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3,211 movie reviews
  1. Raimi as a filmmaker is clearly having more fun than he's had in years. So will his fans.
  2. The octogenarian pianist Seymour Bernstein is the charming, inspirational subject of this appreciative, occasionally fawning documentary.
  3. Every profile is fascinating, but certain ones stand out.
  4. If you're willing to do the work, Triad Election pays you in tragedy.
  5. For much of its going, Up in the Air moves with the same refreshing pace and attitude that marked Reitman's "Thank You for Smoking" and "Juno" -- with the added frisson that the subject matter is so torn-from-the-headlines that it feels, in a good way, like reality TV.
    • 83 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    While Tarantino's famous fight sequences are grisly, funny and genuinely entertaining, his love scenes are so tender, so fraught, you fear for the safety of your own heart.
  6. In absorbing drama and staggering emotions, it renders an issue too often seen as black or white in heartbreaking gray.
  7. One of the most vital and strangely gripping films in recent years, a thriller more opaque, involving and realistic than just about anything that Hollywood is capable of.
  8. The longer it goes on, the less your mind settles. You may not believe in a hell in which a lake of fire rages, but we live in a nation and at a time when many people have little lakes of fire in their heads and hearts. Kaye is determined that we never forget that truth or its price.
  9. A picture so powerfully harrowing, its slight shortcomings are forgettable compared to the entire film's cumulative effect. It's that searing.
  10. No other sporting figure has ever been afforded so much screen time for self-revelation: just another instance of Iron Mike's one-of-a-kind status.
  11. Branagh's Henry is inevitably darker and more violent than Olivier's, but also even more youthful and energetic at times. He is generally far more direct, with fewer sly implications. [17 Dec 1989]
    • Portland Oregonian
  12. The film works as well as it does thanks to Kimberly Roberts' magnetic screen presence.
  13. Without a more coherent perspective, the movie remains a collection of genuinely scary scenes and not much more.
  14. The Salt of the Earth presents not just a passing of time through one man's remarkable life but a change of perspective.
  15. They've made a movie-movie of Sweeney Todd, and if you've got the stomach and ear for it, you'll be grateful.
  16. Talented, prolific, familiar with film, etc. Cave is a natural to push documentaries in a new direction, and 20,000 Days on Earth does it.
  17. Fetisov is a jovial, imperious guide through an era of Cold War politics, when sports were a battleground between East and West and no sport was more important to the Soviets than hockey.
  18. Discreet, delicate, and cautious, Monsieur Lazhar takes you by surprise -- and that goes for both the movie and the man.
  19. A man can be a treasure just as a work of art can be, and O'Toole is one of the handful of living film actors worthy of a museum of his own. Venus would make a brilliant final exhibit.
    • 82 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    The film is all the more remarkable because its actors are untrained and their lines are improvised. Clearly, they've lived this.
  20. Before it traps Ralston, 127 Hours gives us ample evidence of his energy, zest and boyish charm and wit.
  21. In the fine tradition of well-made thrillers, it's enough that it all feels solid at the moment, and the final revelations are unexpected and seemingly inevitable.
  22. Simple enough for children, deep enough for adults, clever enough for cynics.
  23. Incendies was likely a crackling thing to read, but it's not quite so vivid as a finished film.
  24. With this amoral business environment, it's not a question of if there will be another Enron, but when.
  25. Reigns as the most assured, provocative film so far this year.
    • 82 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    A rare movie that serves both the head and the heart. The issues it broaches are achingly real, brought to vivid life by a consistently excellent cast.
  26. There's quality, wit and emotion throughout.
  27. There are moments that stir, and it's always lovely, but it's generally too remote to gain hold of you truly.

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