to give you an idea of where we're going," he said. The wrong direction, sadly, even after a disappointing pilot. I turned it off when the naked guy and girl in the bed started making big-banana jokes.
  27. Well, a lot of thought and money goes into advertising, and basing a show on characters that emerged from that effort and expense is no more bogus on its face than making up ridiculous excuses for human beings out of thin air, like the men in Carpoolers.
  28. The Farrellys finish in second place [of having the dumbest show this Sunday], directing a sitcom, Unhitched (Sunday 9:30 p.m., Fox 29), about four clowns who struggle stupidly with their newly single status.
  29. The show is so bad, it might be gone anyway, quickly canceled as ABC scrambles to recover from an 0-for-2 comedy start on its new spring schedule.
  30. It's amazing there's no orthopedist, since the show's so lame.