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Average Movie review score: 67
Highest review score: 100 Wonder Boys
Lowest review score: 0 Keeping the Faith
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3,088 movie reviews
    • 67 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    The first hour of Die Hard 2 is pretty good, despite consistent improbability. It's the second half, with its consistent impossibility, that looks like "Tom 'n' Jerry" or "Roadrunner." [6 July 1990, p.E3]
    • Portland Oregonian
  1. One of the most wearisome "high adrenaline" movies to come along in a while.
  2. A forehead-poundingly bad picture.
    • Portland Oregonian
    • 24 Metascore
    • 33 Critic Score
    "Tootsie" meets "Hoop Dreams" in Juwanna Mann, and they don't get along. This basketball comedy turns out to be a total drag -- in both senses.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 33 Critic Score
    Dreary and dull.
  3. A by-the-numbers recipe that ought to have shot off at least a few sparks, is as drab as the inmates' prison blues.
  4. Groove seems to be less about what it is chronicling than what its attempting to decipher.
    • Portland Oregonian
  5. A film with almost zero redeeming value.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 33 Critic Score
    As so often happens, politics and religion add up to a double dose of self-righteousness.
  6. Swings wildly but falls flat.
  7. Appallingly flat.
  8. A carnival of stupid coincidences, paper-thin characterizations, and inept staging, lighting and montage.
    • Portland Oregonian
  9. A new political thriller, has an ending so egregiously stupid that not to reveal it would be a disservice to moviegoers.
    • Portland Oregonian
  10. Best laugh at the movies all autumn.
    • Portland Oregonian
  11. You're likelier to shrink in astonished horror from it than laugh.
    • Portland Oregonian
  12. The trouble is that it's so lead-footed and delighted with itself even as bit after bit sinks like a lead weight.
    • Portland Oregonian
  13. Goes on too long and doesn't have much to say.
    • Portland Oregonian
  14. What's left is a husk with all the superficial features of a Scream movie and none of the heart, brains, guts or laughs.
  15. A movie built on one joke -- an old one -- and an incoherent, even idiotic plot.
  16. Plays like an episode of "JAG," the naval courtroom TV series. A L-O-N-G episode.
  17. While there are some glittery bits in it, the film is frustrating, cluttered, inelegant and garish.
  18. A seedy little movie with little in the way of theme, purpose, energy or wit, 'R Xmas is the latest slice-of-death drama from that earnest maestro of grub, Abel Ferrara.
  19. Has a few pleasing stylistic flourishes and a potentially Hitchcockian plot, but the writing and rhythm are so off that when the final "shocker" arrives, we have seen it coming or have abandoned caring.
    • Portland Oregonian
  20. Miscast, clumsily staged and ideologically wobbly.
  21. It all makes you realize the importance of the guy who should have played Malkovich's role -- Christopher Walken. He makes films like this bearable.
    • Portland Oregonian
  22. A disappointing venture. If only it had been more clever, perhaps darker.
  23. There are movies that are made for the big screen, and movies that are made for the small screen; Passionada is the latter type.
  24. Mingles bathos and pathos in unequal measures and instead of getting laughs, looks laughable.
    • Portland Oregonian
  25. It's deeply ordinary, depressingly shabby stuff.
    • Portland Oregonian
  26. So often out of control that it becomes absurd and exasperating.

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