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566 tv reviews
  1. Sunday’s premiere doesn’t give a great sense of what the show will be on a weekly basis--a business drama with a side of humanity about following one’s passion, perhaps?--though it definitely leaves viewers curious about what comes next.
  2. The pilot episode of The Fosters is pretty entertaining and well-plotted.
  3. Once The Chair gets beyond producers bloviating, it’s a more interesting series about the two newbie directors.
  4. Viewers who want TV to wash over them as light entertainment may enjoy Franklin & Bash, but viewers who prefer thought-provoking TV programs that engage on a higher level may not be satisfied.
  5. As with any pilot, Longmire barely scratches the surface of the possible directions it could go but the premiere does an excellent job establishing a sense of place and character. It's enough to make a viewer want to return for more.
  6. Terra Nova walks a fine line and how well it manages to stay on that path will likely determine its ultimate success or failure.
  7. The Finding Carter pilot proves there’s plenty of material to work with for a soapy drama.
  8. Against all odds, this mishmash of stark contrasts emerges as a surprisingly engaging film.
  9. Prime Suspect improves as the hour goes on. The guys' attitude toward Jane evolves.
  10. "Thief" offers strong moments aplenty, but what it lacks are strong connections, both between those moments and among some of its characters.
  11. The season premiere makes a gentle effort to re-establish the show’s shrinking original cast.
  12. The show's trademark time shifts continue, although it's initially unclear if they're connected to the season one story that carries over or to the season two plot.
  13. Schumer is brash, outspoken, bold, raunchy and tomboyish enough to fit right in and her show is often quite funny for viewers (especially men) who are not easily offended.
  14. If you're easily offended, you will be appalled by The League. If you chuckle at smutty, raunchy humor and profanity, this show offers dirty-minded comedic rewards.
  15. A light-hearted, comedic drama about four wealthy guys with women troubles and work problems.
  16. Writer/series creator Julian Fellowes weaves together an engrossing tapestry of stories, although some of them stretch credulity or peter out.
  17. Was this resurrection worth the effort? In a word, yes.
  18. I was very upbeat about 'NewsRadio' when I'd only seen the pilot -- and then NBC went and sent a second episode. [21 Mar 1995]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  19. Depending on your tolerance for edgy humor, 2 Broke Girls ain't broke, but a greater effort by the show's writers to be funny without being overly crude/cruel would help fix it for a broader audience.
  20. While the show's premise seems like it could be difficult to maintain, Faking It holds up in two early episodes sent for review.
  21. In addition to a less convoluted story, "Kidnapped" bests "Vanished" with its high-sheen cast.
  22. The Finder is not sophisticated TV but it does have its charms, mostly stemming from star Geoff Stults.
  23. 'Rock' is loud, raucous, silly, sentimental and, just often enough to keep you watching, flat-out funny. It's not a great show, but it's different and it dares to aim for wild laughter instead of mild amusement. [9 Jan 1996]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  24. The show has its amusing moments, though not from an abundance of 1980s nostalgia clips (“The Karate Kid,” “Knight Rider,” “ALF,” “Different Strokes” and “Back to the Future” all whiz by on screen) and music cues. The humor comes from the characters and their relationships.
  25. Judging by three episodes sent for review, the[se] course corrections work.
  26. Technically, Sharknado 2 is pretty much just as sloppy as the first film, with scenes that supposedly take place during a storm filled with streams of natural sunlight, but the amateurish quality is part of the franchise’s charm.
  27. Overall [it] is more charming than hilarious.
  28. Gossip Girl offers a fun, juicy mix of popular music and melodrama.
  29. It's an entertaining enough diversion that may grow more intriguing as other series end their season-long runs next month and viewers become more desperate for fresh entertainment.
  30. In its first hour, at least, Major Crimes appears to be making a pretty seamless transition.

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