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  1. This ain't brain science, folks. Just a well-written, nicely performed, and very, very, very familiar sitcom.
  2. The Carmichael Show, which co-stars Lil Rel Howery as Jerrod's brother Bobby and Tiffany Haddish as Bobby's ex-wife, relies on far too many cliches, but Carmichael manages to take hackneyed situations and turn them into something unexpected and fresh.
  3. The Dennis Quaid-Jim Caviezel movie has been reimagined as a story about a police detective (Peyton List, Blood & Oil) who's trying to save her long-dead father (Riley Smith, Nashville), and it packs the emotional punch of the original.
  4. Los Angeles probably has more interesting locations than New York, and it certainly has its share of interesting crimes, so there's plenty of fodder for LOLA. It's literally warmed-over Law & Order, but that doesn't mean it's unappealing.
  5. This is programming that will strike you as either prestigious or pretentious. The dialogue, as is often the case with LaBute, seems notably natural at times, terribly scripted at others.
  6. Girl Meets World is hammier than a Smithfield Foods factory.
  7. The pilot for Touch is actually rather intriguing and well-executed. My problem with the show is projecting how well it will play a couple of months into its run.
  8. Absent the bizarre, centuries-old conspiracy plot, this show looks a lot like Alias, and it should, since that show's daddy, savvy J.J. Abrams, works behind the scenes.
  9. Slightly mad, madly majestic and overwhelming, Netflix's new offering Sense8 is one of the most ambitious sci-fi dramas on TV since the Battlestar Galactica reboot in 2004.
  10. It's hardly required viewing, but it's enjoyable, light fun.
  11. The show is ugly and fixated on death and violence. There's lots of lurid sex, too, reflected in other title images. There's also creativity and flat-out breathtaking acting to instill a voyeuristic fascination and perhaps inspire a fanatic.
  12. It's a terrific idea. But it doesn't quite measure up to its potential.
  13. What is surprising is that the series, an adaptation of the Kass Morgan novel, is well conceived, cleverly plotted, and quite exciting.
  14. Vicious is Two and a Half Men for pensioners. Some of the jokes admittedly are very funny, but they are ruined by a hideous laugh track.
  15. A disappointingly forced effort from Joss Whedon...the show lacks any trace of the humor and subtlety that makes Buffy so much fun. [20 Sept 2002, p.D13]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  16. The great thing about The League is that it feels entirely comfortable to return to.
  17. Exciting and twisty, Crisis is the show that CBS thought it had at the start of the season with Hostages.
  18. [New Amsterdam's premise] is not the greatest thing since the invention of the tin can, which came along right in the middle of our hero's life, but it turns out to be much less stupid than it sounds.
  19. There isn't much suspense in the script, nor are there surprising revelations about what happened.
  20. It's a moving program when it's in rom-com mode, but the series is weak as a workplace story, with too many stock characters and lame jokes.
  21. All five characters, in fact, transcend the cheap stereotypes that lazy writers so frequently use to populate their sitcoms. That may not be enough to propel their show into the long green of syndication, but for a Fox sitcom, even cautious optimism is a step in the right direction.
  22. What this project has, almost excessively, is mood. It should have traded in some of that rich ambience for a story that's halfway involving.
  23. [An] infantile sleaze-a-thon. [30 Apr 2005]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  24. NYPD Blue's James McDaniel joins Imperioli and a fine cast, including the City of Detroit itself, in this show that tries to imbue a Cops-like documentary feel to its action, all shot on location.
  25. Part soap opera, part horror movie, all whodunit, Harper's is diverting, and only infrequently frightening, fantasy soap opera.
  26. Grandfathered is a nicely written and well-acted charmer - but it threatens to get old fast.
  27. Gracepoint is artsy both in its painterly look and in its treatment. The story rolls out with daring forbearance, almost as if it's transpiring in real time.
  28. American Horror Story may not rank that high on a TV list, but fans of this kind of thing will want to chop themselves in half, strangle in a bathtub, and slit their throats--just to name a few of the things that happen in the first two episodes--if they miss it.
  29. It's much sweeter and funnier than it sounds.
  30. Telenovela may not have depth, but watching Longoria mug for the camera ain't a bad way to spend half an hour.

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