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528 tv reviews
  1. If the show can rein in some of its more outrageous plot tendencies and focus on music and social issues, it could grow into a Club viewers will want to frequent.
  2. Unforgettable is completely forgettable because it brings nothing new to the increasingly creaky crime procedural. CBS has gone to that well over and over, and, credit to them, it's worked.
  3. Beneath that glossy sheen, it seems like it will be a procedural crime show like so many other programs on CBS.
  4. The characters are all caricature-y stereotypes and the jokes are of the ba-da-dum! variety, but the pilot made me laugh more than some other new comedies, mostly due to the performances.
  5. You may not come away knowing whether you like it, but you won't be bored.
  6. Compared to so many other crime procedurals, Grimm offers a twist on the usual. It remains to be seen whether that twist will be superficial or substantive.
  7. Angry Boys will certainly have some appeal to fans of offbeat comedy but it seems unlikely to become a mainstream hit.
  8. This needs to evolve into a smarter, less formulaic show before it's worth watching.
  9. Touch feels like yet another series--last week it was Alcatraz--that seemed like a better idea for a one-shot movie than a weekly TV series.
  10. Bent is not a terrible show but it's not particularly good either.
  11. Once viewers accept it for the mediocre melodrama it is, they'll be more satisfied, tuning in for the strong performances and high production values while rolling their eyes at the umpteenth red herring and illogical plot turn.
  12. The single-camera comedy is not particularly memorable, but it could have been much worse.
  13. If only what's new about Scandal was supported by something better than blah writing, ludicrous situations and cardboard characters.
  14. She's maybe-sorta a prostitute but the show's tone is light, frothy and downright sentimental when Riley gives emotional support to her male clients.
  15. The result is overly broad and narrow at the same time.
  16. There's still some fun to be had watching True Blood but it offers more soap than satire or social commentary these days.
  17. As TV shows go, Toy Hunter is a bit dull.
  18. It's just kind of meh and a TV show with a devil at the center should be more fun than that.
  19. If this all seems too precious, well, it is. But the show is saved by Ms. Gummer and a relentless pace.
  20. Fans of these true crime shows may be intrigued by My Life Is a Lifetime Movie but viewers hoping for a series as irreverent as this title suggests may be disappointed.
  21. It's a small character study about a large man who comes off as a terrorizing buffoon.
  22. Not wild enough, not funny enough, Wedding Band comes off as merely OK entertainment.
  23. It's a cute concept but producers don't seem to have a knack for proper execution, filling time with terribly padded segments--picking teams takes an eternity--and challenges (watching people play chess in the premiere) that, try as they might, don't make for compelling TV.
  24. Through the show's first four episodes, an unexpected love triangle develops among three of Carroll's devotees that's tinged with unexpected sexual politics and questions about sexual identity. It's the only aspect of 'The Following' that feels fresh. Too bad this plot only serves as a side dish; the main course is the same old reheated serial killer/crime solver hash.
  25. Spartacus worked best when it was an ancient "Upstairs Downstairs" with the house of Battiatus as the "upstairs" component and the gladiator school as the "downstairs." With that element gone, the show has no natural home base and feels a bit unmoored.
  26. The show wants to be hip and cool, and it often is, but it makes no pretensions that it doesn't have a heart beating underneath, much like its cool but caring lead character. [22 Sept 2004, p.D-6]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  27. So although the details aren't quite right, the concept of Cult remains intriguing. Perhaps, like Mr. O'Bannon's "Farscape," Cult will improve over time.
  28. If Firefly weren't from Joss Whedon, the talented, respected creator of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," this review would probably be a lot more dismissive. Because of his track record -- six seasons of "Buffy," five of them good; the successful and ultimately distinctive spinoff series "Angel" -- Firefly gets the benefit of the doubt despite an inauspicious debut. It's not good, it's not bad, it's just so-so. [20 Sept 2002, p.40]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  29. Harmless fluff that won't impress its intended pre-teen audience, but they'll watch anyway. [20 Sept 2002, p.40]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  30. It often plays more like an action film than a serious interpretation of a holy book.

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