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3,069 movie reviews
  1. The film continually explores surprising, rewarding territory; even an erotically charged subplot dovetails nicely with themes of vengeance, mortality and renewal.
  2. A keenly observed, typically high-quality family drama of the sort only the French seem capable of making anymore.
  3. This is a delicious premise, and Blomkamp, who first played with it in a 2005 short called "Alive in Joburg," has magnified and improved it with ferocious energy, wit and style.
  4. Among the best of its kind, thanks in no small part to the utterly believable, vanity-free performance of Yolande Moreau in the title role.
  5. Its got a deliciously audacious and cheeky tenor.
  6. Precious can’t be endorsed as entertainment: the circumstances and incidents and emotions in the film are far too dark and painful. But there is exhilaration in its daring, in its craft and in the powerhouse work of its principal actresses.
  7. It’s a story that begins in an ancient riddle and ends, perfectly, in the rumble of an oncoming storm. It’s about life, A Serious Man is, and it’s as close, I think, as any American narrative movie of recent vintage has come to touching on the uncanniness of it.
  8. As someone new to the material, I found Jackson’s film soulful, respectful, masterful, horrifying, rending and emotionally true. It may not be the Lovely Bones that you have in mind, but it’s a fine and powerful one.
  9. To follow up his superb "The Host," director Joon-ho Bong has crafted a remarkable film about love, faith, determination, guilt, and honor, a full-blooded, constantly inventive movie that enthralls, entertains, horrifies and never lets go its grip.
  10. It’s a fascinating story about ambition and vanity and pride, and in Sheen’s performance and the atmosphere capture by Hooper it contains truly fine and rare things.
  11. In Almodóvar and Cruz we have a real collaboration of artist and inspiration that only seems to improve and deepen over time.
  12. Delirious. Hilarious. Absolutely one-of-a-kind.
    • 94 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    Paley's production shines with brilliance and great humor.
    • 82 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    The film is all the more remarkable because its actors are untrained and their lines are improvised. Clearly, they've lived this.
  13. Long and sometimes grueling, but it never feels indulgent or excessive. In order to be subtle about the horrifying transformation he records, Audiard needs to let it unfold slowly, so that only when we reach the end can we see Malik as a new man who has come unimaginably -- and terribly -- far.
  14. The whole thing unfolds with sadistic precision, but Edgerton's expert manipulation makes it a fun ride nonetheless.
  15. Babies will capture your eye -- and, probably, your fancy.
  16. Prolific documentarian Alex Gibney takes a labyrinthine, detail-laden story and crafts an attention-holding film, polemical without ranting.
  17. Full of life, wit, smarts, thrills and sheer gratifying entertainment that it launches the mind on a stream of merry somersaults.
  18. Amir Bar-Lev shows in the absorbing, eye-opening and sometimes enraging film The Tillman Story, if there was one thing that you could count on Pat Tillman to do it was speak his mind: loudly, intelligently, and often in salty, pointed language.
  19. Down Terrace is so intimate and hilariously offhanded (a hit man shows up for a job pushing his 3-year-old in a stroller) that it is all the more shocking when murderous violence finally erupts about halfway through.
  20. Whether your tastes are delicate or coarse, whether you prefer the ballet or horror movies, there is plenty in the film for you.
  21. The result is somewhat elliptical but also thoroughly engrossing and propulsive. Compared to Denis' earlier work, it's practically an action movie.
  22. It's a film possessed of its own force, wit and style, and it builds to a rousing climax that absolutely pays off in crowd-pleasing fashion. It knows what it is, doesn't try to be what it's not, and hits you with drop-dead force. In short, it's terrific.
  23. While the film is no groundbreaker, it is a paragon of elegance without austerity, and there's nothing like being in the confident hands of a master filmmaker.
  24. Simple enough for children, deep enough for adults, clever enough for cynics.
  25. This is hair-raising, clever and winning entertainment. Even if his protagonists aren't entirely what they seem to be or think they are, Mr. Jones is, it's increasingly clear, the real thing.
  26. The combination of immediacy and intimacy in Armadillo is exceedingly rare.
  27. An extraordinary thing, and one that I shall likely esteem for a long time. Philosophically, though, it's still mired in the primordial ooze in a way that will, I suspect, forever make me hold it at arm's length.
  28. The result is as much a revelation of the artist's craft as it is of the man's heart and mind.

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