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3,040 movie reviews
    • 67 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    The first hour of Die Hard 2 is pretty good, despite consistent improbability. It's the second half, with its consistent impossibility, that looks like "Tom 'n' Jerry" or "Roadrunner." [6 July 1990, p.E3]
  1. Dick works best as a catalog of style: It's the story and the acting that are the window dressing.
  2. I could see people enjoying Dan in Real Life, I guess -- the scenery is nice and the people are pretty and the songs are cute little emotion substitutes. But Dan? Buddy? It's not all about you.
    • 63 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Their collective timing is so off that the dead space around their endless bits is like that more commonly experienced during a job interview gone wrong.
  3. The film drags and lingers and goes more or less nowhere, imitating its protagonists' lives so exactly that you want to give them both a good smack.
  4. Chock-full of the sort of levity that leaves you feeling you've been beaten about the head with a lead pipe.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 33 Critic Score
    As so often happens, politics and religion add up to a double dose of self-righteousness.
  5. Witless, tasteless, toothless, pointless, garish, repetitive, obvious, and painfully dull, Pirate Radio is that exceedingly rare film that never, but never puts a foot right.
  6. Not much in The Man From Elysian Fields resembles life on Earth, but there are a few moments with Jagger that feel desperate and human -- stuff from another movie entirely, in other words.
  7. What's left is a husk with all the superficial features of a Scream movie and none of the heart, brains, guts or laughs.
  8. From the evidence presented here, this film's three screenwriters have not only never taken a commercial flight, they've never met any actual human beings. The details of air travel and human behavior are equally foreign to the film.
  9. A seedy little movie with little in the way of theme, purpose, energy or wit, 'R Xmas is the latest slice-of-death drama from that earnest maestro of grub, Abel Ferrara.
  10. Might actually be the stupidest movie with good intentions that I've ever seen.
  11. Groove seems to be less about what it is chronicling than what its attempting to decipher.
  12. Hampered from the start by the numbingly formulaic additions by screenwriter James DeMonaco ("The Negotiator"). Toss in needlessly fussy visuals and a climax that is hilariously out of whack, and you've got an excellent excuse to stay home and watch the original.
  13. One can only hope that the parties responsible for Bandits are brought to justice and someone can stop them before they film again.
  14. Goes on too long and doesn't have much to say.
  15. A contrived and sentimental melodrama, the film takes a promising premise and crushes it with mind-numbing repetition, sophomoric conveniences, plastic acting and the worst score, perhaps, ever heard.
  16. It just drones on and on, so repetitiously that you wonder if some of the reels have been shown twice. [7 Nov 1992]
  17. There are movies that are made for the big screen, and movies that are made for the small screen; Passionada is the latter type.
  18. The animation is dull, the thought is fuzzy, the storytelling is vague and the music just plain stinks. It's not "National Velvet," it's sure not "The Black Stallion," it's not even "Dances With Wolves."
  19. The Baxter is so ineptly conceived, staged, written and played that you suspect it's part of a psychology experiment to see if people will laugh at anything.
  20. I can see how Mamma Mia! might be a fun stage musical. As a movie musical, it's a train wreck.
  21. It's written almost without wit or romance, it's populated by bland actors, and it's photographed as if through a Jell-O mold. If this is adolescence, then senility can't come soon enough. [29 Jan 1999]
  22. The film manages the rare trick of improving as it unrolls from the utterly putrid to the barely tolerable. And, friends, I wish to say that sometimes that is as good as you can hope for in this racket.
  23. This little serio-comedy contains absolutely nothing that warrants big-screen release. It's lit like TV, acted like TV and staged like TV.
  24. While this film has got a good head on its shoulders and a nicely made-up face, flawless it's not.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 33 Critic Score
    Unfunny and misguided, Duplex deserves a wrecking crew.
  25. Handsomely photographed, artfully edited and acted with skill and conviction. It is also so stupid that you expect to see strings of drool dripping from the corner of the screen.
  26. It's dull and crude and silly and without a lick of quality.

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