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276 tv reviews
  1. Without being paid to watch, this mean old critic wouldn't have left it on five minutes, but, in the confessional spirit that permeates this show, has to admit to an occasional welling of the tear ducts.
  2. It's worth the effort, at least for a little while, to watch Burnett, at 72, fume and foam in her fantastic Bob Mackie costumes. But Ullman has almost no panache in the princess role, and Smothers, silenced by a curse for 99 percent of the program, doesn't rise above a cute cartoon.
  3. A genius idea so diluted by imitation that it becomes hard to watch.
  4. [Its] intolerable length helps to illuminate the cynicism of these competition shows.
  5. [A] silly new soap.
  6. The better of the first pair [of soaps].
  7. Maybe they'll play up all the complicated marital undercurrents in future episodes, but given the emptiness of Bobby's character, it's hard to imagine that anybody would care.
  8. Standard high school sports soap opera.
  9. Germann [is] the only good thing in the show.
  10. I'm already committed to Prison Break. One cockamamy chase show is all my unaddled brain can handle.
    • 62 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    All Greek offers is a predictable teenage soap opera set amongst the pretty people of fraternity row.
  11. There's no intrigue, no entertainment, and the show's motion, when there is any, is so s-l-o-w, it's virtually undetectable.
  12. Filmed in New Orleans, the show does have an authentic look, but as a cop drama, it's so hackneyed and ham-handed, it's not even funny.
  13. The next time McKidd hits the time warp, he should take his producers with him. Maybe they'd bring back a better show.
  14. The whole place could use more lights so you could see what was going on.
  15. It's hardly bloodcurdling adventure, but it doesn't bite.
  16. It's not the worst thing you've ever seen, innocuous entertainment (despite the inoculation controversy) that, like Boston Legal, includes the occasional entertaining musical number.
  17. Viewers should figure out pretty quickly that manure is the main ingredient here, and though it might help the corn crop grow high, it's unlikely to do much to boost ratings at the struggling CW network.
  18. It's ugly and bloated, too, bringing back memories of tawdry times, tasteless fashion and terrible music.
  19. Cupid seeks to lure thirtyish women, prized by advertisers, by reviving a supposedly romantic old show that, besides being poorly scheduled, was sappy and annoying, too. This time around, at least they've got the schedule fixed.
  20. Appalling or phony--one conclusion must be true, and either one underscores the fundamental question about these Real Housewives shows: Why would anyone want to watch them?
  21. Accidentally's supposedly based on somebody's memoir, but it's as smarmy and contrived as the worst of them.
  22. Individually and as a team, Townsend and Union exhibit less chemistry than a third-grade science set.
  23. Parks and Recreation emerges a miscast mess.
  24. Williamson also wrote the "Scream" trilogy, but there's neither humor nor horror here, unless you count some of the acting and casting.
  25. Laughable plot, wooden dialogue, cutout characters; stupid title appendage to make it more textable; usual cynical CW glorification of teen sexuality and substance abuse; mediocre acting.
  26. In a bad sitcom, everybody dies, as the laugh track gets louder and louder, and Hank, though it isn't a horror, has that loud laugh track and the slight, familiar scent of death.
  27. Cable's FX, which has reliably churned out good watching for most of this decade, drives off a cliff tonight with an offensive and shockingly unfunny sitcom, The League.
  28. TV needs a lot of fodder to fill the schedule, but junk like Outlaw should be outlawed, with a special-circumstances punishment for completely wasting as fine a talent as Jimmy Smits.
  29. It seems to have an awful lot in common with a group of shows that never [found themselves], the generic and unfunny fodder that NBC threw up between its popular comedies back when it ruled Thursday nights with Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier, and Will and Grace.

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