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3,341 movie reviews
  1. It's like watching a high-school football star trying to squeeze into his old uniform after a decade: funny at times, but kind of embarrassing.
  2. As a director, Hanks makes some nice choices (Larry Crowne lives in a very naturally integrated suburb, for one) but there's little in the film that doesn't feel made-for-TV.
  3. When you have to ask yourself whether this parable is intended as comedic satire or stone-cold-serious moralizing, that's a big sign that you're watching a misfire.
  4. Not a great movie -- not even a great sci-fi action movie based on toys. But it is brisk and eye-catching, it builds to a truly impressive action set piece, and it's the most fully-realized 3D film since "Avatar."
  5. For all its flaws, though, Bobby is still moving. Not so much with its indifferent characters, but rather with the overall mood of a common hope crushed into shapeless grief. That painful historical moment is worth revisiting, as is the image of the man whose death occasioned it.
  6. Jaa's performance as Tien is mostly wordless and humorless.
  7. I Am Legend has one undeniably cool thing about it, namely the vision of Manhattan as a semi-feral wasteland.
  8. Does at least come bearing two gifts: the rolling beauty of Tuscany and the understated elegance of actress Diane Lane. The rest of the film is fit fodder for the Oxygen Network.
  9. A thriller that goes from pretty good to absolutely ludicrous in the time it takes one actor to recite about four sentences of dialogue.
  10. If an animated movie isn't competing with Pixar to dazzle the eye, it had darn well better hit the heart or the funny bone. With its wee little stinger, Bee Movie misses both.
  11. If the plot unfolded in a less formulaic way, this could have been an impressive dark-tinged comedy. But in the end, it's more a case of talented actors trying to find something fresh in a fairly stale tale.
  12. Has its heart someplace worthy. But its head -- not so much.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    If you've got a 10-year-old underfoot who needs entertaining, you could have a worse time.
  13. I reckon that for everyone who's enthralled by the film there will be others who wish they'd heard about it rather than seen it.
  14. True Story, made with obvious seriousness by talented professionals, never establishes itself.
  15. Director Steven Shainberg makes something draggy out of something that wants to be light. It's got wit, but it's also earnest, and in proportion to those two traits it wins and loses you.
    • Portland Oregonian
  16. This may have been fertile grounds for satire in 1925, when Noel Coward's drawing-room melodrama Easy Virtue debuted on the stage, but by now this film version feels rather done.
  17. Citizen Koch doesn't have a narrator, and that's fine, but it tosses out a lot of information and doesn't pull it into a compelling movie.
  18. It says a lot about this movie that the most arresting character in it is Mary, whom Morton unsurprisingly endows with a fanatical combination of narcissism and rage.
  19. It's inoffensive and shiny and competent and kids will dig it, and I can already barely remember a single thing that happened.
  20. As the struggle toward something new and different overwhelms the film, it becomes less and less human, less and less funny and less and less worth the effort to meet it on its own terms.
  21. Dotted with real laughs and held together by some solid acting, but it's built of a fairly flaccid narrative and some really amateurish sequences.
    • Portland Oregonian
  22. It's a heck of a character to chew into, and Spacey, never afraid to play a devil, enjoys himself a great deal.
  23. For all its flaws, Hitch largely comes off as a light romp.
  24. Awfully sloppy entertainment, built on a script with only a glancing acquaintance with logic, filled with uneven performances and staged with a near-amateur touch for comedy.
  25. For the most part it's dull, bland and unsatisfying: a food-court version of home cooking.
  26. Lily Tomlin gives the movie a boost as Portia's radical feminist mother, who would hate this movie.
  27. Peter Facinelli, as Bob, isn't up to verbal sparring with Kevin Spacey just yet.
    • Portland Oregonian
  28. The art of Miranda July, the former Portlander and hyphenate extraordinaire, balances on the edge of the cunning and the precious, of depth and naivety, of the fetching and (sorry) the revolting.
  29. It's never subtle or clever, but it's big, loud and clear.

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