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3,057 movie reviews
  1. Why did they think anyone would want to watch a Fat Albert adaptation that can't answer a simple question: "Who is this movie for?"
  2. Like a dog walking on its hind legs across a freshly waxed floor -- awkward, slow, deliberate, seeking approval -- the action thriller Reign of Fire gets from start to finish, somehow, without tumbling into complete disaster.
    • 39 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Its director, Rob Reiner, is 67 himself. So his film takes a less ageist tone, seeing its characters – played by Michael Douglas, 69, and Diane Keaton, 68 – not as old people but simply as people, living vital but complicated lives. If only the movie itself were as vital and complicated.
  3. The film strives to be poetic, but it exposes nothing especially moving or relevant. Rather, the engaging leads wander around like actors lost in an ill-fated exercise in subtext.
  4. When it sticks to its central flirtation, the latest movie based on a Nicholas Sparks romance, The Lucky One, is blandly pleasant enough.
  5. Simultaneously boring and cringe-inducing; you can't decide whether to flee the theater or lightly nap.
  6. For those who've seen the original, no surprises will be unearthed other than an altered story (not for the better) and more gore.
  7. Pretty much the worst recent example of a genre.
  8. Amazing-looking sequel to cult fave "Pitch Black"; unfortunately, the film's wrecked by a surprisingly weak, goofy script.
  9. Director Stefen Fangmeier, a well-regarded special-effects man and second-unit director ("Master and Commander," "Galaxy Quest") does a superb job visualizing the CGI dragon. But Fangmeier is working with a script without a single memorable line and far too many characters and creatures with silly names.
  10. It's deeply ordinary, depressingly shabby stuff.
  11. Though the picture has a generic quality, it also has an ingenious amount of anything-goes that's amusing and frequently exciting. You'll laugh out loud, you'll hide your eyes -- but you'll roll them. too. Nevertheless, it's a fun, if blood- and sun-soaked, ride.
  12. The script is just all kinds of terrible. The characters are hollow mannequins telling a thin, depressing story that's less of a noir and more of a simple-minded bummer full of barely connected scenes and stunningly empty dialogue.
    • 38 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    The shtick grows a bit repetitive, so by the end of the story you may be checking the time rather than rooting for Randy.
  13. That the film rises above that level to the merely mediocre is an accomplishment of almost heroic proportions.
  14. In the hands of a more nuanced actor, David could have been a riveting character; but DMX's limited range means it's never clear why such a remorseless thug was seeking "redemption" in the first place.
  15. Confused, morally queasy, self-important mess.
  16. An annoying, unclever, unlikable movie.
    • 38 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    The larger question is not whether these two will wind up together, but rather, if the filmmakers wanted to make a teen movie, why didn't they use real teenagers?
  17. This goopy dramedy is unfunny, mentally bankrupt and makes parenthood look like a terrifying death sentence.
  18. It's trying to fill some perceived market void created by the end of "Harry Potter."
  19. The dialogue is dippy. And there's no real suspense: The filmmakers are so deadly earnest about the power of music and love and all that stuff, you just twiddle your thumbs waiting for the inevitable.
  20. Not that Chan isn't lovable; he is. But he's making it harder to feel warm and fuzzy about him with films like The Medallion. It's OK to age, but Chan needs to broaden his horizons. He is a trained singer. Where's that musical he's always dreamed of making?
  21. Maybe if the story weren't so ludicrous we'd care. Or maybe if the film just went overboard with its ludicrousness, we'd be entertained, but Don't Say a Word is merely boring.
  22. The best thing about 2 Fast 2 Furious is Tyrese (terrific in Singleton's "Baby Boy"), whose charisma, looks and charm supply the picture with much-needed spark. It's too bad he's stuck in this spotty video game.
  23. It's pathetic.
  24. Some will win and some will lose their encounters with unbending American bureaucracy, but all deserve better, which should leave viewers eager for an even-handed take on this issue crossing over into disappointment.
  25. Has a surprising number of problems: dire scripting, sloppy plotting and coffee-jittery editing, for starters. But its biggest problem is that Blade himself takes a back seat to a host of new and mostly uninteresting characters.
  26. If you believe that, as one interviewee says, "Science is just another story," then these ideas may ring true. If you're looking for actual solutions to global problems, rather than ways to feel better about them, I Am will be a frustrating experience.
  27. Though it's debatable whether Sandler is squandered or just supremely annoying here, the film's flaws aren't entirely his fault.

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