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    The first new drama series ever produced by Home Box Office, Oz, is a powerhouse. It will probably push the quality standards for television drama as far as HBO's masterful Larry Sanders Show has expanded the parameters of TV comedy series. [9 July 1997, p.C01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  1. NewsRadio is, like Murphy Brown, a slightly sophisticated (it is television, after all) ensemble comedy set in the newsroom, in which each character blends a healthy portion of absurdity with a strong slice of reality. But NewsRadio is better than Murphy Brown ever was. [21 Mar 1995]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  2. We enter the third season following a shocking discovery that adds a delicious new dimension to the series: Dyad is only one of two cloning projects.
  3. A lively show with no canned laughter, where love has no chance to conquer all the family deficiencies but does make them not only bearable, but fun.
  4. It loses some luster under closer scrutiny when the jagged edges of the formula start to cut through the attractive veneer. [1 Oct 2003, p.E01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  5. The characters are quirky, the casting sublime. [17 Sept 2002, p.C01]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  6. Show creator Bryan Fuller, director David Slade, and their writers have created in Hannibal a satisfying, addictive, and truly disturbing work.
  7. The show's a keeper - daring, imaginative and provocative - but it must be careful not to overheat in the long haul and burn out its audience. [22 July 2003, p.F1]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  8. This series, perhaps because there are some standards, even though it's on late and on FX, is gentler and has potential. But somebody needs to step in and tell Louis to round up a few friends and save his stand-up for the comedy specials.
  9. Old-fashioned it may be in spirit, but this adventure tale is nothing if not exciting.
  10. Ken Jeong plays the Spanish professor, Mr. Chang, the kind of quiet joke in the topsy-turvy world that characterizes this sweetly funny show.
  11. Despite a number of funny lines sprinkled through the script, this History isn't very memorable. It seems more like Larry David's What I Did on My Summer Vacation project.
  12. In the early going, it's tough to tell what, if anything, motivates the main character in Rubicon. There may be fine rewards as the journey progresses, but it will take a special sort of viewer to stick with Rubicon's amblings and get to them.
  13. As enjoyable as it is to watch, it seems at the same time ridiculously far to go for a joke. You can't escape the feeling that an extraordinary amount of time, money, and talent have been spent on a thin premise.
  14. Seems like they're off to a decent start.
  15. There's not a current star among them, but this wacky lineup could provide the biggest and brightest series of Celeb Appren train wrecks ever. Alas, as usual, the episodes of the show, are flabbier than Meat Loaf ever was, two long hours long.
  16. The story is as predictable as the sunrise, but somehow, instead of distracting from the film's enjoyment, that adds to it. As the world spins faster and more coarsely every day, it's a quiet pleasure to watch an old-fashioned production in which virtue, charity, and hard work are rewarded.
  17. Like The Office, The Mindy Project trades deftly on the humor of excruciating awkwardness.
  18. Public Morals gets going at the end of the pilot when one of the underbosses of the Irish mob is murdered, which sparks a war between various gangs, including the cops. But the action in this drama is there to serve the characters, who are always unique and engaging.
  19. Action and tight-squeeze situations outweigh eloquent pronouncements about 100 to 1 on this drama from ER's John Wells. It may not be the greatest show on Earth, but it's the most powerful cop drama in a few years.
  20. It was all cool years ago, but today it seems just a bit too contrived, even if it does mean lots of work for Hollywood stuntmen. TV has never had a successful remake of an old show, and there's no reason to believe The Fugitive, which debuts Friday at 8 p.m., will escape that bleak statistic. [6 Oct 2000]
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  21. The best new TV show of the 2006-07 season.
  22. The focus and tone could shift and drift any number of ways in subsequent weeks. But whether it rises or falls, Empire is off to a sensational start.
  23. He tweaks both his nice-guy image and the family-sitcom formula just enough to make his show feel new--yet he retains the sense of familiarity that beckons viewers and keeps them watching.
  24. It can be obvious, sometime a little plodding, but its heart is bigger than all of Lux, and it's the kind of show parents and kids can watch together without anybody saying, "Ewww."; With the name Life Unexpected, it actually is an unexpected pleasure.
  25. How I Met Your Mother is that rare TV comedy that relies more on character than jokes.
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
  26. This pilot's not quite as clever as those for Jane or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend were, but it's charming fun.
  27. Looking for something new and different on TV? It's not Burn Notice. Looking for some summertime fun? It is Burn Notice.
  28. The pilot about a woman pitcher (Kylie Bunbury) who gets called up to the San Diego Padres is a winning one, and as much about coping with overnight fame and the weight of other people's dreams as it is about baseball.
  29. An absorbing eight-episode show based on King's best-selling 11/22/63 and produced by J.J. Abrams.

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