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  1. In execution, Mr. Selfridge is a bit of a slog.
  2. Rogue starts to become a little more intriguing [by the second episode], but the show only gets to that point after the clichéd set-up and almost two hours spent with a self-destructive lead character.
  3. If Mr. Goyer fumbles the pilot in introducing Leonardo's world, he salvages the endeavor in episode two with a good story about da Vinci's inventions for the Medicis.
  4. Overall, it's a mixed bag as Nurse Jackie settles into what will surely be its latter years without its creators at the helm.
  5. Defiance is less gritty than Syfy's best series, "Battlestar Galactica," and the characters aren't as well drawn as on the superior "Farscape." "Defiance" lands at a slightly higher end of the murky middle ground of quality.
  6. The Wire gives so little, it almost begs to be abandoned; then a scene or a smidgen of character development offers a hook that might keep viewers interested. But TV shows, no matter how complex or thought-provoking, shouldn't require that much work. [1 June 2002, p.B-6]
  7. Family Tools is an occasionally funny (but mostly not) show about a son who takes over his father's handyman business.
  8. Madigan Men fails creatively for one simple reason. Its rhythms are all wrong for a sitcom filmed in front of a studio audience. This show is screaming to be a single camera comedy shot on film, similar to "Sex and the City." The humor is subtle. It doesn't warrant the guffaws of the studio audience that interrupt its natural flow. [6 Oct 2000, p.44]
  9. The investigations are intriguing. The investigators are blah, their relationships a poorly defined muddle. [6 Oct 2000, p.44]
  10. The concept of Nikki sounds trite, but the execution is at least amusing in two out of the first three episodes. [8 Oct 2000, p.G-7]
  11. '24' continues to roar forward at a breakneck pace, and it does tantalize by dropping clues that keep viewers hooked ... But with the minutiae of love affairs gumming up the works, it's more difficult than ever for viewers -- and the show's characters -- to keep their eyes on the big picture threat that's supposed to drive the series. [26 Oct 2003]
  12. Fahey too often seems cocky and callow. He's so sure of himself, and so superior to everyone else, you could find yourself identifying with the criminal. Luckily, Fahey's performance in the closing moments shows promise for a more restrained future. Let's hope the producers noticed the improvement. [31 Jan 1995]
  13. The dreary, often predictable family story begins to suffocate the show as it gains ground over the first four episodes.... Ray Donovan benefits from strategic use of character actors in supporting roles.
  14. The premiere episode is a fairly entertaining, voyeuristic look at a made-for-reality-TV crew, though it's a toss-up as to who's more obnoxious: the bickering crew or their first guests.
  15. It's not a bad show, merely ho-hum. Perhaps it will have greater appeal to people who liked math in school, but to me "NUMB3RS" just seems like a "CSI" clone with the quadratic formula tossed in for good effect. [23 Jan 2005]
  16. Camp has a sweetness that makes it a nice summer diversion but nothing that elevates it above past comedies set at sleepaway camp.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Reminiscent of "Seinfeld" but not as funny.
  17. Tries too hard to be tough, but fans of crime dramas might get hooked anyway. [12 Jun 2005]
  18. "Weeds" tries unsuccessfully to balance a lot of stories that are too disparate in tone. [7 Aug 2005]
  19. The songs, while hummable, aren't all that memorable, but the jokes about surf movies are amusing, although sure to be lost on the film's target audience.
  20. The good news: The White Queen gets off to an entertaining start. The bad news: In subsequent episodes it gets bogged down in then-this-happened, then-that-happened jumps through history.
  21. The first hour of Heroes of Cosplay is fairly interesting as a study of an unusual subculture. But just how many unique stories are there to be mined from the characters introduced?
  22. The series does hint at Carlisle's motivation, and maybe the show will get more interesting once his reasons for wanting the president dead are revealed, but the pilot doesn't exactly demand viewers tune in for episode two.
  23. While there are some things to recommend about Lucky 7--the fresh faces in a cast of mostly unknown, diverse actors--the show is also one of those frustrating series where every character is desperate and too many of them make bad choices.
  24. There are two shows struggling to exist in one in the ABC comedy Back in the Game. One is about former all-star softball player Terry Gannon Jr. (Maggie Lawson) and her relationship with her hard-charging, estranged, ex-athlete father, Terry Sr. (James Caan), who goes by “The Cannon.” This show is pretty terrible.... The second show is not at all novel but it’s at least easier to take: Back in the Game is essentially a “Bad News Bears” reboot.
  25. The Originals deserves credit for a mostly clear set-up for newcomers.
  26. Not great, not terrible, Welcome to the Family is another occasionally amusing but not really funny family comedy.
  27. They’re remaking The Tomorrow People and the results are just kind of “meh.”
  28. It is mostly humorless, grave sci-fi, but in the pilot the best moments are the most human.
  29. The show is becoming somewhat repetitive and a bit dull to the point that it feels like Downton, already renewed for a fifth season, needs to wrap it up sooner rather than later lest it overstay its welcome.

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