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3,309 movie reviews
  1. So shapeless, pointless and witless a film that it can be explained only by surmising that the people who made it were bombed at the time.
    • Portland Oregonian
  2. It's simply an awful, awful film.
  3. The Ringer is appalling.
  4. Unfortunately, the movie is the worst sort of liar: an unfunny one. Its gormless, assertion-free protagonist offends as a role model for idio youths, and, even worse, offends as drama.
  5. It's meant to be funny, but I couldn't help thinking they were figuring out where to plant the pipe bombs.
  6. Like his (Carrey) early work, it's not a particularly good film -- insipidly staged, inanely plotted, too weak to withstand the weight of any inquiries into logic or continuity -- but Carrey's energetic mugging, particularly early on, makes it relatively painless.
  7. Saw
    What makes Saw so awful is that it starts with a clever premise and then completely blows it.
  8. CJ7
    It's awful. Awful. That's all. Keep walking. For the love of all that's holy. Keep. Walking.
  9. Here's a hint to tracking down an intelligent, discriminating significant other: stand outside the entrance to a theater showing Must Love Dogs. Once the film begins, look for the first person to walk out.
    • 46 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    The results are not endearing. Eddie comes off not as a beleaguered Everyman but a heedless, dishonest knob trying to undo a deal that gave him exactly what he deserved. The real surprise is Carlos Mencia, playing an exuberant clerk at the resort hotel. But when Carlos Mencia is the funniest thing in your movie, you've got serious problems.
  10. The period details are unconvincing, the cinematography is flat, and the performances are surprisingly one note considering the talent involved.
  11. Bay seems to have been gunning for something along the lines of "Blood Simple" or "A Simple Plan," but Pain & Gain is just plain simple.
  12. It's horrible. It's wretched. It's Limburger pickled in castor oil.
  13. The movie falters when it gets mean.
  14. All this star power goes for naught in Traeger's film, which tries to blend bucolic sweetness with juvenile let's-make-a-porno jokes.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    The bad news is that Jefferson is inept and inert. [21 Apr 1995]
    • Portland Oregonian
  15. Quite possibly the single most artless gross-out comedy I have ever seen. It relentlessly slaps you with dead carp after dead carp of icky gags -- without any of the cleverness, cinematography or characterization that would give those gags even the slightest bit of juice.
  16. A by-the-numbers recipe that ought to have shot off at least a few sparks, is as drab as the inmates' prison blues.
  17. Peter Bogdanovich made a great screwball comedy. This isn't it.
  18. Plays like an episode of "JAG," the naval courtroom TV series. A L-O-N-G episode.
  19. Ponderous, pretentious and boring, Levity becomes ironic on top of itself. You won't pity these people. You'll start laughing at them. Like a clown.
  20. Bang-bang, kiss-kiss, yawn-yawn. While dull death metal churns on the soundtrack, Johnson engages in one big brawl after another.
  21. Social justice is never an excuse for bad art. In fact, one could argue that a really bad movie about a really important subject is twice the artistic crime -- because, however well-intentioned, it trivializes human suffering while squandering a teaching opportunity.
  22. Every so often there's a tabloid news story about the Virgin Mary seen in a piece of toast or Mother Teresa on a tortilla, and most of us equate them with Elvis sightings. This film is for the rest.
  23. An ugly, stupid movie it turned out to be. Incoherent, arbitrary, hyperactive and dark enough to make you fear you've gone blind.
  24. Opens with a statement that Hillary Clinton, Bob Dole and Al Sharpton are not in the movie. Also not in the movie: laughs.
  25. If the film had been trimmed to 45 minutes of crazed storm-chasing and storm-fleeing, it might've been worth a matinee ticket. But as is, it's the sort of lazy late-summer idiocy you'd be wise to huddle beneath an overpass to avoid.
    • 44 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Sudeikis has always been a charming comedic actor. He usually doesn't have to work this hard for laughs.
    • 44 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Kyra Sedgwick is turned into a caricature of a sports agent. "NYPD Blue" grad Gordon Clapp gets one line of dialogue. And Morris Chestnut is pushed out to make room for one more "ain't she cute" moment.
  26. Run! Run for your lives! Get out of this theater now! Two hours is a terrible thing to waste!

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