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3,213 movie reviews
  1. Overall, The Pretty One suffers from excessive, unfocused quirk and a predictable sitcom resolution.
  2. Absent the real sense of creepiness and highly honed film craft of De Palma, or the strong visual and emotional sensibility of Woo, M: I III feels like one of the more forgettable James Bond films -- saddled, moreover, with a star who's sliding into self-parody.
  3. If you love the genre, you'll likely be engaged. But if not, there's not much point.
  4. JFK
    JFK drags but is undeniably fascinating. [20 Dec 1991]
    • Portland Oregonian
  5. It's a handsome film, and Bridges is back, but little has been done to deepen the story into a saga, and the leading man, Garrett Hedlund, rivals Bit for inexpressivity.
  6. A comedy that's only kind of funny some of the time.
  7. The acting is the strongest thing about the film. Pitt nicely balances the dashing and wounded sides of Tristan's character. [13 Jan 1995]
    • Portland Oregonian
  8. Problem Child has moments, or perhaps instants, of misanthropic satire. There also are stroboscopically brief flashes of psychological irony or cleverness. [30 July 1990, p.D8]
    • Portland Oregonian
  9. First-time director Jeff Baena struggles with framing, editing, tone and casting, leading to an unimpressive entry in the ever-burgeoning zombie comedy genre.
  10. Blumberg tries to split the difference and ends up with a movie that wants us to make us laugh and cry, but fails to do either.
  11. In a way, the film is a kind of experiment: Can you lop off the bulk of a classic work and still have something worth seeing? On this evidence, the answer is, despite the best intentions and some fine work, sadly no.
  12. The stifling piety of this film -- which regards anything old and vaguely arty as next to sacred -- needs some serious airing out.
    • 47 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Willis appears to have finally grown bored of his own shtick, and Malkovich spends most of the movie looking humiliated.
  13. Could have had charm if the characters had been more recognizable as human beings.
    • Portland Oregonian
  14. The dialogue is almost primitive at times, almost every female character is an idiot and McConaughey grossly overplays the bachelor-sleazeball antics at the beginning.
  15. Worst of all, not once does Mulder answer his cell phone to hear those immortal lines: "It's Scully. There's been another death."
  16. The film is weighed down by the decision of director David Atkins to throw too much into the mix. The result is a serious problem of consistency.
    • 63 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Seems likely to stir rebuttal from historians, especially those on the other side of the pond.
  17. A sweet, loopy British comedy filled with good actors and funny moments.
  18. As pointless suspense exercises go, The Strangers at least gets off to a good start.
  19. It all passes quickly, as far as that goes, but when it’s over it passes entirely. And something that sells for a premium price ought to linger.
  20. When it sticks to its central flirtation, the latest movie based on a Nicholas Sparks romance, The Lucky One, is blandly pleasant enough.
  21. A painlessly light introduction to Bollywood moviemaking, but it far too often feels like run-of-the-mill Hollywood fare.
  22. (If) you're one of those killjoys who demands logic, coherence and a semblance of human life from a movie, this one will leave you cold.
  23. Crowe understands what's interesting about Nash: He's not a feel-good figure. It's a pity the same can't be said for Howard.
  24. The story sounds horrifying, but the film takes some unfortunate twists and never presents us with a multifaceted character in Paxton. Paxton just doesn't play the nice-but-nuts role with a modicum of terror.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    In this moody, claustrophobic almost-thriller -- the pacing is as sluggish as the Scottish canals that serve as its setting.
  25. Though not terrible, and blessed with some nice performances, this Irish-eyes-are-smiling-despite-the-rain-and-nasty-nuns story is Hallmark Hall of Fame material.
    • Portland Oregonian
  26. It's as beautifully acted throughout as it is photographed, and it has a quizzical tone somewhere between sociological documentary and farce. [22 Aug 1989]
    • Portland Oregonian
  27. 360
    As the action moves from Vienna to Paris to London to Denver to Phoenix and then back again, the vignettes blur into one another.

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